Pyramid Energy, Chakras and Dreams
An article by Sverre Avnskog

Pyramid energy is a subject that has occupied my interest a lot lately – especially after seeing a TV-program on Discovery Channel in the series called “MythBusters”. Perhaps you will have seen these men who in each program test various myths in order to verify whether they hold true or not. Some time back they had decided to investigate whether there was any factual truth behind the so called pyramid energy, which many people believe in – among them my old friend, the writer and researcher of human consciousness, Peter Kjærulff. He of course is by no means the only one to claim that inside every pyramid is an energy center that can, among other things, make fruit stay fresh for months and re-sharpen dull razor blades.





























Is there a special energy inside e.g. the Cheops pyramid,
supplying the human consciousness with healing energy,
making fruit stay fresh for months and re-sharpening dull
razor blades?




















































Among those claiming this is the Danish writer and researcher of human consciousness, Peter Kjærulff. The above photo is from his youth, from his main piece of work, The Ringbearer's Diary. See also his website:














































The experiments of “MythBusters” appear to be very professionally done, and after some pondering and planning they decided to sterilize the pieces of fruit before placing an apple inside a pyramid and another one outside with the intent of comparing them after some time had passed. And the result? There was no difference between that which had been inside the pyramid and the one outside – both were at precisely at the same stage of putrefaction. I can also mention that, as a curiosity, an apple had been put inside a cubic shape. Strangely enough, this one had advanced considerably more in terms of putrefaction that the other two. They also placed a dull razor blade inside the pyramid and one outside. By comparison in an electronic microscope it turned out that after a certain period of time there was absolutely no difference between the two – they had remained as dull as they were when the experiment started.

All the experiments appeared to have been carried out under strictly controlled conditions. And the conclusion seemed crystal clear: The pyramid had no influence whatsoever on the fruit putrefaction process, nor on the degree of sharpness of the razor blades!

Personally I have since long time back had severe doubt about the existence of any such pyramid energy. A pyramid built from physical matter of course only consists of this physical matter, and I cannot understand how any kind of special energy could be created from a mere heap of stones or metal rods just by the manner they have been assembled.

Some time back I got a tip from a friend telling me that there is actually an entire science around the issue of energy in relation to geometric shapes, called biogeometry.

Her is the website of the inventor of this theory:

As an adherent of TtL I must admit that I cannot find any basis in TtL for theories concerning constructions of certain geometric shapes being able to influence human beings in terms of energy. To me, this becomes like a kind of miniature astrology – however, from TtL we know that astrology is not at all relevant, because we are not being influenced by the various positions of the planets of the universe. In the same way one can hardly believe that a number of stones might be able to influence us in accordance with how they are stacked on each other, whether as a pyramid or a cube, e.g.

Or, to put it as Peter Kjærulff does in relation to astrology: Something which is in the three-dimensional world – the planets – cannot influence something which is in the four-dimensional world – the human consciousness. However, how come he does not see that just as planets cannot influence us in accordance with how they are placed in the universe, in the same way stones stacked in a special way cannot influence the human consciousness or generate a specific kind of energy? Or, to put it in another way: If you accept that stones placed on top of each other, forming a pyramid, can influence our consciousness, then I don’t see any reason why God would not be able to place the planets in the universe in such a way that we would become influenced by them.

If pyramid energy really exists, then obviously we would all be able to build our houses as pyramids and we would then be under a constant supply of cosmic energy? I must admit that I would have liked very much to spend some time inside a pyramid, but I don’t know if there is any big enough for a person. But if a pyramid generates this energy in its center, wouldn’t it then be sufficient to construct a small pyramid, for example of glass, and place it on the body while you are lying down on your back? Perhaps I will try it one day…

Many people in the alternative groups have great faith in astrology, and many of us have had an astrology period in our lives! Personally I have had my horoscope done several times and I still have problems to reject them 100%. Even a horoscope I had made electronically – in other words without the astrologer being able to use his intuition – I found to describe myself aptly, and I still feel that way.

I have read many horoscopes, and I don’t agree with the notion a few people have that all horoscopes are written in such broad terms that they fit everyone – I continue to experience that some of my own horoscopes describe me with a very high degree of precision.

However – I cannot explain the reason why.

Another interesting phenomenon concerning astrology is that which is mentioned in TtL about Ardor having linked many of his ether images with astrology…

After having read TtL for the first time, it took many years before I was willing to let go of astrology, and I am not referring to the astrology of the weekly magazines or the astrology of superficial predictions, rather to the deep psychological “psyche – astrology”. It is based on Jung’s analytical psychology, among other things, and aims at helping people in their own development process.

However, I have by now put all of this aside and filed it under “phenomena, so far unexplainable”.










































































































There are many varieties of the chakra configurations.
According to Peter Kjærulff the heart chakra and the
spleen chakra are slightly to the left of the body, because
they mainly deal with the female energy forms.

In his book, “The Ringbearer’s Diary” Kjærulff writes that he remembers his previous incarnations thanks to his ability for far memorization. One of those he remembers having been is Mozart.

According to acupuncture we are supposed to have so called meridians along the body, passing through different organs, and if the energy does not flow freely through these meridians, one suffers from blocks, leading to accumulation of waste products and ensuing weakness in the organs.

I suppose that these meridians, or energy lanes, must reside in the astral body, and that this is what is actually treated in this type of body therapy. The astral body then, in its turn, has an effect on the physical body. However, as in all other cases of treatment, it is also important to find the reason behind the origin of the blocks and then to do something about those reasons – otherwise you may continue to be treated for years without improving or recovering…

The teaching about chakras is also very prominent without alternative groups. Personally I have eventually completely abandoned the theory of chakras, since I cannot perceive their existence in any way. I cannot see them, I cannot feel them, I have no inkling of their existence – and hence I feel it would be quite peculiar to believe in something that only very few initiated or enlightened souls claim to have any knowledge about.

However, that there are energy lines in the astral body I do believe, because I have had many positive experiences with acupuncture and have clearly experienced that the energy is flowing much more freely in the body after treatment.

Concerning the chakras it also does go against the view of spiritual consciousness as a unified consciousness when it is alleged that it is split into seven different aspects when incarnating into the terrestrial world. In my view the unified consciousness can not at all be split up – and hence the belief in chakras to me implies a belief that the divisive energies of Darkness would be stronger than the consciousness about the Light.

In fact, I don’t know anyone able to document that the chakras really exist. Previously I fully trusted that those claiming to be able to see them must be right. This is particularly relevant in relation to Peter Kjærulff, who must be said to have founded his entire philosophy and belief system on the chakra doctrine.

What has made me doubt is the phenomenon that the ability to see the chakras is only for the “enlightened”. This makes me doubt the reality of the chakras – that, as well as the fact that I cannot possibly put the theories to the test.

My present view is that I perceive the chakras more as an attempt to understand the consciousness, to systematize different sensorial impulses and experiences and to relate them to each other. And to read for instance Peter Kjærulff’s description of the different “consciousness sceneries” is very beautiful and breathtaking literature – it remains so until this day, I have to admit. But the idea that our psychical brain is split up in different aspects in the physical world I believe more or less is contrary to the nature of the Light – and the psychical brain is made up of Light, and personally I find it hard to imagine that God would create our personality out of Light and then allow it to be split up in different aspects by means of the insulating layer, when we incarnate.

God weaves in the thread of Light into the psychical brain in such a way that we bring along the capacities we need in order to live our earthly life in accordance with the plan, and as far as I can tell, from TtL among other sources, all those parts of the psychical brain that are weaved in for the terrestrial consciousness are transferred through the thread of Light. It is difficult to find support in TtL for a different scenario, according to which some capacities and characteristics would be transferred only through, e.g., the neck chakra, others through the heart chakra etc.

Presently I believe the connection and process must be different, and I believe that illnesses in the body are not caused by a malfunctioning of the chakras, rather that blocks have developed in the energy lines of the astral body.

However, this is an exciting issue! I am not pretentiously cocksure about my views – however, this is the standpoint at which I am at this point in time.

The last few years I have been posing myself this question: Is there a particular type of energy that you might call heart energy? Is there a particular type one might call throat energy? Etc. And is there a particular sensory mode linked to each type of energy?

As already mentioned, I am more and more convinced that it goes against the principles of the Light, such as they are described in TtL, that our spiritual consciousness, which from  God’s creation is a unity consciousness, were to be split up into different types of aspects and different energy forms when incarnating in the physical body.

It must be fair to say about Jesus that he was anunusually warmhearted person. But was it due to himhaving a very well developed heart chakra?

Another person who claimed to have so called far memory was the British writer Joan Grant. One of her best-known books relates the truth about Moses.
Peter Kjærulff has drawn a lot of information from her books, but he is notalways equally good at telling us exactly what he has gotten from her books and what he himself is able to “remember”…

Based on TtL I assume there are two forms of energy:

Light energy and astral energy.

To me it seems that a person who strikes us as warmhearted and loving has that effect because the Light energy in him or her is dominant, in other words the energy of the spirit. I cannot find any basis in TtL for the existence of a special kind of heart energy – however, the energy we all perceive as coming from the heart, or from the heart chakra if you will, is the energy of the spirit, conquering the astral energy of Darkness and manifesting itself with a “warm-hearted” person, best exemplified by Jesus. And not on account of having such a strong “heart energy”, rather it was because his Light character pervaded his earthly personality so forcefully and vividly.

And when we talk about energies boiling in solar plexus and a person being angry and choleric, then this person is being dominated by astral energies, or dark energies stemming from the astral body, at an instinctive level – and hence it is not a special form of solar plexus energy. When the Light energy from our spiritual personality manifests itself in the shape of a strong life force, the person will appear as quite naturally self-assertive  and with a great deal of authority, but not at all as uncontrolled irate, erratic or with a wish to strike or damage his fellow men. Incidentally, many people are of the view that a person with a highly developed spiritual personality will never be what we usually consider angry but will always behave with mildness and humility. I don’t agree on this point – and I myself have experienced the enormous effect of someone raising his or her voice in an authoritative way – not shouting unrestrainedly – but rather expressing some words of truth in a forceful and very controlled fashion.

Based on the description in TtL I will therefore regard all our emotional expressions in the light of these two energies – the totally understanding, naturally self-assertive and loving Light energy, and the emotional, erratic and moody astral energy, having its origin in the astral body and which by nature is totally unreflecting, only aiming at satisfying itself.

We are all at a point of interception between these energies, and we hold both of them within ourselves; they may express themselves in all areas of life, in our capacity to feel compassion, our capacity to communicate, our ability to experience sublimity, our ability to love and to assert ourselves with self-assurance etc.

In addition to this, I also believe there is something special about the energy lines described in acupuncture, making us feel particular things in different parts of the body – for I agree completely that when you experience very warm and loving feelings, you can actually feel it in your heart, in the center of our life force – which I see  as parallel with the heart center described by TtL in the spiritual body, since love is the strongest power in the universe, it can also be sensed in our own life force center  - the heart, where blood, the very condition for life, is pumped around the body! However, this should be considered my personal attempt to derive the consciousness model of TtL.

Since I question the existence of the chakras, naturally I also doubt that they can be reflected in our dreams, or that the chakra model has any relevance for dream interpretation.

According to the theory, the chakras should be linked to the following colors:

Root-chakra: red
Spleen-chakra: Orange (also called hara-chakra)
Solar plexus-chakra: Yellow
Heart-chakra: Green
Neck-chakra: Blue
Pineal-chakra: Indigo blue
Crown-chakra: Violet

Each chakra also has a particular number of spokes in its energy wheel, a special geometrical figure with – according to Peter Kjærulff – carries a special message, like for instance: “Everyone has the right to be on his or her way”, “There is enough vitality for everyone”, “Everyone has a right to existence” etc. I very much appreciate the truths of these messages, but as far as I can see they represent general doctrines, well worth including in our foundations at ethical maxims in our lives, but which however I cannot see having any connection to energy forms or special parts of the body. For instance, I don’t believe that the message, “Everyone has the right to exist” has any special linkage with the lower part of the spine, or that the statement, “there is enough vitality for everyone” has any special linkage to the stomach region.

But if I don’t believe that the colors in our dreams have any connection to the chakras, what kind of significance do I attach to them?

First of all I would like to say that I think it would be incredibly strange if only people with knowledge of the chakras would have a chance to understand the colors of their dreams! For this would mean that perhaps 99,9 percent of all Norwegians and Danes would be cut off from being able to understand anything of this. Wouldn’t that be fairly meaningless and imply an incredible waste of information in our dreams? I feel 100 percent convinced that colors are added to dreams in such a way that each person may understand the meaning of the color of his or her dream. This means that I believe the dreams will use the colors in a very individual way from person to person, geared to the relationship of that particular person to the different colors. If for instance a person with a red house dreams about his/her red house, I believe this dream can have a completely different meaning than if a person owning a green house dreams that the house has changed color to red.

In general, I doubt very much all kinds of dream interpretation theories implying that there are certain things in the human consciousness or in our dreams that only particularly educated or initiated persons can understand. It would go against my concepts about the nature of dreams, according to which they exist in order to help their “owner”. Does it seem reasonable that the consciousness produces dreams that the “owner” has no prerequisites whatsoever to understand?

In my view Peter Kjærulff and Carl Gustav Jung are the two great figures within the field of dream interpretation. However I also believe they are mistaken in some important aspects – among other things by generalizing too much from their own consciousness. For instance I find that Jung’s great interest in ancient mythology affected his dreams in a way that cannot be said to be universal for other people. And I believe both are wrong in their perception of the chakras. If a person believes in the chakras, then this will quite naturally be reflected in his dreams, while a person with no knowledge about the chakra theory will probably not find traces of them in his dreams, because they are in reality fabricated.

A common denominator for researchers of dreams and consciousness like Carl Gustav Jung and Peter Kjærulff is that they have studied their own consciousness and their own dreams and then made their finds generally applicable and constructed theories on the basis of their findings. In my view this is the reason why, e.g., there is within Jungian dream interpretation an exaggerated belief in the significance of ancient myths and legends for our dreams.

I remember once having had a dream about some young boys who had caught salamanders. A Jungian dream interpreter was to help me interpret the dream, and his contribution was a long expose about the mythical meaning of the salamander in some ancient civilization. According to them a burning salamander symbolizes the inextinguishable energy in solar plexus. I suppose it was pleasant enough to learn this, but I must admit that I didn’t feel this had any special relevance for my life at that particular point in time.

With hindsight I am more inclined to interpret the dream in the context of some experiences I had as a young boy. Close to my childhood home we had a salamander dam where we used to go for discovery and research tours, and these experiences possessed a magical shimmer of having discovered new and unknown aspects of life. The parallel to my life several years later was that I was involved in a similar process of exploring new connections in life, but this time in the consciousness and in my dream life. Hence, the Jungian dream interpreter didn’t at all take me any closer to understanding the dream, rather he put me on a false track by mixing in myths and ancient symbols.

Many years later I also mentioned this dream to Peter Kjærulff, and his contribution was to assert that dream was about layers of consciousness in the 2nd chakra (spleen chakra – or hara chakra), and that the salamander symbolized lower instincts. His input did not bring me any closer towards understanding the great significance of this dream as a personal message to me. However, the dream contained an enormous energy, so powerful that I later on never forgot it, and personally I am convinced that it was showing me a way towards a wish to explore the consciousness, something I have spent more than 25 years doing and which still occupies most of my spare time.

I think this example clearly shows how individual our dreams are, and that an attempt to conceive systems that might explain them in a simple way will often muddle the message of the dream more than it will clarify.

But the paradox of dreams is then also that a person with deep knowledge about the chakra doctrine, or ancient myths and legends, can very well have dreams with parallels to his/her knowledge  and which can only be understood by putting the spotlight on the meaning of for instance ancient mythology – as e.g. Jung does. However, from there to drawing the conclusion that this is valid for everyone, including people with no knowledge of ancient myths, is quite mistaken!

But back to the colors. Personally I have benefited a lot from finding parallels in nature.

In my view red is often used as a symbol of life force, because it is the color of the liquid that keeps us alive: the blood.

Green is the color of plants in nature and can often symbolize mental growth.

Yellow is the color of the sunlight – the light that all living things are dependent upon, hence the light or supply of energy.

Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky when seen from far, in other words the big perspective.

Over and above that I also believe that the colors take their parallels from our daily life, from the color of your house, clothes and car etc. The meaning will often be understood from the context.

In my view Carl Gustav Jung and Peter Kjærulff are the two great names in dream interpretation. I particularly like Peter Kjærulff’s “simpleminded” understanding of dreams – the point that everything is to be taken for face value , and that dreams can be interpreted by each and everyone without having to undergo 7 years of dream interpretation training. Then again, in one point I still feel he himself abandons his simpleminded approach, unnecessarily complicating the simple nature of dreams by introducing the chakra model, which only a very small minority of people knows anything about…When it turns out he claims one must have knowledge about an immensely complicated consciousness model in order to fully understand one’s dreams, I do think he lets go of the simple and reliable – and “simpleminded” (meant in a positive way).

I mentioned the example of the salamanders, where the Jungian focused on the burning salamander as an ancient mythical symbol of solar plexus energy, and Peter Kjærulff  pointed out that the salamander is a primitive animal living in water, and that the dream therefore is about the 2nd layer of consciousness and that the salamander symbolizes primitive instincts.

Were we to follow Peter Kjærulff’s own simpleminded method of dream interpretation, and assuming that the dreamer doesn’t know anything at all about ancient myths or about chakras, we can, in my view, find far more meaningful interpretation suggestions:

The thing about the salamander is that it lives in water during the mating season and otherwise on land throughout the year. It lays its eggs in the water, and the fry live their first months in the water, respiring with gills.  Following that, they go through a metamorphosis, a complete change, climbing onto land where they continue their lives as terrestrial animals (except at mating time).

Hence, the salamander is, just like the frog, an excellent symbol of change. Something that has been hidden in water, eventually emerges on land.
This, combined with the sense of wanting to explore – uncover what is hidden – which I felt from my childhood, provided me with a rich backdrop to which I could link the dream.

In my view the dream is a very good example that you do not at all need to have any knowledge of ancient myths or chakras in order to arrive at a meaningful interpretation of the dream – I would rather say: on the contrary!

As a boy I was immensely fascinated by salamanders and frogs. And they have frequently appeared in my dreams…

Oslo, 25 December 2008
Sverre Avnskog

English Translation by
Jørgen Malling Christensen