Toward the Light


In order to avoid any misunderstanding and to meet possible accusations that I myself should be the originator of this work, I, who have served as the intermediary between our world and the transcendental, do hereby declare: 1) that the message which has been given to mankind through my mediumship is a product  neither of my supra- nor of my subconscious; 2) that I am fully aware that I have served only as the necessary instrument for the intelligences that have manifested themselves; 3) that I have willfully neither deleted nor added anything whatsoever to the messages I have received, but have attempted in every way to reproduce them as clearly as possible.

Johanne Agerskov

born: Malling-Hansen.




The work here presented to mankind has been produced by intuitive and inspirational means through the mediumistic ability of my wife, born Johanne Elisabeth Malling-Hansen.

The work is divided into three main parts: Ardorís Account: a historical summary from the earliest times to our day; two orations of an ethical-religious nature, The Speech of Christ and The Speech of Godís Servant, with the related Parables; and a chapter-by-chapter (except for chapters 18, 30 and 21) commentary to Ardorís Account, to which is added a summary of ethical, religious and philosophical content. The footnotes, unless otherwise indicated, are by the intermediaryís spiritual guide, who is also the author of the commentary and the summary.

Biblical terms in the work are given by its authors as they are known to the Danish public.

Further details about how the work emerged and was compiled are given in the Postscript, likewise written by the author of the Commentary.

The chief aim of this work is to explain to human beings their origin, God's relation to them, and the struggle between good and evil (Light and Darkness), and, further, to present the true teaching of Christ, freed from centuries of accretions and distortions. In this last respect it continues and concludes the mission of the reformers of the Church.

Regarding the remaining content, please refer to the text itself.

As per a request by the transcendental intelligences, any who come into possession of this work are advised as follows:

Let those who read the work neither judge or condemn it before a most careful consideration of all its thoughts. After that, let them bring it before the bar of their conscience for judgment. And when the conscience has answered, then let them speak and write according to its dictates. But bear in mind that any who speak against their conscience also sin against the divine within themselves, committing the offense the Bible calls "The sin against the Holy Spirit", and of which Christ says (Ardor's Account page 55): "What you have sinned against the holy within you shall not be forgiven until you have suffered for it and repented of the evil that you have done. Yes, I tell you: Beware of the Day of Judgment, for then your words shall bear witness against you, and your words shall judge you."

Finally, I wish to state that my sole task as editor of this work was to present the content exactly as received by the intermediary (see preceding statement).

New Yearís Eve, 1919

The Editor