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An article by Sverre Avnskog

Lately a few people have been claiming that Ardor is not resting in a sleep-like state, such as Johanne Agerskov writes in one of her letters in the Copy-books, but that he is already now participating in the work to lead the human spirits onto God’s kingdom. Therefore I decided to examine what the sources tell us about this issue. And in the following short account you can read what I found out.

We find the quotation most frequently referred to in relation to Ardor’s sleep condition in a letter from Johanne Agerskov to the locksmith A. Andér from 1925 (No 64 in JAC). He was the one that built several electric models of the universe, based upon Knud Brønnum’s drawings. In the letter she writes, among other things:

“…that Ardor was resting and firmly asleep until all human spirits had forgiven him.”

First of all I want to emphasize that it is said here that Ardor shall rest in this heavy sleep until all human spirits have forgiven him, in other words not until there were no more human beings on earth, such as a few people have perceived it. God continued to create new human spirits until the last incarnate Eldest died, sometimes between 1980 and 1990, and these very young human spirits have several millions of years ahead of them with incarnations on earth. Evidently not that much time will pass before all humans have forgiven Ardor. At least I am personally convinced about that. I believe Toward the Light! will be a joint property of all mankind within a few hundred years – and at any rate within a few thousand years. Perhaps even earlier than that. All spirits are now being taught about TtL between their incarnations and are made aware about how enormously important it is to pardon Ardor in order to ease his sufferings, but also in order to liberate themselves from his evil maledictions, as well as to make a personal contribution to the process whereby the Light may gain ground on earth. The teaching will evidently manifest itself on earth by the message of TtL evoking response with more and more people, resulting in the understanding of Ardor’s pardoning increasing  and spreading from person to person. This will of course not take millions of years, and when all humans in one of their lifetimes have pardoned Ardor, God will awaken him from his sleep, such that he can re-build his personality and use his mighty forces by the side of his younger brothers and sisters in the struggle for the victory of Light over Darkness.

Incidentally, Ardor’s present situation is of course not unknown in the human society. In a few cases severely injured person are placed in artificial coma, while the physicians identify their damages, or while they receive the necessary treatment to make them recover sufficiently to be awakened again and breathe on their own. What God has done for Ardor can very well be compared with such an artificial coma on earth, and when Ardor wakes up again sometimes in future he will also be free of his own curses, but now as a consequence of God’s laws targeting him, for all evil thoughts and deeds sooner or later turn back upon their instigator. And considering the gigantic proportions of evil that Darkness drove Ardor to, one must probably assume that he has been close to being crushed by these mighty powers of Darkness that he himself has released. It is also stated in TtL that unless God had immediately erased the curses Ardor in his hatred had rapped against Him, they would have obliterated Ardor in an instant.

Hence, I would regard it as quite unlikely to assume that Ardor was free from these destructive forces to such an extent that he was able to work alongside Christ already shortly after having told the story about his fall to the medium Johanne Agerskov. Only with the greatest effort, and with considerable help from some of the Youngest, did he manage to deliver his account after having rested for a year; and having thus expressed his prayer to all mankind to forgive him, Ardor had thereby done what was possible for him so far, and the following period must necessarily be a waiting period for him in order to see if mankind would respond to his prayer. As we know, the planned reformation of the Danish church came to nothing, and thus Ardor’s prayer for forgiveness did not reach more than a very limited number of people. And I am sure that until the large majority of humans have forgiven Ardor, it will not be possible for him to contribute anything whatsoever in the service of the Light, for all the evil that takes place on earth each and every hour, minute and second, will weigh down Ardor so deeply and create so unbearable suffering in his mind that God in His deep mercy has let him spend this waiting time in deep sleep, free from having to behold all the evil he himself has caused among humans, and free from having to suffer the insupportable self-inflicted mental pain from his evil maledictions and thoughts, now turned against himself. Time never passes as infinitely slowly as when each and every second is experienced as an unbearable mental torture. I think we must be happy and grateful that God has relieved Ardor temporarily from having to experience this, for his sufferings will be very considerable when the time comes when he must go through a process of pardoning with each and every individual, because his sufferings will obviously not be over for good when everyone has forgiven him – that is only the beginning. After that, Ardor must settle his score with each individual, I assume, and that will be utterly demanding. Everyone must compensate for the pain they have inflicted on others, and this is the way it also has to be with Ardor, but I believe his motivation to assist Christ in guiding all the millions and millions of remaining human spirits on the road to God’s kingdom will be immense, and he will also through his own sufferings be particularly well suited to feel compassion with the suffering, for no one is more able to help and understand others than those who themselves have suffered and gotten back on their feet again.

But how many people have forgiven Ardor so far? A few hundred? Perhaps as many as a few thousand? Considering that there are billions of people on earth, this is but a drop in the ocean, and only when the large majority of human beings have forgiven him will this add up to an effect that can really be felt. And until that happens, Ardor will be permitted to rest in deep sleep.

                                   Rembrandt: “The return of the prodigal son”.

How much Credibility do Johanne Agerskov’s Letters Have?

Personally I have read all the publications published by Michael and Johanne Agerskov many times and feel I have a good foundation for evaluating and comparing the various texts. The letters JA published in her copy-books (JAC 1-4) can be divided into three categories:

1.     Those dictated to her through thought inspiration in the same way as TtL.

2.     Those created by her thoughts being led in a certain direction by extrasensory spirits.

3.     Those created completely by her own account.

Obviously only the letters in category 1 are completely at the level of the other texts, but on the other hand I have personally not found anything in the information provided to JA in the letters from the extrasensory world which is contradictory towards TtL or adjacent texts. And when JA tells us that Ardor will sleep until the point when the humans have forgiven him, I find no reason to doubt that this piece of information is true. In the letters where this information is provided JA relates that she has been in contact with the extrasensory world, and she also mentions another person, only referred to as H., and says that he is also one of those resting in heavy sleep and will possibly remain that way for hundreds of years.

Most TtL advocates probably know about the controversies around the so called “Episcopal Letter”, published by JA in 1938, and personally I am among those who are convinced that this letter is a forgery, which one of the Eldest managed to manipulate JA into publishing by imitating her father’s spirit, Leo. However, nowhere in the other letters have I found anything reminiscent of the ideas of the Episcopal Letter – everything appears fully credible  and completely in tune with the other texts. Well, as late as in 1934 Leo through JA informs us in depth about the brilliant capabilities of the Eldest to imitate even the Youngest, and how it was near impossible for anybody to unmask the forgery, and how these Eldest pulled so much Darkness around the medium responding to their approach that it was completely impossible for the Youngest to interfere – they had to watch as passive witnesses how the Eldest had gained control over the medium. Actually, in these letters JA herself is conveying the most important pieces of information that we have – one might say, actually the foundation itself – to also understand how she could be taken in only four years later. It lay near at hand to regard these letters as an indirect warning to JA about how great a risk there was for her herself to be tricked.

However, the other letters are in fact fully trustworthy, and actually it is not only in these that we learn that some of the Eldest are asleep. In QaA II, Question 52a, we read:

“(Many of the deepest fallen are resting here in deep sleep. Also this is a help from their Father, since these wretched creatures through a long-lasting sleeping rest are removed so far away from their earthly existence, that they after waking up may recall with more peace the numerous highhanded incarnations, for which they have to settle their accounts with God.)”

Even if this quote only indirectly is about Ardor, I think it must be self-evident that it is also valid for him, for he was, of course, the one of the Eldest who had fallen deepest of all for Darkness. In other words, here we find congruence between the letter to Andér from 1925 and Supplement II published in 1930. Those who consider the letters not to be 100% reliable are possibly also of the view that the Eldest may have managed to sneak in false information in the Supplements. My reaction to this is that I have not found anything pointing in that direction. I must admit that I have had my doubts about the Supplements, because I have experienced that the diction in those texts in a few aspects do not harmonize fully with TtL – however, this concerns only the style of language and not the content itself. However, when I realized that the Supplements were produced in a slightly different way than TtL, I understood why I had reacted: Where TtL had been dictated in Danish to the medium by spirits in the same room as she was, for responding to the questions of the Supplements a radio-phonic thought connection was established between the medium and Leo, such that he could respond to her questions irrespective of where he was in the universe. And in contrast to TtL where then the ideas were transmitted in Danish, the responses to the Supplements were conveyed to her spiritual brain by means of “spiritual” thought language, thereafter translated in the spiritual brain of the medium and subsequently transmitted to her physical brain. Therefore the language of the Supplements is closer to the medium’s own way of expressing herself, and it does differ from the language of TtL, which in a more direct way reproduces the diction of the spirits. Johanne Agerskov’s mode of expression was often very straight forward, with no attempt to embellish the statements or make them more diplomatic, and this can in certain cases be traced in the Supplements, and this was what I had caught, since I am equipped with a very sensitive linguistic instinct. However, there are just trifling aspects, and the extrasensory world is backing up the Supplements and their content 100 percent.


The Speech of Christ!

However, we have one more source left by which to judge the credibility of the statement that Ardor will sleep until the humans have pardoned him, and this is in the speech of Christ in TtL. Christ says as follows about Ardor:

“Lastly I turn to all human beings on this earth and I beseech you all: do try to have compassion with our eldest brother, do try to forgive what he has offended against you, so that the many maledictions he has rapped may be broken and erased!

  “Yes, forgive him with all your heart; then he, in his deep gratitude, will stand by my side and help me with all his strength to lead you towards our father.-“

If we study the last sentence carefully, one must admit that Christ tells us very straightforward that only when the humans have forgiven Ardor will he stand by Christ’s side and help him with all his strength. And it is the small word “then” which is the key word in the sentence:

“Yes, forgive him with all your heart; then he, in his deep gratitude, will stand by my side and help me with all his strength….”(writing in bold done by me).

In other words, first there must be a pardoning from the humans and after that Ardor will be able to stand by his brother’s side!

Hence, we have three sources confirming that Ardor would not be able to contribute anything in the work to lead mankind towards God’s kingdom before the humans had forgiven him: The letter to Andér from 1925 – no 64 in JAC, question 52a in Supplement II, and the last section of the Speech of Christ in TtL! Itself.  For me, personally, this is more than enough to document that the information about his temporary state of sleep is proven correct! However, those of us who love TtL can of course contribute to shortening the time period when Ardor has to remain in deep sleep by working for the advance of the Light on earth and propagating the knowledge about TtL, such that as many people as possible are made aware that “the evil one” – “the prince of Darkness” has turned, and that he through TtL has implored the humans to pardon him. Now the rest is up to us!



Oslo, 26.06.2010
Sverre Avnskog

English Translation by
Jørgen Malling Christensen