My first meeting with Toward the Light!
Text and photo: Sverre Avnskog

In the early 1990s in an alternative Oslo bookshop I came across a book that turned out to make such a deep impression on me that ever since then it has been my most consuming interest.


Something like this hasn’t occurred often in my life: the experience of holding in my hands a book of such immense value that it can change lives.  However, this is what happened while going through a very intensive phase, seeking for the truth about Jesus, wandering around in various bookshops in Oslo searching books about Him, and I found a rather anonymous-looking small book entitled “Toward the Light!” published in Denmark in 1920 by Michael Agerskov. It was somewhat hidden away in the bookshop, far away in a corner on the bottom shelf – not making a fuss of itself, by no means showy or sensational – just one book among many others.


However, when I returned home, opened the book and started reading, very soon and with a feeling of sublime attentiveness I realized that this was the book I had been searching.  At long last a book that offers answers to life’s big questions – not merely requiring belief without understanding, but with very clear, logical and credible answers, integrated into a world scheme devoid of self-contradictions.


Toward the Light! addresses all religious people and everyone seeking the truth; however, a prerequisite for embracing the message is that one reads the work with an open mind, irrespective of one’s creed and confession. According to TtL all religions contain fragments of the truth, for all faiths have the same origin in divine truths. However, all religions also contain misunderstandings, distortions and man-made myths.


TtL offers many new, sensational and fascinating explanations to old riddles and mysteries, and the work hides an entire world of previously unknown inter-connections and new knowledge.


Everything is presented in a language that might well appear difficult to access for some, but which is very poetic, beautiful and solemn! To enter the world of Toward the Light! Is like entering a magnificent cathedral, where you can let yourself be filled with a feeling of the divine origin of life, the eternal laws and the presence of God!





Oslo, 27.06.06
Sverre Avnskog


English translation by

Jørgen Malling Christensen