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An Article by Sverre Avnskog

Dedicated to Carsten Ploug Olsen – a true brother in the spirit! Thank you for all your inspiration and good response!

For supporters of Toward the Light there is practically no getting round the Danish consciousness- and music-researcher, writer and lecturer Peter Kjærulff (PK). He has published four books in Danish – “The Ringbearer’s Diary” (henceforth called RD), part 1 and 2, “Dreams and Dragons Seen With Clairvoyance”, and the RD has also been published in an extended English version. As far as I know the author is also preparing the publication of an extended Danish version. The reason why I refer to PK’s writing on my website is that TtL constitutes, in a manner of speaking, the foundation for his writing, and upon this foundation has PK built his entirely unique “universe”, by many people seen as a further development of our knowledge from TtL. However, it must be said that his writing is very much disputed in TtL-circles, and some people claim that there is much in his books which is directly contrary to TtL. Personally I came across RD at a point in my life when I was trying to recover after a very deep personal crisis, and in PK’s works I found plenty of wisdom, sagacity and insight, and I know that many others have experienced the same thing! PK’s messages: “God loves you too”, and “everybody has the right to be on his/her way” are sentences well worth repeating in one’s mind every single day, and I can personally vouch that this will inspire a blessed peace in one’s mind. However, little by little I have also had to register that there are passages in RD which I fully understand must raise doubt with faithful supporters of TtL. One example is the chakra system, which apparently is in clear conflict with the simple explanation of TtL about the “trisected” brain, the physical, the astral and the psychical brain – PK’s ability, as a constructor of pyramids in Egypt, to repeal gravity, and his role as the bearer and redeemer of Ardor’s curses over mankind. However, I will comment further upon these issues. In this assessment of his works, my basis are his books as well as public statements from PK, as provided in various discussion fora on the internet.















Peter Kjærulff, such as he is presented in the Ringbearer’s Diary.

Peter presents a very fascinating world in his works – and among his supporters he is met with enormous respect. He claims to have animated some of the greatest personalities of world history, and according to him this is not merely something he thinks, rather it is something he actually believes that he remembers, for Peter is equipped with a very rare ability, namely the ability of “far memory”. His story starts in the mythical fairytale realm of Atlantis, where Peter becomes part of the history of the cursed ring, since described in great works of art by Mozart, Wagner and Tolkien. Peter also presents a very detailed presentation of the human consciousness, explaining dreams and myths seen in relation to the immortal human consciousness and the 4-dimensional world. Peter is the bearer of the cursed ring symbolizing Ardor’s – the devil – curses of mankind and love in the form of a set of rather fascinating ideas, and in his works we follow the ringbearer through innumerable incarnations, where Peter has lived on earth as some of the most extraordinary personalities the world has seen – among them Plato, Homer, pharaoh Ramses II, the interpreter of dreams Joseph , Julius Caesar, the Apostle Simon Peter, Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Richard Wagner, just to mention a few of them. In addition to his abilities to “recollect from far” his previous existences, Peter has also been born with “special vision” or clairvoyance – meaning that he asserts that he can “see” with 100% objectivity, with the eyes of the spirit. The effect is that he can “see” what is “behind” the physical impression, in music, in dreams and in mythical language – and when Peter listens to music he is able to “see” the images and colors of the music. Not as a subjective feeling in his consciousness but as real colors and images present in the music.
































































Here are some of the historical figures Peter Kjærulff has “memories” of having been. From the upper left corner: Pharao Amenhemet I, Pharao Ramses II – father of Moses, the Greek writer Homer, the philosopher Platon, the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, the apostle Peter, Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Richard Wagner and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

However, it is no exaggeration to claim that Peter is very much disputed in the TtL milieu. Peter utilizes the world image provided to us in TtL and places himself inside the image as one of the main actors. He claims to be one of those described in TtL as God’s closest servants and leaders of mankind – the Youngest. And not just anyone of the Youngest – rather the foremost champion of the Light and some kind of redeemer of mankind. He also launches a number of theories and amplifies the explanations of TtL in a manner for which many people find there is no foundation in TtL. Hence, many people feel he is abusing the truths given to us through TtL, patenting a particular interpretation of the work and in the process making himself grander and more important than the unique message we have from the extrasensory side. The simple and unambiguous world image of TtL is adulterated and adapted into the personal issue of Peter Kjærulff.

In Atlantis the eldest began to let themselves incarnate in order to escape their agonizing life in the destroyed realm, and according to PK Ardor’s plan was to eventually incarnate himself and his dual as twins in order to live together in love on earth and enjoy the many joys of the earthly world. However, when Ardor, after having incarnated his dual in the female fetus, wanted to incarnate himself in the male fetus he discovered that he could not manage to remove his recollections of the horrible life in the sphere of hell, such that his life as a human being would become one extended suffering, and therefore he had to abandon his plan. God then wanted to take advantage of this situation by incarnating one of the youngest as Ardor’s dual’s twin brother. By awakening her love for a representative of the Light, God saw a chance for winning her back into the Light first, and after that Ardor. Among the youngest, Peter was the one who took upon himself this mission in the service of the Light, and God bound him to the twin fetus into which Ardor had originally intended to incarnate himself. However, the plan did not succeed the way God had hoped. Peter was drawn into a religious sacrificial ceremony as the representative of the Sun God, and Ardor’s dual was his chosen love and partner in the ceremony. Peter has drawn the entire set-up of this story from sources of TtL. The ceremony is described in detail in a transmission from the extrasensory side to Johanne Agerskov – retold by the person that led the whole thing – the high priest himself, Atze. He knew all the time that the ceremony would end by him murdering the young man Airun with his own hands – and Airun, completely trusting Atze, played his part perfectly, unaware what was in store for him – and ended his life tied to his hands and feet in the sea as shark fodder.

According to TtL this was the geographical position of Atlantis, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The entire island disappeared into the ocean in the year 12000 BC. Design: Jørgen Degn of the Fund and Publishing House of Toward the Light.

When Ardor found himself left behind as the only discarnate Elder of the destroyed realm, hatred to all and sundry awakened in his mind, and he hurled vicious maledictions against God, the Eldest, the Youngest and the humans. And in order to strike Airun  and his dual and prevent them from experiencing love together he then – according to Peter – forged the cursed ring, the curse intended to separate Airun and Ardor’s dual from each other, but which had the effect of striking Ardor himself as well as all mankind, since Ardor cursed Love itself. Hence, Peter became the bearer of the cursed ring, and in the Diary of the Ringbearer we can follow his struggle throughout millennia to disentangle the curse, for by taking the ring back to the place where it was forged or, put differently, by revealing the nature of the ring and make himself stronger than the ring, Peter wishes to neutralize its power and in this way redeem mankind. And he is also convinced that he is the one who by means of this gigantic act of love will bring about the final breakthrough of Light on earth. By Peter becoming Lord of the Ring he will then be the first human being who is stronger than his astral dual, in which the pattern of the ring is woven, and in his mind the Light will become stronger than Darkness. This will, according to Peter, cause the same thing to occur in the terrestrial sphere, in the aura of the earth. In the very moment Peter conquers the astral Darkness, Light will become stronger than Darkness all over the planet, and all life on earth will change all at once.

It is worthwhile to scrutinize closely what Ardor himself writes about these maledictions, which he hurled out after finding himself left behind all alone and discarnate:

“And the moment came when the Eldest was alone.
       Alone and unseen by humans he wandered about on the earth; alone with his fear and terror he wandered about in the destroyed realm. Darkness flowed through his body in heavy waves, oppressed his mind and confused his thoughts even further.
      Then  h a t r e d   awakened in his heart.
      Then he lifted his hands towards the sky and cursed his God and Father, the creator of the universe.
      Then he pointed his hands towards the ground, cursed his creatures, cursed his younger brothers and sisters who had abandoned him and left him behind alone.” (TtL p 23).

It is difficult to find anything in these words to indicate that these curses were directed particularly against some of the Youngest, not to mention against a one particular one of them. The way Ardor describes the curses, it appears as if they were of a very general nature and directed against absolutely all of God’s creatures – human spirits as well as the Eldest and the Youngest. And considering that TtL is a book for the future, with indications of what is in the offing and about where humans should continue to search, it is very difficult to conclude from Ardor’s words that one of the Youngest were to have been stricken by these curses in a particular way and that he in the future would appear with a final revealing of the nature of the curse, causing the curse to lose its power.

And as will be apparent from several points of view, there are a number of problems in connection with PK’s story about Airun. First of all I think he would gain from clarifying in his books what is based on other sources and what originates from himself. For PK has copied the lion’s part of the story about Airun from TtL and adjacent writings. It was told in detail through the medium Johanne Agerskov by the discarnate Atze himself, and Leo also provided a detailed comment to the narrative. Basically all of the details have been publicly known since 1930. PK has made the story into an episode of his previous life, having added some very crucial elements that he believes himself to be able to remember but for which there is, in fact, no documentation anywhere in the sources.

In Leo’s comment to the incarnation story we are told that Airun and the young nameless woman loved each other, however from reasons that Leo had no right to reveal, they could not live together as a married couple. In PK’s version they are not only siblings, but twins, and their father has set out to plan a wedding for the sister (the dual of the Eldest). In RD  PK names her Iria. She reacts with great fear with the prospects of becoming separated from Airun, and it was her idea that they should enlist as volunteers for the ceremony in honor of the Sun God, whereby the Sun God every seventh year united physically with the earth in the shape of a young woman in order to provide the earth with his offspring – the son of the Sun God. Everyone knew that the young man playing the role of the Sun God was to be “taken home” to the dwellings of the Sun God, in other words he disappeared, and the young woman was in danger of being killed, as she would be in case she did not become pregnant as a result of the intercourse with the representative of the Sun God.  That a woman living in great fear for becoming separated from her love would choose to  participate together with him in a ceremony where she from the outset knew that the outcome would be a final and total parting with him – this scenario I find hard to understand. In my view PK has not managed to render this plausible in his book, and I have always felt this as a logical flaw in his presentation. On page 46 Airun relates: “…that she literally clinged to me and threatened to throw herself out from the cliffs and down into the raging sea if we could not continue to be together.” And then apparently she has taken it into her head that the solution must be that they together shall participate in a ceremony where he disappears forever? Doubtful!

From Leo’s comment to Atze’s incarnation story one understands that the young woman and man had resigned in the face of the conditions which separated them and had accepted that they would never have each other, but that by participating in the ceremony at least they would have one night together in love and passion, and, at the same time, make themselves available for the gods. However, the description of the young couple’s reaction and their motivation to participate in the ceremony in RD is quite different and, in my view – less credible. PK has also named the other high priest participating in the killing of Airun, calling him in his story Oham.

In most civilizations it is not accepted that siblings marry – but how this was seen in Atlantis I do not know. But if Ardor really wanted to live with his dual in Atlantis, wouldn’t it then be a much better idea to try and incarnate himself as the son of the Sun God, with his dual as his mother? Then they would both have been assured a high position in the temple, and if he incarnated his dual in a princely house then Ardor himself, in his capacity of being her son and the son of the Sun God, would be the obvious candidate for the position of high priest in the temple of the Sun God and king of the entire Atlantis! Personally I think that it seems far more likely that Ardor planned to incarnate himself as overlord of Atlantis than in the body of a rather insignificant young man, and when it failed I am reasonably certain that God let Christ incarnate in this body, such that Christ became overlord and not Ardor, such as Ardor had envisaged. For from TtL we know that Christ was incarnated in Atlantis.



























































One of architect Knud Brønnum’s drawings of the temple in Atlantis, made on the basis of exact and detailed information from Atze.

Some of the things I find most problematic in RD refer to PK’s use of sources without specifying the nature of the source or what pieces of information from those particular sources he is using, as well as which information he himself has “remembered” or made up. In my view, these circumstances very much weaken his credibility, while at the same time it deprives the reader of the possibility of making a genuine assessment of the veracity of his “recollections” from previous lives. One never knows what PK thinks he can “remember” and what he has found in already existing sources.

According to the spirit incarnated as Atze he was sent to earth in order to put a stop to the ritual killings done every seven years in the name of the Sun God, because this ceremony was preventing the religious development towards a better understanding among humans of the true nature of God. Azte relates in his story that his mission failed, and in RD PK tells us that he is the one entrusted with the mission of entangling and redeeming Ardor’s maledictions, in spite of him being merely an innocent victim. But according to TtL it is always the Youngest who has failed to carry out his task among humans who has to return in order to clear up the misunderstandings he himself has caused. If PK really was one of the people involved in the sun ceremony in Atlantis, therefore I would claim that from the point of view of the logic presented in TtL – about the Youngest who fails in carrying out a planned mission at a later stage has to incarnate again in order to resolve the mistaken beliefs he himself has caused – one must conclude that it is much more likely that PK is the reincarnated Atze and not the victim of Atze’s dark deeds, the innocent Airun.

Furthermore I would like to point out that the dates PK informs about in relation to the sacrificial ceremony in Atlantis have also been picked from TtL and adjacent writings without him mentioning it. The temple in Atlantis was built around 600 years before Atlantis disappeared into the ocean, and Atze began his duties as high priest and supreme leader circa 500 years later (in 12100 BC). Another 50 years later the first incarnations of the Eldest occurred. It is also worth noting that Christ, in his third incarnation, lived as a high priest and prince in Atlantis. And according to TtL he died the same year as the end of Atlantis – in the year 12000. The position of high priest at these sun temples was natural for those “sons of the Sun God” who became the product of physical intercourse of the Sun God with a woman from the earth. This means there is a high probability that Christ was born as a result of one of the ceremonies, why, he could very well have been the son of Airun, however I do not wish to claim any knowledge of that particular detail. But if my assumption is born out by the truth, then in that case his father was also killed by Atze, and it is not unlikely that the sun ceremony continued also under the period when Christ was king, and the karma that Christ incurred in this incarnation also explains why God would be so sure that he would suffer death on the cross in his incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth in case he did not succeed in carrying out the “redeeming deed” it would be to pray for Ardor. According to TtL everyone who commits murder without being punished for it on earth, has to save a human being from death in a later incarnation without having God’s protection against being maimed or killed. Not even the Youngest escape this provision of the law of retribution. For further information about this, please refer to my article “The Jesus of Nazareth of Toward the Light”.


























Another of Knud Brønnum’s drawings of the temple in Atlantis. As you can see there was a sophisticated stone masonry behind the stones cut for the floor of the temple hall. In the course of the construction phase only one of the stones had to be rejected because of flaws. Each stone weighed as much as 70 tons and was hoisted in place by means of cranes fitted with thick chains of copper and the power of 5-600 men!

According to Leo’s comments it took some 60 years to build the mighty sun temple in Atlantis. The architects designing the temple were father and son, and through architect Knud Brønnum who took a keen interest in the temple we know in detail how everything was planned and thought through down to the very smallest detail, and the construction was based upon an architectural and engineering feat of the very highest class. Blocks of stone up to 70 tons were hewn in quarries, transported to the building site and hoisted into place by means of great cranes with heavy chains and the power of 5-600 men. As the construction was erected it was filled with soil, such that they did not need to lift the stone blocks more than approximately 1 meter above the level of the ground. The heaviest work was done by “slaves” living under very good conditions, having their own living quarters, plenty of food and adequate clothing; they were not driven hard, rather if one was exhausted, he would step back and a fresh person would take his place. Women also participated in the work, for example by transporting earth to the building site.

This takes me to another construction work that PK claims to have participated in building – the Cheops pyramid in Egypt – in an incarnation some thousands of years later. According to PK 3 men (Airun, Atze and Olham from the sacrificial ceremony in Atlantis) and their duals were incarnated in Egypt with the single purpose of constructing this pyramid, which was to be used in a kind of initiation ceremony for recently graduated priests. Now, it is in itself not so very sensational when PK claims that the Cheops pyramid was not built in order to be a burial site for the pharaoh but rather was to function as an initiation to the ministry for young, recently graduated priests, by means of a tour through the pyramid, walking all alone through the many corridors and different levels of the pyramid.

What is more sensational is the construction method used for this pyramid. For according to PK he himself and the other pyramid builders were equipped with the ability to abrogate gravitation such that the hewn stone blocks were made weightless before being  transported from the quarry to the building site. There they were lifted into place and then restored to their original weight! This is in itself such a sensational claim that it is difficult to imagine this possibility existing without being mentioned in TtL, which otherwise provides an indication of most of the secrets of the Light. One would rather say that this goes against the information of TtL that God never breaks the physical laws, including the law of gravitation, and hence I find it hard to imagine that He would equip any of the Youngest with abilities going against one of the most fundamental physical laws! For example in relation to the possibility of the physical resurrection of Jesus, TtL says:

“The resurrection of the physical body of Jesus therefore goes against the  t e m p o r a r y   physical and chemical laws as well as the  e t e r n a l  law of the Light, which is never broken by God. TtL p. 212 (By temporary laws we refer to laws instigated for life on planet earth as long as it exists).”

In my view this abrogation of gravitation is a form of mysticism, clearly at odds with simple facts and the unambiguous world picture presented to us in TtL, and this is not the only form of mysticism in RD. According to PK the construction of the Cheops Pyramid is the only occasion in the history of the earth when this method has been used. And why is that? – The question should be quite reasonable! If the Youngest can be equipped with the ability to revoke gravity, why then haven’t several others of the gigantic construction works from prehistoric times been built in similar fashion? Through the incarnation account of Atze from Atlantis we know in detail about the kind of work they were able to do already 12000 years ago by means of the most refined architectural and engineering work, highly sophisticated stone masonry, human power and simple means in the form of cranes with thick copper chains. Here it is well documented that they were able to hew out blocks of stone of until 70 tons, transport them from the quarry and lift them into place in the building – without abrogating gravity! According to Wikipedia the biggest stone blocks of the Cheops Pyramid were no heavier than approximately 50 ton. Consequently there should be no problems pulling them or lifting them into their place in the pyramid.

Some people confuse this abrogation of gravity with physical levitations, mentioned in TtL. The Eldest were often physical mediums, able to carry out levitations, in other words they had the ability to make objects lift up from the surface and hover in the air. However, in TtL it is emphasized that this was achieved by the spirits of Darkness in the service of Darkness. In addition, nothing is said to the effect of these objects becoming weightless. As far as I have seen in other sources the Eldest can, by virtue of their willpower create “lifters” of astral plasma matter and use them to lift the objects. To my knowledge, the only case where the spirits of the Light have used similar methods has been to produce knocking sounds at table séances, where they have communicated with a medium. But in such cases the table has not been made weightless, rather one leg has been lifted up a short distance into the air and let down again such that a knocking sound was produced. For instance on page 223 the following is said about levitations:

These people (the Eldest) are usually overwhelmingly physical mediums,  s i n c e  a l m o s t  a l l   p h y s i c a l   m e d i u m  a c t i v i t y  s t e m s   f r o m  D a r k n e s s. Obviously the spirits of the Light never use that kind of media as go-betweens between themselves and the humans.”


“To physical phenomena, engendered by means of Darkness, one must include levitations of the medium or of the séance participants,…”

Throughout the years various theories have been launched concerning how the great pyramids were constructed, and in my view the most plausible is the one claiming that the stone blocks in the lowest part were pulled into place by means of a ramp, or as in Atlantis, by filling up with layers of earth around the pyramid as the construction level was rising. At a certain point in time, however, this ramp or rampart would become too steep and therefore construction above this level was carried out using a different technique. The top part of the pyramid was built “from within” by means of a helical slope along the outer edge inside the pyramid, along which the stone blocks were pulled. Also in some cases giant blocks were used as a counterweight inside the pyramid, thus making it possible with a rather small power to hoist the biggest stone blocks into place, since an almost equally heavy block was fastened as a counterweight in an oblique shaft at the other side of the pyramid.  Remains have been found of other pyramids built by means of such an internal helical shaft, where the blocks could be pulled into place; also, pictures have been taken with special cameras from immediately above the Cheops Pyramid, showing those parts of the pyramid that have less density than the other parts. Several of these pictures show quite clearly that there is a helical passage inside the pyramid.  PK also claims that very close to the top of the pyramid there is a closed room which the priests and the priests to be initiated could only access by disconnecting themselves from their physical body. This room is not shown on any of the photos taken with the special cameras, and therefore the probability that such a room exists is, hence, minimal. This is, in my view, quite unambiguous proof that PK’s theory about the weightless stones is rather speculative and highly unlikely.

PK also claims that the dating of the Cheops Pyramid is wrong. By using his far memory he sets the year of construction as 10000 BC. But what PK fails to mention is that he is not the first one to assert this point of view. According to Wikipedia at least three writers have made this claim previously, and I find it highly remarkable that PK does not refer to their works, since they are very well-known writers, among them Erich von Däniken.  What is the truth here – has he been using others’ work as his basis and interlaced their points of view into his own book, or has he recollected this on his own, without any influence from historical research?  On this aspect PK has, in my view, a big credibility problem, and this goes for all of his incarnation stories. I cannot possibly go this deeply into each and every historical detail of his story – they are just too many. However, PK does indicate one writer that he alleges having lived simultaneously with him in several of his previous lives, Joan Grant, who has published several books based on what she alleges are recollections about previous lives. I have not read all of her books, however I have read sufficiently to be able to state that PK has borrowed frequently from her material and also in these cases without informing carefully exactly what in his story is based upon Joan Grant’s recollections and what he himself has remembered before he read Joan Grant’s books.

The British writer Joan Grant launched the concept of “far memory”, and in her lifetime she published a number of stories as novels, based upon far memory from previous lives. PK has in his books to a very large extent built upon Joan Grant’s novels, since he claims to have lived simultaneously with her in several reincarnations. But PK is not very particular in terms of informing about what he has picked from her novels and what he himself thinks he can remember. According to PK he played a very important role in the drama around the journey of the Israelites from Egypt, where he lived as Ramses II, Moses’ father. As far as I can ascertain, he bases this entire part of his books on Joan Grant’s novel “So Moses Was Born”. Should he not inform his readers about this?

The three gigantic pyramids at Giza play a very central role in PK’s “The Ringbearer’s Diary”. First he took part in building them when in an incarnation he was born with the ability to abrogate gravity; in a later incarnation he participated as an initiation priest in a “pyramid walking tour” – an initiation ritual for the calling as priest, and lastly, in an even later incarnation, he himself led young priest apprentices through their pyramid tour.

According to PK pyramids in general and the Cheops Pyramid in particular has a magical power in their centre able to hone well-used razor blades and extend the shelf-life of fruit many times over, and a person positioning himself/herself inside a pyramid will receive a flow of healing energy because of the shape of the pyramid! And because the Cheops Pyramid has been constructed with a very special unit as the point of departure – a so called pyramid inch = a special distance in the brain – and because the passages and the various levels and directions have been organized in a special way, which RK account carefully for in RD, the pyramid in terms of consciousness functions as an exact copy of the human consciousness.

“You see – in this spot the radiations of the pyramid meet in a powerful centre. The inherent power of the pyramid irradiates or dissolves accumulations of fear, illusions, repressions or similar things that the individual in his/her struggle with existence – pushes aside…..” (RD p 16)

PK is not the only one to claim that there is a magical power inside the center of the pyramid – there is an enormous amount of books purporting to be able to explain the healing power of the pyramids.  It is actually no wonder that people at all times have marveled at these enormous construction works from the past and that the imagination can easily gain control of the rational mind when one lets the thoughts work freely around the issue of their origin. In the American program “MythBusters”, which aims at testing the veracity of various myths, they once focused on the belief in the magical powers of the pyramids. The whole thing was very scientifically done, and the pieces of fruit put inside the pyramid were even sterilized before the test, and the blunt razor blades placed inside the pyramid were examined before and after by means of the most modern stereo-microscopes. According to PK and others fruit inside a pyramid is supposed to keep fresh for a lengthy period, and dull razor blades will turn sharp again. And what then did the trials in “MythBusters” show? They showed unequivocally that the pyramid did not have any of the expected effect. The dull razor blades were as dull as ever, and the pieces of fruit rotted in exactly the same way as fruit outside the pyramid. In other words, the so called pyramid effect is totally absent.

I find it equally improbable to claim that a person placed inside the pyramid experiences a cleansing of old fear, illusions and repressions. Now, I am not completely sure if PK means that only our astral body is influenced by the pyramid energy or if it is also our spiritual consciousness, but the belief in itself that a heap of stones, placed on top of each other in such a way that they form a very special geometrical shape, a pyramid,  could influence our astral or spiritual body merely on account of its shape – personally I feel this amounts to a form of advanced astrology, whereby one believes that the planets, which are also mere physical bodies, by virtue of their special position influence the human consciousness. I do not see any difference in principle between these cases. And it also seems quite clear that PK is of the opinion that the stones of a pyramid are in a special relationship with the human consciousness, since the pyramid contains shutter stones – large stone blocks that opened and closed the passages in the pyramid, depending upon what kind of thoughts the walking visitor had. If he had the right understanding, the stone would open up for the passage, and if he did not, then the stone would remain, closing the passage. I am surprised that PK does not see for himself that this is a kind of mysticism for which there is no coverage in TtL, where of course astrology, among other things, is clearly rejected as sheer superstition. Besides, PK himself states that something which is in the three-dimensional world (the planets) can in no way influence something which is in the four-dimensional world (human consciousness). Does he not realize that his belief in the pyramid energy and the ability of the pyramid to influence the human consciousness sorts under exactly the same laws which completely excludes astrology?

The first part of RD is dedicated to PK’s “journey” through world history, where he has lived as great personalities within religion, philosophy, literature and politics. In all of these areas he believes to have animated some of the most distinctive and innovative figures in history. And in most of his lives his main task has been the solution of the cursed ring Ardor forged in order to prevent that the young Airun would experience love to Ardor’s dual, Iria. PK has approached the solution of the ring gradually through incarnation after incarnation and created some of the most outstanding pieces of art known in order to describe the disrupting nature of the ring – such as the philosophical works by Plato, the literature of Shakespeare, the music of Mozart and Wagner – just to mention a few. About Shakespeare PK tells us that he had a unique ability to retrieve old myths and legends and blow new life into them, and I find this very much covers also PK’s working method: He frequently makes use of events from history and from other works of art and puts the whole thing into his own context, where he himself plays the major role. If one takes TtL seriously there is of course nothing sensational in the fact that one of the Youngest has incarnated time and time again as great personalities – they probably have done so all of them.

PK holds that he remembers having lived as the perhaps greatest musical genius that ever lived, namely Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And it was in fact my very deep fascination for Mozart and his music that led me to discover PK’s writing in the first place. It was while searching in various Oslo bookshops for more knowledge about Jesus that I discovered a work in two parts, where the cover said that Mozart would lead the reader on a journey of several thousands of years through history. Of course I could not resist this and bought the books, and with that I was hooked, starting a more than 15 year deep “love relationship” with RK’s books. Never before had I experienced anyone write so intelligently and persuasive about other worlds and laws different from those of the earth. This happened during a period where I had started to move out of a very deep personal crisis, and PK’s psychological portrait of Mozart hit me as a “bomb”, because the psychical structures PK described in Mozart were so incredibly similar to my own. PK writes in RD that Mozart was balancing on a knife’s edge throughout his life, where self-destruction could drive him into the abyss any time, and for someone who had been deep down into the darkness it was an experience of meeting oneself when reading PK’s very convincing psychological portrait of one of the people on this earth with whom I identified strongest. His music had been with me almost around the clock for several years and had lifted my mind and heart to experiences of really heavenly dimensions. When as a rather young man I saw the movie about Mozart and the jealous Salieri, it gave me a completely new feeling of life and living and led to a catharsis, a re-birth, where I took the decision that the destructive forces in my mind (in the movie symbolized by Salieri) would no longer be allowed to hold down my creative power, rather I wanted to stand before the world as myself, to put it somewhat seriously. However I wanted too much at the same time, unfortunately, and lacked the confidence in my own sense of judgment needed for really trusting myself completely. Instead of going the course I felt was set for me, I let other people’s judgments decide my choices far too much, and it ended in disaster, just as it did for Mozart. But in contrast to him I did not seek my death because of this, I was just away from life for some years, locked into a suffering and lonely mind – after a totally meaningless and destructive relationship with a woman having left me in a state of deep despair. But the great comfort that PK’s books provide a suffering person was a very important factor that made me recover and regain control after having been shut down inside my own suffering mind, as in a prison, excluded from the world.  And gradually I began to regain my faith that “God loves me too”. Hence, I really owe PK a lot. From time to time I feel I owe him my life. But not all “love relationships” are lifelong, and during the last few years I have had to necessarily revise my assessment of several aspects of RD, because TtL has become more and more important to me as time has gone by – to the expense of RD – and I have, unfortunately I have to say, discovered that RD in several important points goes against many simple facts from TtL.

According to PK it was exactly the internal “war” between his brilliant creative power and the unfortunate doubt in his own genius that eventually killed Mozart. PK believes he can reason his way through the facts and conclude that Mozart’s death must have been due to a blood poisoning following kidney failure, and that all this was a physical expression of the psychic structures in Mozart’s mind. Personally I find this somewhat fabricated, because from my own experience I know that a person can endure very destructive internal conflicts and enormous mental distress without dying from it. It is also in stark contrast to modern research claiming to be able to make it likely that Mozart’s death was due to an epidemic that killed many people in Vienna at exactly this point in time. This research is mentioned in the net version of the newspaper VG, among other places:

New research published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine has tested the theories and reached a new conclusion: Mozart may have died of complications in relation to a sore throat, to be more explicit a streptococcal infection in the throat causing edema in the kidneys and glomerulonephritis – a potentially dangerous condition. They have reached this conclusion after having scrutinized all causes of death in Vienna in the period before Mozart’s death and analyzed the most frequent causes of deaths in young men.

No Autopsy

In addition, they have gone through all available historical records, such as letters and accounts from family members and friends of the composer in order to exclude various diseases. The composer is alleged to have fallen ill rather quickly and mentioned in a letter to his wife Constanze shortly before he became bedridden that he felt in great shape and that he slept well nighttime. According to BBC an autopsy was never performed on the composer, and his remains have been lost for posterity, such that the researchers now have made reservations and realize that their research have weaknesses. Still it is alleged, after having analyzed many thousands of deaths in Vienna around the time of the composer’s demise that it there was a marked increase in cases of death caused by a streptococcus-like epidemic about this time.”

According to PK the physical always mirrors the psychic, and when people fall ill or die it is always as a consequence of some kind of mental imbalance. I feel this is a much too narrow-minded way to explain illness and death, and his model of explanation thus rules out the possibility of people falling ill simply because they have been heavily exposed to infections or dying from accidents, such as TtL mentions it. I am also of the opinion that there is a basis for concluding that PK’s mental portrait of Mozart in many ways describes powers to which each of the Youngest have been exposed, since they have been struck both by Ardor’s curses and his ether images. They have probably all felt themselves more or less “persecuted” by devilish, destructive forces in their mind, constantly furnishing them with destructive thoughts about themselves. Ardor himself was of course fully active at the time of Mozart’s life and has doubtlessly persecuted him and used each and every opportunity to try and destroy his possibilities to provide human beings his divine music. Generally speaking, I would also add that from a person alleging to have been Mozart himself, I would have expected him to be able to contribute something more than what PK has given us specifically about Mozart. This objection is also one of the reasons why I strongly doubt that “recollections” are at the heart of what PK writes about his previous incarnations – rather they appear to be more a result of a well developed intuition and sense of emphatic ability to “see” patterns in the life of many great personalities. PK does write that his recollections are not primarily about physical details, but rather about atmospheres and feelings. Maybe I would not consider it proper to call these memories, which in the normal sense of the word would imply that one remembers concrete events and well as physical details. I would rather say that the words “feelings/senses” or “intuition” more adequately cover what PK thinks he remembers, rather than the term “memories” or “recollections”.

The last few years several paintings of Mozart have appeared, believed by experts to be genuine Mozart portraits. The painting to the right is alleged to be from 1790, the year before Mozart died. The interested Mozart connoisseur will probably note that Mozart’s left ear is partially visible on the painting to the left, and enough of it is visible so as to conclude that Mozart did not have the same defect as his son, namely that the flap of the external ear was missing. This was used as evidence by Mozart’s wife and Mozart’s assistant Süssmayer as evidence that the boy really was Mozart’s son and had inherited the defect ear of his father and was not a result of infidelity between his wife and his assistant.

In part two of RD PK presents a very detailed account of the human consciousness as he claims it is designed. According to him our spiritual consciousness in the terrestrial world is divided into seven layers, each representing different aspects of our psyche and deals with the astral body as well as our physical body. The teaching of Chakras has by no means been invented by PK, rather it has been known for thousands of years, for instance in Indian tantric tradition. In other words, also here PK picks an already existing system and develops it further in his own way. The chakras, seven in total, are positioned as rotating whirls on the body, and PK claims that he can see the chakras with his clairvoyant mind. Personally I have read a lot about the teachings about chakras, and I have met many believers in such teachings, but I have yet to meet anyone (apart from PK) who actually has anything more than a theoretical relation to them. I am very skeptical to their very existence. First of all I find it very illogical that the human mind might be split up in several parts, for my conception of the Light is precisely that it does not let itself be split up, while on the contrary Darkness does, having a split and divisive nature. I therefore tend to have the opinion that the teaching about chakras must be an invention stemming from Darkness. I will not dispute that there may be whirls in our aura – I do not know anything certain about it, because I cannot see any aura. What I can do, however, is to feel the flow of energy in my own body and in other person’s bodies. For almost 20 years I have been able to carry out so called magnetic stroking and laying on of hands, and I am very, very sensitive to energies. I have never felt that there was any special flow of energy from those points in the body where the chakras are alleged to be. I feel very strongly when and where there is a weak flow of energy in certain areas of the body. It is felt as a kind of “coldness”, whereas the areas rich in energy are felt as “magnetically warm” in my palms.

Another reason why I doubt the existence of the chakras is that they are not at all mentioned in TtL. There we are told that the human consciousness consists of three parts, - the psychical brain (the spirit), the astral bran, and the physical brain, and that the psychical brain is connected with the astral and physical brain by means of an animating thread, or the silver thread, woven into the psychical brain. Between the spirit and the physical body is an insulating layer, meant to prevent that other knowledge from the spirit shall be in contact with the physical brain – but only those parts of the psychical brain into which the silver thread is woven. If we had not been issued with this insulating layer we would have been able to remember all the knowledge that our spirit is embracing, and we would then have been completely unable to live in the earthly sphere. Our consciousness is seated in the brain of the spirit, and the astral brain functions as a kind of automatic memory deposit, where everything we experience is automatically stored and can be retrieved again. For instance when we learn to drive a car, all the movements are stored in the astral brain, such that as time goes by they become automatic, and we do not have to think about them. The astral brain is therefore very useful and necessary, but it has no independent ability to assess. In addition to our own experiences, in the astral body are also stored certain primordial drives and the acquired instincts of our species. To put it short and bluntly: the astral brain represents the “animal” inside us and if we only act on the impulse of the astral consciousness we will behave as animals. The physical brain is in reality nothing but a terrestrial receiving station, much as a television set receiving signals of pictures and sound – in this case sent from the psychical and astral brain.

In addition to this trisection we all have a guardian spirit, and we are subject to the stipulations of the law of retribution. All our thoughts and acts are stored in the ether and will sooner or later return to us. When for instance PK explains that a person stepping back because a well functioning 6th chakra has perceived that a flowerpot is about to hit him or her on the head, then this is a way to explain the event which has no foundation in TtL whatsoever. If we use the logic of TtL to interpret the situation, we will know that it 1: must either be an instinctive feeling of danger that the person is not conscious about, or 2: that the spiritual brain of that person has sensed the danger and is instructing his/her leg to step back, or 3: the guardian spirit of the person is intervening. We are always under the surveillance of our guardian spirit, and depending on what kind of karma we possess the guardian spirit will intervene to protect us, or will let us suffer under previous sins by not protecting us when a danger is threatening us. As far as I can see this has nothing to do with the chakras. I am also of the opinion that the law of retribution functions in our present life, such that we may meet the result of our thoughts and deeds quite immediately, but that it can also function throughout a series of incarnations in such a way that one is not faced with a repercussion until a future life for a misdeed committed here and now. According to TtL it is the law of retribution which is the reason why our acts also influence ourselves finally and not what PK calls “the magical mirror” which according to him is to be found in the 1st chakra. Generally speaking I find that PK’s chakra model is an unnecessary complication of something explained in a very simple and easily understandable way in TtL. Overall, the chakra model seems both mystifying and quite unnecessary – in addition to the fact that it seems to have its origin in Darkness, since it is claimed that our spiritual unit consciousness is split up when it meets the earthly world. I would like to claim that the spiritual consciousness cannot be split up, because it was made by the Light!


















































Within everything that has to do with New Age it is very common to talk about the chakrasand their importance for the consciousness. However, it is virtually impossible to find anyone who can actually see them – most people have only a theoretical relationship with this teaching. TtL says nothing about the existence of these energy centers. On the contrary, TtL has a completely different and much simpler way of explaining how our consciousness works.














Peter Kjærulff is one of those people who claim to be able to see the chakras and that he is also able to see an unbelievable range of other things by means of his “clairvoyance” (or intuition, as I would prefer to call it). I do not doubt that PK may be able to see things that are usually not visible to most other people, but I want to challenge rather strongly that what he sees is a 100% objective truth. For PK claims that one cannot call his views in question, because he only describes what he sees and his clairvoyance does not make mistakes. Obviously it is a very difficult point of departure for a dialogue when one party in real earnest claims to possess the full and entire truth. PK also asserts his ability to interpret dreams by means of “clairvoyance”, and his reading of dreams is therefore alleged to be 100% objective and not tinged by his earthly personality. In my mind such a talent does not exist. Everything coming from the spirit must pass through the silver thread and the astral brain before the message reaches the brain, and every spiritual message will be more or less colored by astral impulses. Of course some people have a more direct and open channel to the messages of his/her spirit, but we who live on earth are all arrayed in an earthly body, and our thoughts are always more or less colored by the Darkness. This is also the case with PK. When he claims to be able to see with clairvoyance and to be able to recollect by means of his far memory, he thus makes himself virtually unassailable to ordinary argumentation, and a dialogue becomes impossible because one party will always be in possession of the final result, as he sees it. How is it possible to be reasoning, based upon common logic and probability when the other party has an unassailable argument, since he is able to see the undisputable truth? Here PK in reality outmatches even Jesus, for we know from TtL that even Jesus was mistaken in a few cases.

Now, actually I am not without training in seeing connections not always conspicuous to everyone, because from birth I am equipped with a very well developed intuition and refined sense of even the most sublime details and nuances. I don’t call it clairvoyance, but I have the intuitive understanding that PK for instance is mistaken when he claims to “remember” that he lived on earth as the closest partner of Jesus, the apostle Peter. Personally I believe everything indicates that it was the author of large parts of Toward the Light, Rasmus Malling-Hansen’s spirit Leo who once lived as Simon Peter. Peter was chosen by Jesus to lead the disciples after his death, and consequently he gave Peter primary responsibility for spreading his teachings among the people – something we know did not succeed completely. I therefore consider it to be self-evident that the very same Simon Peter was entrusted the task to convey the teachings of the true Christ to the earth, when his spirit Leo via thought inspiration “dictated” most of the parts of TtL to his earthly daughter Johanne Agerskov. This is not something I can see or remember, but I think it seems logical from the point of view of what is stated in TtL that the youngest who does not succeed in a mission during a lifetime will always be granted a new chance to accomplish the mission in the right way.














For almost 20 years I was intensively absorbed by aquarium fish and kept several large aquaria at home. My dreams made use of that and I would dream, maybe not every night but very often, about fish in different versions. According to the chakra-teaching fish belong to other chakras and such dreams are about astral feelings and sex. In my view this becomes too narrow-minded, and this is a case where the chakra-teaching is blocking a deeper understanding of such dreams. These dreams were in reality about my own mental state, but only those who know the aquatic hobby intimately has a possibility of interpreting the wealth of details such dreams may contain.

According to PK he has, in similarity with Carl Gustav Jung, used his own consciousness as the point of departure for his research in the human consciousness. In my view this becomes a very, very narrow entrance gate to something which is so multi-facetted and has plenty of variations and “odd features”. My opinion is that Jung made the mistake of emphasizing ancient legends and myths too much in his dream interpretations, and this was precisely because he himself was so absorbed by this issue, and hence it made a mark on his own dreams. But obviously this is not the case for a person who doesn’t know anything about ancient legends and myths. If he had the same dreams as Jung, then he would not have any possibility to understand anything of his dreams, and it would become quite meaningless. The task of the dreams is to help us, and therefore they make use of the small part of the world in which we live in its symbolic language, and it is quite obvious and natural that a person who is absorbed by some issue will also find this in his/her dreams.  It is characteristic for a person who has studied a topic thoroughly for a number of years that his knowledge about for instance structures and composition in addition to all kinds of details and minute shades of differences etc within his subject or hobby is so enormously rich that the dreams may contain a wealth of details, able to describe the mental processes of this person very exhaustively without anyone else having the possibility to understand any of it.
For instance during a period of almost 20 years I would dream each and every night about aquaria fish, and someone adhering to the chakra teachings will completely miss that these dreams may contain rich information about the mental processes of the dreamer, because they have locked the interpretations to a doctrine saying that all animals in our dreams belong in the 2nd chakra and that all animals are about astral feelings and that fish mostly are about sex. If this were true, then I used about 20 years of my life dreaming about astral instincts – and this was obviously not the case. My dreams were full of elevated feelings, new insight and inspiration and told me in detail the kind of processes going on in my mind. Everything by means of symbolism from the aquaria hobby. During this period I underwent a very deep personal crisis as well as a process of individuation whereby I did research into the life and teachings of Jesus, discovered TtL, developed my abilities as a healer and so on, - and my dreams would then merely have been dealing with instincts and sex?! Not very likely. An aquarium with its arrangement of sand, stones, roots, plants and fish is actually quite ideal as a symbol for the human mind. The aquarium sand can be understood as the very foundation for life and for our existence; the roots have gone through a cycle of growth and death and symbolize the acquired instincts and experiences of our species in an excellent way, as do stones which are parts of the “bedrock” of our personality and family heritage. The plants show the growth of the consciousness, and the condition of the water can tell us a lot about the mental state, related to whether it is crystal clear and pure or whether it is turbid and dirty. The fish are the copestone, symbolizing feelings and thoughts. Within the aquarium world there is a hierarchy where those fish species representing the simplest life forms, doing nothing but eating and mating, not able to recognize their own offspring and not demanding much in terms of the quality of food or water are at the bottom of the hierarchy and thus symbolize the more basic conditions of life. Further up in the hierarchy we find fish species with increasingly greater demands on water quality and the nature of the feed in addition to increasingly complicated social behavior and advanced brood care. This is completely comparable with what PK presents in terms of dream hierarchy in his dream theories, from peasants and up to kings and queens. There is actually a fish species known as the king of aquarium fish – the discus, shown in the picture above. It is circular in shape aptly symbolizing the awareness of unity (circle = unity), and it is very majestic and immensely difficult to keep alive over a long period of time for the average hobby aquarist, since it requires such incredibly close monitoring  in terms of water quality as well as types of feed. It features a fascinating brood care, quite unique in the fish world, because the parent fish emit a secretion from the body, allowing the minute fry to “feed off” the parents.  They are also found in numerous varieties in terms of color patters, from red to metallic blue, and they have the same symbolic value as kings have in dreams – they symbolize advanced feelings and thoughts from the spiritual awareness. Dreams about discus fish told me that I was about to open a channel to my spiritual awareness and that I gained more direct access to its messages. To claim that dreams such as those I had for 20 years were only about instincts and sex is based on a gigantic misunderstanding caused by the false chakra teaching! See also my article “Pyramid Energy, Chakras and Dreams”. I think there is also reason to remind that the fish was one of the very first Christian symbols and apparently was used by early Christians to show their allegiance with “the new teaching”. During the period when I first discovered TtL I had several very strong dreams about fish being caught in nets – totally realistic scenes as well as visual images reminding about the fish stamped into my Sunday school card when I was a child. The dreams clearly mirror the biblical words of Jesus to some of his disciples when he asks whether they are willing to join him in order to become “fisher of men”. My dreams showed me that I in my consciousness was about to make a decision whether to become a disciple of Jesus’ teachings, such as it is depicted in TtL! This had obviously nothing to do with astral feelings, rather it was about my wish to become one of Jesus’ “fishers of men”.

Incidentally, a few nights after writing this particular passage about symbols in our dreams, I dreamt a “comment” to what I had drafted. I dreamt watching a human figure with very primitive appearance and mentally about the level of a very simple animal. While watching this “human” I was reflecting that this proved that dreams can use any kind of symbol in order to express whatever they wish, and that even a human figure can symbolize a very primitive mental level. In other words, the dream confirmed for me that a human being in a dream can have exactly the same symbolic content as an animal. And consequently: An animal may very well symbolize a higher form of awareness, depending on the dreamer’s thoughts about the animal, for the dreamer’s thoughts are at the basis for which symbols the dreams chooses to make, rather than some kind of system for the use of dream symbols.

Since this article deals with dreams as well as with TtL, I would like to tell about an example of the great help I have had from my dreams from time to time when searching for material for my biographies about some of the first TtL-pioneers, e.g. Knud Brønnum. It turned out to be incredibly difficult to find any documentation about his life, even his dates of birth and death were almost impossible to find anywhere, and along the process of searching persons and institutions that might possibly contribute with something, I had several dreams helping me along the way. In my dreams I was “contacted” by persons providing me important information - for instance, in one dream I was told that Knud Brønnum died in 1953. This date was completely new to me, and afterwards it turned out to be correct. In another dream I was contacted by a woman telling me in quite some detail about her great love for Brønnum. It was obvious that he was the great love of her life. By means of this dream my attention was drawn in particular to Knud Brønnum’s relationship with women, and not long afterwards I was able to combine information from several different sources and draw the conclusion that Knud Brønnum married twice, the second time with his brother’s divorced wife. For a long time it was uncertain to me what had happened with his first wife, but later on I learned that she died in 1921. Therefore, it is safe to say that Brønnum’s relationship to the two women in his life was something out of the ordinary, and a friend who met Brønnum in his home in 1941 has told me that Brønnum, on his own initiative, told him that he had experienced being criticized for fact that he married his brother’s divorced wife. But evidently there is no reason to criticize him on that point. Love finds its own ways, and a divorcee obviously has every right to marry anybody he or she might wish, without this being any ground for condemning anyone on that ground. It also turned out to be incredibly difficult to track down photos of Brønnum. After intensive research I had merely succeeded in finding a single picture, of rather poor quality. However, in a dream I experienced being contacted by a person telling me that he had several very good portraits of Brønnum, which he would like to give me. This dream told me that there really were pictures of Brønnum somewhere, and that sometimes in future I would manage to find them. It is fascinating to experience this kind of dreams, pointing fingers and showing the way in one’s search endeavors.  What is happening “behind the curtains” in such cases is not easy to tell, but that the guardian spirit is active and influences my mind and well as that of those people who may help me further on I am totally convinced. I do not doubt for one moment that it is a wish from the extrasensory side that these biographies are to be written – the assistance I receive is far too obvious to believe that it is due to mere “co-incidents”.

Returning to the issue of PK’s dreams: Personally I feel that he is destroying his own otherwise brilliant dream reading method, the “simple-minded”, when he mixes it with the chakras. He really has a point when he holds that symbols in dreams should be understood exactly as they are and not be overly interpreted far and wide. However, when this has to be adapted to our consciousness being divided into seven aspects, the so called chakras – with matching symbols and colors, then it unnecessarily complicates his simple approach –well, I would even say that the chakra doctrine pulls away the foundation from that which is PK’s really great contribution to dream interpretation. Why in the world would our consciousness make use of a dream system that only a small pro mille of mankind has the prerequisites to comprehend? It would be about as meaningful as if a car mechanic’s dream would use for instance intricate details from the operations of a heart surgeon or super complicated chemical formulae having nothing to do with the world of the car mechanic in order to clarify for him something ongoing in his mind – not very likely.

In his dream book PK shows – very convincingly, I would say – how Freud was completely on the wrong track when he attempted to interpret his own and his clients’ dreams. PK refers to some of the dreams Freud has described in his works and demonstrates how his clients’ dreams in actual fact warn them in the strongest terms against Freud’s activity, and even Freud’s own dreams show that the practice he is conducting is highly irresponsible. Interpreting one’s own dreams is among the hardest tasks possible, because one frequently does not see what is self-evident. In his dream book PK relates a dream he himself had in which he was preparing a big piano concert. Everywhere are posters advertising the great coming event, and everyone have high expectations. But when the day comes, everything is ready and PK is sitting by the grand piano in front of a jam-packed concert audience and is about to strike the first note, he discovers that cannot play the piano at all. PK relates this dream with a kundalini awakening that he believes he was exposed to and figures that the dream shows how a kundalini awakening puts our awareness out of action. With the reservation that I don’t know all the details around this dream, I dare say that PK hasn’t entirely understood the message of the dream. Using his own “simple-minded” method for dream interpretation I would say that the very simple but no-nonsense message of the dream is this:

“Peter Kjærulff himself believes he is capable of much, much more than what he in reality can do”.

In other words, the dream is a warning to PK that he over-estimates his own gifts. Not very pleasant for Peter, but nevertheless the simple message of the dream.

Also in another and very crucial field for us humans I believe PK is guilty of exaggerating a completely ordinary and natural thing. For PK is of the opinion that the effect of an intercourse between a man and a woman, ending with an orgasm, is that both of them attain a kind of cleansing best compared to the one you obtain by receiving a healing. I think this is dangerously close to considering an intercourse as an almost “sacred” act – almost like a ritual religious intercourse between man and woman. As mentioned above, I am very, very sensitive to the energies of the body, I have for many years provided healing and maintain that there is nothing happening by an orgasm comparable to a healing. There is no flow of energy to the body. One feels a massive well-being, yes, but this is because the intercourse is such a wonderful bodily pleasure and that the brain pumps endorphins through the body. A successful intercourse can also contribute to bonding two lovers and can strengthen their love for each other, but this is because they share one of the most intimate bodily pleasures that exist and not because there is something else “ethereal” involved – apart from their love for each other.






































































































In his dream book “Dreams and Dragons Seen with Clairvoyance” PK has a showdown with Sigmund Freud (left), leaving little honor to the old interpreter of dreams. According to PK it was a “godsend” that Carl Gustav Jung (right) to a certain extent managed to neutralize some of the enormous damages Freud caused with his many misunderstandings. On this point I can completely follow PK, and with his dream book I believe he had produced some of the best ever written about dreams. His “simple-minded” dream interpretation method, where a symbol is understood exactly as it is, contributes to de-mystifying dreams and makes them more accessible to the layman. As PK puts it, the dreams are employed by the consciousness in order to help us, and therefore it is evidently in the nature of dreams that they are comprehensible to the dreamer and that it is not necessary to have an advanced academic degree to read one’s own dreams.

Carl Gustav Jung studied the human mind by studying his own mind, and the same thing PK tells us that he has done. Therefore both Jung and PK became experts in exactly their field of study, namely their own mind. This has also led them to have, in certain areas, a much too narrow-minded and one-sided view of e.g. the meaning of dream symbols and mental illness. But whereas Jung picked information about dreams from a very large circle of clients, PK has by and large dealt with dream interpretation related to a rather small group of people, and his foundation of experience is in my view therefore far too flimsy to draw any absolute universal conclusions as regards the human mind. I know this because I had personal contact with PK through a period of some 6 months a few years ago. PK’s failing foundation of experience as a therapist is most clearly seen in his view on psycho-pharmacological drugs, something to which PK is an adamant adversary, because in his view it leads to shutting down important parts of one’s mind. In this area I have lots of experience, both from my own medication in periods and through experience with mentally sick people in my own circle of friends. And I would go as far as to claim that the position PK advocates in his books, among other places, where he has encouraged people to refrain from using medication in cases of mental illness, or only use an absolute minimum, is plain irresponsible and may lead to great damage in case sick people with great confidence in PK stops medicating by their own initiative without consulting their doctor. A former client of PK, Carsten Plough Olsen, writes in quite some detail on his website about what kind of unnecessary sufferings he had to live through because he trusted completely in PK and followed his irresponsible advice. You can read more about this on his website.

Personally I have a very different view on this issue, and when I understood some time back that only mental medicine could save me from a downward destructive spiral, threatening to destroy me it was actually a dream that opened my eyes. My sufferings had at that point in time become insupportable in all their torment, I only managed to sleep 1-2 hours before awakening by adrenalin pumping through the body, the fear and the pain threatened to overpower me, and I actually had not imagined that such violent psychic pains existed and far less that one could survive them. But one night I dreamt that two doctors told me that they had a medicine for me which they wanted me to try, and if it did not work out I would have to be hospitalized. This dream clearly emanated from my spiritual consciousness, which had a better overview of the situation than my own mind as it functioned daytime, and the following day I started investigations to find out what was actually wrong with me and what kind of medicine that might help. Until that point in time I was immensely negative to medication, but I had learned to trust my dreams so much that I took the information from the dream very seriously. I found out that I was suffering from a type of traumatic suffering called reactive depression. It is comparable to post-traumatic disorders after an assault or some similar major psychical stress situations. It is a terrifying disorder, considered to be some of the most painful a person can experience, comparable to finding oneself in the sphere of hell, I believe. Each and every second of the day is like a long-lasting hell of fear, depressive thoughts, self-torments in the form of self-recriminations and the chest feels like an open wound where someone is constantly twisting a knife around inside your heart…

To make a long story short, the medicine saved me, and from the time I started with anti-depressives, immediately my condition began to improve, and for the first time in a very long period I managed to sleep a whole night through. What a release! I remember very well a dream I had some months afterwards. I was facing a skeleton of a human being, partially buried in the ground but fully visible to the eye. Suddenly the skeleton got up, attacked me and tried to kill me. I was gripped by deadly fear but tried to defend myself as well as I could, and gradually I gained the upper hand more and more. The dream ended when I smashed the skeleton completely, crushing bones to smithereens with blood gushing in all directions. And exactly then I woke up, drenched in sweat, still full of adrenalin and deadly fear and with the taste of blood in my mouth. Even if this dream was a dreadful experience, I very soon understood that still it was very, very positive for me, since I understood that I had now seriously taken up the struggle against the dark forces that tried to destroy me.

In relation to the enormous self-destruction raging in my mind let me mention another dream from this period. I dreamt that Adolf Hitler had moved into my home, and I saw him sitting in the sofa in my living room. His look was stony, set in evil cruelty. I have often wondered whether this dream was about me being struck by an ether image but I cannot know for sure.

As I was gradually turning back to life, I had several very encouraging dreams. Among them once in a dream I received a letter saying that it was my mission to bear witness about God in this life, but that first I had to spend some years in prison. And I also began to dream about fish in a positive way. In a dream I was walking along a narrow unpaved road passing through a forest. On each side of the road were ditches filled with water. In both ditches fish of all kinds were swimming – in all the colors of the rainbow. I gradually understood that all the fish were offspring of fish from my aquarium, and that they miraculously had managed to survive in the Norwegian environment for several years. Such dreams were among the best comfort I could possibly get, and they showed me the kind of happiness and inspiration waiting on the other side of the sufferings, provided I was sufficiently tenacious. A close friend of mine actually believes that I have good reasons to experience the dream as “prophetic”. The fish being hatched in my home and spreading to other parts of the landscape may very well be symbols of my faith and my thoughts and points of view, which will gradually be disseminated to many people. This is a very suggestive interpretation, which I find very likely.

But thanks to the medicine I was able to cure myself, and nothing can change that. The dreams made me aware that I needed help from medicines and provided me the strength and encouragement to move on, in spite of all the torment. Fortunately I had learnt to understand the dreams so well before this existential crisis that I let myself be guided by them through the crisis. Otherwise I do not know how I would have fared. I would probably have been drawn deeper and deeper down into self-destruction and would have ended up in a mental institution. Fortunately my will to live is so strong that I would not have killed myself, whatever the case, in spite of still regarding this as a real option.

My experience of how psychical medicine can contribute to bringing a person back to life again of course has left its mark on my position in relation to the use of psycho-pharmacological drugs. When even my own spiritual consciousness supports the use of medicine in certain cases, then I do not see any reason to abstain from it when it is necessary. I also disagree completely with PK who claims that when one uses psychical medicine in order to relieve pain, thereby limiting one’s consciousness in a particular area, then automatically this also reduces the consciousness in all other areas. In my case, as well as in the case of other people, I have seen that it is perfectly possible to live a good life with work, love and creativity even when one is taking drugs. Well, my experience is that there is no weakening at all of one’s creative capacity, it is possible to create great art within literature as well as music even in medicated state. On this point I find that PK is fundamentally wrong. If he had had a greater range of experience, I am certain he himself would have realized it.
















































Even in the densest of darkness there is light. Maybe a cliché, but still true. If only more people with psychogenic disorders had realized how much help there is available and that the disorders are only temporary, then many cases of suicide could have been avoided. Photo: Sverre Avnskog.

Peter Kjærulff would probably be of the opinion that what I experienced during the years of crisis was a kundalini rising. This is a phenomenon  he describes in his books as a process whereby the chakras are being blocked one by one from the earth chakra and upwards, when the kundalini energy – if I have understood him correctly – is a kind of dark energy which, when activated, coils upwards along the spine as a double serpent, covering the chakras. And if the kundalini reaches the crown chakra you die, according to PK. He himself holds that he has experienced this in an incarnation as a young man in South America when he saw his beloved one dance herself to death as a consequence of being pregnant against her family’s will. This led the young man, who believed he had impregnated her, to feel that he did not have the right to live, and he sat down in a stone cave, locked the entrance and surrendered his life. According to PK he died as a consequence of a kundalini rising. I myself have met people who believe they have been exposed to a partial kundalini rising, and in my view the whole thing seems to be something far more “trivial”, if I may put it that way; namely bad mood, fear and affect. This is something that may strike everyone when we are hit by the Darkness, and to the best of my ability I cannot see that this has anything to do with kundalini energy. Again, this seems to me to be a form of mystification of something very simple. I also reject the existence of chakras in the sense PK describes them, as our consciousness divided into seven parts, because I believe our unity consciousness, created by the Light, cannot be divided or split.

As mentioned, it was at a time when I was struggling to get out of a very, very deep crisis that I discovered first RD and through that Toward the Light, and for quite a number of years I regarded these books as some of the greatest gifts ever given to mankind! And they supplied the promise needed for me to eventually be able to return to life as a reasonably healthy and well functioning person. But gradually what has happened is that Toward the Light! has more and more monopolized the position as the gold mine in my life, since I gradually, somewhat reluctantly in the beginning, have had to realize that there are parts of RD which quite simply cannot be combined with TtL! In addition to what I have discussed so far, I also find it very difficult to find coverage in TtL for PK’s claim that none of Ardor’s ether images can any longer be “ignited”, and that the Youngest have pure and simply removed them from the earth. This has happened, according to PK, because Ardor connected the trigger mechanism of the ether images to an imbalance between the masculine and the feminine form of energy, and this imbalance is prevalent to the degree necessary to trigger them. The ignition of the ether images was, according to PK, based upon a state whereby a larger part of the total amount of energy was unbalanced, than the part which was well balanced, and in the course of the last decades it has occurred that the amount of balanced energy has grown larger than the unbalanced part, resulting in a situation where the ether images can no longer be ignited. Now, I am fully aware that not everything regarding human life is commented in TtL and many times one has to combine different pieces of information in TtL in order to find answers to issues not referred to. But as far as I can judge it is stated quite clearly in TtL that the ether images once created have to have their course until they are dissolved in accordance with specific regularities and laws. Only one exception is mentioned, being that God and the Youngest in particularly favorable circumstances may lead the evil thought flows of the ether images away from the earth and out to distant receiving stations. And personally I cannot imagine that Ardor would link the ether images to an imbalance between the energies, knowing that these must be equalized sooner or later, resulting in the ether images no longer being effective. It does seem too simple.

Personally I perceive, on the basis of TtL, the mode of operation of the ether images in a completely way as compared to PK. As I interpret the information from TtL, an ether image continuously affects the people it has been launched against, by furnishing them with evil flows of thought and by providing them with thought impulses to commit specific acts planned by Ardor. It does not operate in such a way that an ether image is entirely passive until the person or the country makes one single predetermined mistake, whereby the ether image strikes in full force. In my view everything stated in TtL about ether images indicates that they have a special form of dynamics, whereby they are being reinforced when people follow their evil thought impulses and weakened if people resist them. But the ether images are and remain there until the period of time, for which they have been designed, ebbs away. And when TtL says that God and the Youngest in special cases may lead the evil flows from the ether images away from the earth, I am quite certain that this is because the ether images have lost much of their power as a consequence of humans having resistedthem.

In discussions such as the issue why no one managed to kill Hitler, in spite of the fact that he was the target of innumerous attempts to his life, PK is of the opinion that it was God who saved Hitler’s life, because his murder would release an ether image intending to lead the entire planet into a nuclear inferno. Such an interpretation I myself find completely unthinkable, since one single murder obviously, as the only factor, could not have released an ether image which otherwise would have remained inactive. I am convinced that large ether images were active during the 2nd world war, and that one single murder would lead to a full nuclear war I find impossible to imagine. If something like that had become the end of mankind, it would have been because the sum total of the actions in the course of the war were to such an extent congruent with Ardor’s plans, that the outcome could have become the total annihilation of mankind, something I am quite sure Ardor has planned, either as an end to the war or at a later stage. In my view Hitler escaped all assassination attempts because he was probably one of the most brilliant monsters ever incarnated on earth. He was evidently equipped with a brilliant intuition and precognition about impending dangers, and this is what saved his life – not God.










































According to PK God himself was the one who saved Hitler from the numerous assassination attempts, because a murder would release an ether image, leading mankind into a nuclear Armageddon. Personally I am convinced that Hitler’s well developed precognition about impending dangers was what saved him.

For someone as absorbed by the meaning of dreams for the human mind as I am, it is amusing to think back upon an event in my childhood. I was around 5 years old, sitting one afternoon at a big wooden table in the park where I used to be and with some other children, and we were to tell each other about something we had dreamt. 19 years old I was still absorbed by this issue and bought one of Sigmund Freud’s dream books. However, it seemed quite impossible to make any sense of what he was writing, so I put the interest aside for some time – until I met a Danish interpreter of dreams by the name of Søren Lund, participating in several of his courses. He was a pupil of the consciousness researcher and writer Jes Bertelsen, and they were both inspired by the Swiss dream interpreter Carl Gustav Jung. Jung appeared to be a much more intelligent dream interpreter than Freud, and for several years I immersed myself in Jung’s world of symbols, his interest in ancient myths and concepts such as animus, anima, the self, the shadow etc. But also with Jung I felt there was something missing, since I personally had the feeling that most of our dreams stem from an intelligence with vastly greater overview of the existence than we have ourselves. However, none of the others in the dream groups in which I participated shared this point of view, rather their view was that dreams were to be considered rather as automatic processes in our consciousness. Only when I got PK’s book about dreams, “Dreams and Dragons Seen with Clairvoyance” in my hands did I feel that I had found a dream interpreter who really had understood the function of dreams and how the dream symbols should be perceived. As far as I can judge PK’s book about dreams is the very best ever written within this field, and I hope his book will have many readers. According to PK the dreams are so simple to grasp that one does not at all need any psychology training to understand them, you can get very far just with plain common sense and the ability to listen to what the dreams want to tell us. PK calls his method the “simple-minded” method of dream interpretation, in the sense that one should not make things more complicated than they actually are. According to PK, e.g., a broom is a cleaning tool and not a phallic symbol. If you dream you are sweeping in your home it means, hence, that you are in the process of cleaning up in your mind, not that you have intercourse with someone. Furthermore, PK tells us that the dreams are our friends, that they intend to help us and that we do not need to be afraid of them, even if they can be violent and dramatic.

Where I cannot follow PK in his theories is when he uses the chakra-model in order to decide to which aspects of our mind different symbols allude. As I pointed out in connection with my dreams about fish, it is in my view far too narrow-minded to assume that all dreams about fish automatically are about instincts and sex. And when I, in the midst of a serious existential crisis, dreamt that many of my aquarium fish had survived for several years outdoors in the Norwegian environment, had reproduced and formed large colonies, then obviously this had nothing to do with sex. Such an interpretation would feel entirely out of place and meaningless – sex played no role at all in my life at that point in time, and I myself felt the dream as a comfort from my inner mind, letting me know that in spite of all the torments I was going through, a good and rich life was awaiting me at the other end. Naturally, I also do not agree that the colors in the dream indicate which chakra the dream is about – all such kind of interpretation merely contributes to distorting and narrowing the simple message of the dreams. I will rather look for what kind of meaning the colors have for the dreamer in real life and interpret the colors in the dreams from that.

There it is then: at the end I have given PK the praise he rightfully deserves, for within the field of dream reading he has made some very good contributions, which in my view surpasses everything else written within this branch of knowledge. Also, I would not hesitate to declare that his other works contain a lot of valuable wisdom. However, the subject of this article was first and foremost my comparison between the RD and TtL, and on this point I cannot but conclude that the RD and TtL unfortunately in important areas are two incompatible books. In my view PK mystifies and complicates several things which are explained in TtL in very simple ways, easily understood. Generally I would also say that PK to my mind grossly overestimates his own importance and that he also exaggerates when he claims to have far memory and clairvoyance – he would gain from stating that he is writing from his intuition, not that he “remembers” and “sees” in a completely objective way. Also, the fact that he does not inform about what he has borrowed from other sources very much weakens his presentation, and I believe he would gain from not placing himself as the main character in all of the lives he describes, because at least to my mind it does not appear very credible when he alleges that he has been all of them. However, that these youngest which he describes have been struck by Ardor’s curses and ether images is of course evident, and this is why one will always find common features in the art of the Youngest, without this implying that all artists have been animated by the same spirit. Even if both Mozart and Wagner depict a certain curse over love and the mind, this does not necessarily increase the likelihood that PK were both of them.

Let me also mention that I owe PK a lot of gratitude because he has such faith in me that he thinks I am the reincarnated Rasmus Malling-Hansen, and that in reality I am the one to have written large parts of TtL. Which of us dedicated supporters of TtL wouldn’t be flattered by such an “appointment”? Whether PK is right about this I cannot know for sure, but what I am 100% sure of is that I am one of those who prior to my life promised to be spokespersons for TtL in the earthly world.

Incidentally, PK has several times declared that a sentence which Johanne Agerskov wrote in the preface to the 1939-edition of TtL ought to be removed. There Mrs Agerskov writes that a person rejecting TtL as spiritism merely reveals the mental level to which he belongs, compared to his more understanding fellow men. I completely agree with PK that this sentence does not serve to advance the cause of TtL. People of course have the right to think what they wish about TtL without thereby being characterized as mentally immature or similar. But when PK dislikes this way to address potential readers I am somewhat surprised that in the beginning of RD he refers to some persons who have raised objections to his theories, while at the same time letting it clearly shine through such that we can read between the lines how little these people really understand. To my mind this seems like a somewhat coarse attempt to manipulate the reader into continuing to read, for who wants to be as stupid as those criticizing PK? And I do hope that PK will eventually realize that it is in fact possible to disagree with him in factual matters without thereby being automatically less gifted.




Oslo, 28.10.09
Sverre Avnskog

English translation by
Jørgen Malling Christensen