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An article by Sverre Avnskog

I am somewhat uncertain whether I should take it as a compliment, but it is evident that a certain section of the established Toward the Light-environment in Denmark monitors and reads my website – in spite of being strongly critical to most of what is published there. Sadly enough it does seem that the eagerness to read is mostly motivated by an interest to look for something that may be used against me, but still – maybe a few of my ideas may yet be able to sow some seeds even within my bitterest opponents? The latest one of my articles causing reactions on the Danish TtL-forum,, run by a member of the board of the Fund and Publishing Company of TtL, Jørgen Degn, is an article I wrote some time back about the body of works of the musicologist Peter Kjærulff. Kjærulff’s books have been enormously important for me, and particularly during a period of my life when I was going through a very serious crisis, his books helped me to find the road back to life. In the article I write quite openly about my own depression, and the idea did not enter my mind that anyone would abuse the information to try and sting me personally. But obviously for a few people that temptation was too great, and member of TtL Fund and Publishing Company Jørgen Degn has in his forum cut sections from my article and commented upon them in his forum, doing it in such a way that I appear as a mentally ill and clouded person, against whom he wishes to warn.

The article is illustrated by pictures of the author’s own representations of human suffering. Photo: Sverre Avnskog

Personally I have nothing against being grouped with people with mental disorders, because I know several persons who have, or have had, a mental disorder, and many of them are among the finest and most sagacious people I know. However, I must admit being surprised that the administrator of the Danish TtL-forum, in spite of himself being a physician, writes in such a prejudiced and obviously ignorant manner about mental disorders and their causes! In Norway there is a very active endeavor to demystify mental disorders, afflicting large parts of the population during their lifetime, and in my view there is absolutely no shame attached to a person having been afflicted by a mental disorder in one way or the other. Frequently, the afflicted individuals are the very best persons, having very high demands on themselves and never sparing themselves in their care for others, who sometimes have to throw in the towel, because they in their care for others forget to take care of themselves. I have deep admiration for all those good people around us who in such a situation can experience being burned out, depressed, tormented by fear, or being afflicted by other mental disorders. The disorder is often merely a sign that we have to reduce the pace in our life and reflect about whether we are heading in the right direction in relation to who we are! A mental disorder can be seen as a kind of self-inflicted adjustment of our mind, forcing us to stop and reflect about our lives. The human mind can only put up with a certain amount of pressure and strain, and if the strains in life become too big, our mind reacts by strongly signaling that the threshold of pain has been reached. The situation can be compared with that of a pressure cooker. Exaggerated strain in life can build up and accumulate an inner pressure, and if you do not reduce heat and do not let out steam, the pressure cooker will eventually explode, and the mind will, in some way or another, have a breakdown. Many individuals afflicted by a mental disorder have also been exposed to neglect or abuse in childhood, and often this may have weakened their self-esteem and made their mind over-sensitive to such an extent that strain which would normally not result in problems for a healthy and strong person can put them completely out of the running. I have the deepest sympathy and consideration for people whose self-esteem has been damaged in this way, for their belief in themselves can be so fragile that they do not always fare well in their encounters with life and persons of a more selfish disposition, who will often be more focused on asserting themselves at the expense of others, not hesitating to trample on others in their wish to appear big and important! Obviously, a person with a great heart and mind does not behave like that – he or she would rather suffer than inflict suffering onto others! Personally I am convinced that God has a special room in his heart for these suffering humans, where he can take care of each and every one of them, comfort them and help them to understand that all human suffering is only temporary, that everybody can come back again and recover, even from the deepest darkness! Here in the deepest room in God’s heart the suffering people can be nursed and cared for, just like the little child finding a baby bird with a broken wing or a sprout of a flower on the point of withering for lack of water, and the child would care for the life and nurse it until it recovers and once again may bloom and fly!

Hence, - yes, by all means categorize me with those who suffer, those who have failed and wandered astray in life – label me as one of those looked down upon and despised. I am more than happy to be regarded as one of those one ought to rise above! Personally, I would a thousand times rather be one of the very smallest of the smallest in God’s kingdom than one of those who wish to be great in their own eyes and in other people’s perspective and who trample on the small and make them feel low and worthless! Rather let me be a person with a mental disorder than one who – in his own eyes – hasn’t made a single mistake in his whole life, for in my view those who dare not admit a single mistake often have most to hide!

Incidentally, I wonder what kind of diagnosis a physician would have given Jesus in case he had been alive in our time and had gone to see a doctor? The situation that Jesus was depressed and carried the defeat in his heart would presumably guarantee that he was qualified for the diagnosis of depression! And if we add that he meant that he could cure people and he spoke daily with God, then the diagnosis of psychosis wouldn’t probably have been far away! In other words, in accordance with the terminology of our time Jesus would probably have gotten the diagnosis that he was depressive and psychotic, and would perhaps have been detained compulsory? Not unlikely. But Jesus is a good example of how a person who has got something great to accomplish in this life must initially conquer Darkness, because only by conquering Darkness will he or she gain the strength to carry out his/her god-given mission. With the risk of making myself the laughing stock among my strongest opponents in Denmark I admit that I myself believe I am one of those who before my life promised to work for the dissemination of TtL. And those who assume the biggest and most difficult tasks will also be attacked by the strongest Darkness, and those equipped by God with the greatest abilities to see through Darkness must also have the courage to join battle with Darkness – hence, the fact that my life during periods has appeared as one long battle against the forces of Darkness actually should come as no surprise to anyone. But the reward I experience today for never giving up the struggle for truth and justice is worth all the ignorance and all the prejudice one must fight against from those who in their own eyes are the true believers and claim to be the only ones to hold the truth!

Now, one might perhaps expect that a physician reading about a fellow human being’s sufferings and most dearly bought experiences would feel and express some degree of compassion or sympathy for that person and his very worst experiences, but of this there is nothing in Jørgen Degn’s case.  On the contrary, instead he finds it called for to warn against me as a healer on the grounds that I was once afflicted by a depression – incidentally 25 years back in time. But may he be correct in his point of view that a person once afflicted by a mental disorder should be disqualified from helping others? Of course not, and it is a very strange standpoint to take, being a medical doctor in 2010, when otherwise the entire society is heading towards the direction of not letting such prejudiced and stigmatizing points of view isolate mentally ill people, rather to include them in society as soon as they are capable! He is also, in my view, on a clear collision course with TtL which stresses that experiencing Darkness should not be seen as a defeat, on the contrary it is a precondition for becoming a useful and harmonious person. He who has never been confronted with the outcomes of Darkness will forever remain a child, spiritually speaking – it is actually a precondition for being able to feel compassion for other people that you yourself have experienced suffering! The experience generated from you yourself having gone through a depression and eventually having emerged as a more complete and whole human being therefore does not make you unfit to help others, on the contrary – this kind of experience makes you more suitable to provide help to others and give them understanding, since you have not merely studied in theory about that which they experience, rather you yourself have experienced it. In Norway self-help groups for people grappling with anxiety and depressions are widespread, and such groups where afflicted people help each other have proven themselves to be very effective.

There is always a reason why somebody falls mentally ill, for such afflictions do not strike arbitrarily. Even if I personally do not have a degree in psychology or psychiatry, I have always taken a strong interest in the human mind. Already by the age of 17-18 I bought one of Sigmund Freud’s works about dream interpretation, which has been one of my main interests parallel with my work for the dissemination of TtL. In many respects I regard myself as a psychical researcher, and evidently there are many ways to “educate” oneself to be a psychical researcher – through self-studies of professional literature, by monitoring one’s own dreams and psychical processes in detail, through dialogue with people of special competence and, not least, by being in therapy or participate in different forms of self-development groups. At an early age I acquired a deeply felt wish to really understand the meaning of our dreams and rather soon discovered that Freud cannot contribute very much in this respect. Instead I threw myself into the study of Carl Gustav Jung and found here an understanding of the human mind with incredibly more depth and intelligence. However, Jung also did not manage to “go all the way”, even if he came very close with his discovery of what he called the “self”, which is no doubt the same as “our spiritual personality” in TtL. However, only with TtL the entire coherence of the human mind was revealed to me, when taking into account that human beings live not only one life but several thousands of lives after each other.



























































































































                                                           Photo: Sverre Avnskog

The reasons why people are afflicted by mental illnesses can often be found in various unfortunate factors in their lives from infancy and up until the point when the affliction strikes. All kind of harmful experiences, particularly during infancy and adolescence, may contribute to sowing doubts in the person’s mind about his/her personal worth and harm the self-esteem of the person and his ability to defend himself when the various strains in life turn heavy. And seen from the point of view of the afflicted person there are always good reasons why he or she in the end does not manage to remain “standing up” anymore – it may for instance be a long series of abuses, starting in childhood, being “trampled down” by e.g. an authoritarian father or an emotionally cold mother, through an adolescence of ostracism from one’s contemporaries and moving on to bad experiences in relation to colleagues and perhaps an injudicious boss at work. When a person breaks down and ends in self-destruction as a consequence of all these strains, it is a perfectly natural consequence of the fact that there are limits to how much strain a human mind is capable of putting up with before being forced to take a “timeout”, as we may call a mental disorder. It is a “timeout” from life, whereby one is forced to stop and shield oneself off from further strain. By means of peace and rest, conveniently combined with therapy and psychical medication, the personality will, given time, recover and heal itself, for the mind will always strive at understanding and dealing with old strains in order to get rid of them in this way. We also recognize this from TtL: Unattended experiences in the subconscious, “disturbing” the consciousness, will be “recovered” again to consciousness, such that the person may free himself from the negative experience staying there, “polluting the mind” and influencing our behavior in a negative way. This can occur for instance through dreams, where during very good periods of one’s life apparently no problems are disturbing the existence, but all of a sudden we may experience frightening and violent dreams at night. In such instances it may often be a question of the spirit seeing, during a period of time when the consciousness has gained increased strength, that the person is ready to be confronted with old psychically unattended material.

There is nothing mystical or shameful whatsoever attached to a mental disorder and, as mentioned, such conditions always have a reason. And, in addition, when we take into consideration that reincarnation is a reality, we extend the time period in which one may find the reasons for a disorder from a human life to a time span of until several millions of years. In addition to family heredity – also a factor in mental disorders – we also carry with us karma, acquired and accumulated through our deeds and thoughts from several thousands of incarnations. And here one will find much of the reasons why someone has been born with a very fragile and poor defense against the strains of our world. Personally, I was born with such a fragile mind, and I believe the reason why I was born with a damaged willpower must be that I in one or several previous incarnations have misused a strong willpower. However, in balance God has allowed me to keep a very, very strong healing power that fully compensates this deficient character – but, I can only access this power if I dare trust myself and my own judgment, not letting myself becoming influenced by the stronger willpower of others, straying from my course. Combined with this giga-strength power I also have in my baggage a very finely calibrated intuition and an exceedingly strong wish to help other people.  In other words, I have a very large rational cognitive element and a correspondingly small willpower element in my mind, and in many ways I have a typical “female mind”, having always identified very strongly with women rather than with men, similar to how I imagine many homosexual men feel – personally I am heterosexual, but I fully support gay men (and all other human beings) in their quest to be themselves, even if they deviate from the “average” norm!

When I in my article about the Danish musicologist and writer Peter Kjærulff openly mentioned being afflicted by a very serious depression towards the end of my 20s, I did not do this out of any great wish to broadcast to all the world that I had had a mental disorder. Rather, I wanted to have a showdown with a standpoint regarding the use of psychopharmacological drugs as being almost entirely evil, as Peter Kjærulff has advocated in his writing. And the best argument I could find in order to show that it in many cases is required, as well as being the only right thing to do, was to tell my own story, where my own consciousness urged me through a dream to use psychopharmacological drugs. I also think this was a good occasion to show how trust in one’s own dreams – and hence in your own consciousness – can lead and guide a person safely through any kind of disorder, and let you emerge healthy on the other side. My crisis was of such a kind that I at all times had a clear picture of what was happening, without any kind of reality distortions, and I was also working full time during this period. My very closest colleagues probably sensed that I was going through a difficult crisis, but they were brotherly enough to leave me in peace, and they could also see that my time spent with the children was infinitely valuable to me! There is also no medical record from this period of my life – I only had a few informal conversations with a psychiatrist, and he and I agreed that I had resources to work myself out of this condition by means of my own strength, supported by anti-depressive medicine, and this proved to be correct. The human mind has an inherent capacity to cure and heal itself, in spite of the claims of a few prejudiced doctors. There is no reason to stigmatize people who have at one point been forced to “throw in the towel” – nor to regard them as incurables. Such a view of human beings does not belong in our time. For instance the former Norwegian prime minister, Kjell Magne Bondevik, was absent owing to illness for a lengthy period of time because of depression, and I believe no one today would consider him an incurable mentally ill person! It should also be a well-known fact that most of the really brilliant and innovative artists who have created some of the greatest pieces of art throughout the history of the world have had to deal with exceedingly great sufferings, and that it was precisely by confronting great complexes of Darkness and work their way out of it that they created their art. It should suffice to mention the Norwegian artist who created some of the best known pictures in the world, like e.g. “The Scream” and “Madonna” – Edvard Munch. Without his mental disorder these pieces of art had hardly ever been created.

                                                         Copyright: Sverre Avnskog

Jørgen Degn of the TtL Fund and Publishing Company has even a warning to his readers: Not only have I once suffered from a depression – something in itself suspicious – I am also a dangerous quack, believing myself able to help people by means of remote healing. In one of his protest letters against me Jørgen has a lot of fun exposing to ridicule my belief in remote healing, writing that one must have rather long arms to be able to heal a person far away. Jørgen Degn is the kind of TtL advocate who cannot believe anything not directly referred to in TtL. If it is not in TtL – well, then it must be false. Considering all the things not referred to in TtL, then in Jørgen’s world there must be an incredible lot of things that do not exist! Now, however, I completely agree that that the great and important aspects are more often than not referred to in TtL, especially in the sphere of religion and beliefs. Therefore, there are good reasons for a certain degree of skepticism. I have, for example, used the same argument against what is said in Peter Kjærulff’s books about the Youngest, responsible for the erection of the Cheops pyramid, being able to suspend gravitation such that the giant stone blocks became weightless. In that example I quite agree that such a piece of information is so sensational that it would have been included in TtL. However, sometimes one may analyze and conclude by reasoning about things not directly referred to, by combining various pieces of information in TtL. Can we in this way render probable that remote healing is possible?

The first “scriptural passage” I would like to highlight is on page 282 in the paper edition:

“…By and by, as more and more Light was added to the planet, partly through the Light Way and partly through the ethereal emanations from the Light envelopment of the spiritual bodies of the Youngest, Darkness was being increasingly drawn into the influence of the regulating order of the Light…”

In other words, here it is stated that the Youngest induce large amounts of Light to planet earth from the Light envelopment of their spiritual bodies, such that the Darkness is increasingly drawn under the influence of the Light. Just from this one sentence we should be able to conclude that the Youngest can use their ethereal emanation also to influence  Darkness, the latter being the reason behind many human illnesses. It would be quite unreasonable to claim that the Light emanation of the Youngest may influence Darkness on the entire planet but not reach each and every person that the Light is targeting. The Light is evidently not limited by the three dimensions of the terrestrial world, because this energy belongs to the four-dimensional world, where physical distances do not exist in the same way as on earth. Hence, even if the healer in the physical world is far away from his “client”, it is still a reality that he/she in the four-dimensional world is holding his/her hands right above the person. Or, put differently: If the Youngest are able to induce Light energy to planet earth, then they are also able to supply an individual person with the same energy in spite of the physical distance.

Now, let us then link this with another quotation, this time from page 198:

“The Youngest and the more advanced human spirits are, as incarnate, capable of curing certain pathological conditions in the human body. On the strength of their desire for the Light they are able to exert a mind controlling power over the suffering – especially neurotics – or over sick persons whose illness has already been cured but seemingly remain in a weak condition because of their lack of willpower to regain their health. “

So, the Youngest and the advanced human spirits are able to neutralize certain pathological conditions by suggestive power. And then it is of course a relevant question in this connection if anything is said whether those exerting this kind of suggestive power have to be within a specific distance range of the sick person? No, there is nothing to that effect, and it is evident from other passages in TtL that the thought and the will does not know of  limits or distances, rather that they can move over large distances and still not lose their power.

In the chapter about ether images we find the next “piece” proving that remote healing is a reality, stating this about “telepathy of thought”:

“Because all thoughts are captured by and further transmitted with the ether waves, humans influence each other towards good or evil”.

And furthermore:

“The psychical principal law on which the telepathic power of thought is based will not be communicated to humans by extrasensory means, since the level occupied by mankind in terms of ethics is not yet sufficiently high to preclude any kind of abuse of knowledge of this law.
         Experimentally, humans may possibly go as far as recognizing and, on their own, establishing some of the most elementary laws of the telepathy of thought.”

When a person claims that the belief that human beings can influence each other by means of thought telepathy (remote healing) over large distances is at variance with TtL, I would like to counter that the above passages clearly contradict this, particularly the last two passages, where it is stated quite explicitly that we are able to influence each other towards good or evil by means of the telepathic power of thought, but that the psychical principal law regarding this telepathy of thought will not be explained in TtL, because it might be misused by humans of a lower ethical level. (As for instance prejudiced doctors with little insight into the human psyche and lacking the ability to sympathetic insight and compassion with others?)

Two other quotations from TtL also confirm that there is a healing Light energy in the ether that can be drawn towards oneself or towards others, and they also confirm that a prayer for others attracts the Light to that person. I always pray for my “clients” when I provide them with remote healing.

“Their often confident belief in healing, as well as the sincere prayers and intercessions for help, heard and answered by God, draw the healing beams of the Light ether, whereby they obtain, fully or partially, the desired healing.” Overview, p 285.

“For by prayer you will dissipate Darkness and draw the Light towards you and towards those for whom you are praying.” The speech of Christ, page 108.

Personally I discovered in my mid 30s that I had a very strong healing power – in other words a few years after my long-term struggle against Darkness – from which I emerged victoriously. One afternoon when I had been sleeping a little, just before awakening I dreamt that I would find “the true message of Jesus”, and for about half an hour after waking up my palms were vibrating in a strange way, while also feeling a current passing through my body. Eventually this kind of vibration in my palms became a permanent feature, and I tried from time to time to carry out this kind of magnetic passes on friends and family members, as mentioned in TtL, and everyone reported that they felt it very salutary and exhilarating to be treated this way. One of my friends told me it felt like having two hot irons moving along her body. And it is no wonder that hands with this kind of radiation are called warm hands, for there is definitely a lot of heat involved. Just for fun I once did an experiment with a quicksilver thermometer. When I started the experiment the thermometer showed 20 degrees Celsius. I then put it on a table and held my palm about 10 cm above the quicksilver ball. In the course of a few minutes the temperature rose to around 25 degrees, and all I did was holding my hand some 10 cm above it all the time.

However, it was much later that I discovered the telepathic power of thought. I have frequently experienced that the thought about a certain person comes to my mind because that person is thinking about me. More often than I can count I have experienced thinking about a certain person and deciding to call him or her, and then the phone rings and it is that very person I was thinking about who is calling – or I decide to call a person, lift the receiver and then the person is at the other end before I have had time to dial the number, because that person has called me and I have lifted the receiver before the phone has had time to sound its first signal.  My wife and I had telepathic contact during the time before she married, and she was living at the other side of the globe. Before we met each other I was dreaming one night that there was a woman in Thailand with whom I had telepathic contact, and she wished to come “home” to Norway where she felt she was in fact properly at home, but before that I had to do some repairs to my airplane before I could fetch her home.  Around three months after that I saw for the first time her picture and immediately knew that she was the woman I had been dreaming about, and from that time on we were inseparable and were in continuous mind contact with each other all the time until she arrived in Norway. It was not that we could hear what the other was thinking, rather we experienced that our love and trust in each other grew so strongly through our mental contact that we married 36 hours after meeting each other face to face and felt that we had known each other for ages – something that was certainly true. Whether we are duals I do not know, but we have definitely been brought together by God by means of thought telepathy.

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to offer telepathic thought influence (remote healing) for everyone reading my website. Evidently it takes some time before such an offer becomes well known, but at present very often several persons turn to me each week for help, and I pray for and focus my thoughts on everyone who have approached me, some 4-5 evenings a week, around one hour each time. While praying for them, simultaneously a very powerful current emanates from my hands, in TtL-terminology called the ethereal emanation from the Light envelopment of the body. And this current of ethereal energy then follows the thought flow through the ether and reaches the person who has contacted me, and it follows the laws for thought telepathy, which TtL would not yet reveal in 1920, because they were at risk of being misused by unethical people.

It is then this therapy – entirely in tune with TtL – which doctor Jørgen Degn in the TtL Fund and publishing company wishes to warn strongly against on the ground that it is at variance with TtL, in his view, and because I, in addition, cannot document scientifically  that the treatment has effect. Well, I do think it is a bit stiff to demand that I alone must demonstrate scientifically that my treatment has effect, in the same way that I obviously would never demand from my physician that he must demonstrate scientifically that he is able to treat his patients in such a way that they recover or improve. I do not promise my “clients” any general cure or restoration to health, I merely promise them to do my utmost to help them in the way that I can, and then time must show what kind of effect the healing has on their condition. However, I have received very many good feedbacks, and I am confident that most people experience an improvement in their general health condition – countless e-mails back to me confirm this.  I hardly think any of those for whom I pray have a feeling of having ended up “in the clutches of a quack”, as Jørgen Degn refers to it, when I pray for my fellow men every evening. Why, I do not even charge for what I do. Does Jørgen Degn treat his patients for free, I wonder? And are all of his patients restored to 100% health? I doubt it. Perhaps Jørgen Degn also does not believe that it helps to pray for your fellow beings? He might possibly try and demonstrate to his colleagues of the medical profession that a prayer to God is always answered? For since he in several approaches to me has demanded I prove that remote healing works, I assume Jørgen Degn can prove that for instance prayer and magnetic passes really have effect? That is: If he believes in this – which is stated in TtL! I myself am of course convinced that it works – but can anyone prove it?

Here are some excerpts from feedbacks I have received. They have, of course, been quoted exactly as I received them (except for a couple of typos that I have corrected):

“Hi, I want to tell you about the experience yesterday evening. Around 20.15 o’clock I sent the last message to you, after which I visited your website and read a little about you and saw the nice pictures of you with the family. For some reason I felt heavy and relaxed. Well, it felt as if the healing started already while I was watching the pictures. A strange feeling of powerlessness over my body and inner peace. Today I woke up with a smile on my face and more energy. This works! Well done.”

“Thought I would give you feedback on the remote healing you have given/are giving. After starting to receive healing from you I have felt a markedly improved inner peace. Often I feel a wonderful heat spreading all over my body, particularly in the abdomen, in addition to a feeling of unconditioned love sometimes. It has really given me a lot of good extra resources in my daily life!”

“I was so sorry and desperate that I went to bed and prayed for help to be able to tackle this. Between nine thirty and ten I suddenly received the good heat through my body which the healing provides. I was lying down for a long time, feeling the flows in the body and recovering. It gives me a feeling of hope. Thank you so very much!”

“I usually feel tingling in my skin and hair. Once, after having gone to bed, I felt as if a hand was being put upon my head. I hope everything will be all right, and I have to struggle to live my life as best as possible, but the children mean so much to me that I do work very hard when I see that they are not doing well. Thank you ever so much for what you have done.”

“Thanks a lot for the healing. I really think it helps. At any rate, I have been feeling less tired and have had more reserves of energy lately. Thank you indeed.”

“We see what has happened since we contacted you as progress and a sign that he has gotten more energy.”

“Thought I would give word again, I have now been very calm and balanced in the body for a long time and think that to a large extent it may be because you have sent me healing and beneficial thoughts. I am very grateful for it, I havn’t for a long time had such a long period where this was good and in balance.”

This is just a small sample of the many feedbacks I have received in the course of this year, when I have offered remote healing on my website. And I reckon that what the clients are writing about can hardly be just imagined but a reality they are experiencing! And for me it is an enormous joy to be able to help, because it is this, besides propagating TtL, that gives my life meaning – apart from the more private aspects of life – the joy of having found a good and loving wife, and our love which has given us two healthy little girls, that we love dearly is of course also not a small matter!



































































































Oslo, 21 Feb 2010
Sverre Avnskog

English Translation by
Jørgen Malling Christensen