Toward the Light


An unpublished version of the Speech of Christ, by Harry Eric Prior, amalgamated from the three English Toward the Light translations of 1950, 1975 and 1979. Syntax has been improved and many redundancies eliminated, resulting in 1,081 fewer words than the official 1979 translation of Ardor’s Account. Nothing has been added, nothing deleted, no meaning changed except for correcting a few words erroneously translated from the Danish text in the 1979 edition.

Harry is the nephew of the late Kai Prior, translator and publisher of the 1975 edition. Harry lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida, U.S.A., and at age 79 as of the year 2007 could be reached by email at <>



Speech of Christ

8,921 words







"Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." 1

Matthew 18: 19, 20

I, Christ, the eldest of the Youngest, speak to you. Hear me, for I speak in the name of our God and Father!

He has sent me to acquaint you and all mankind with some of the laws given for your journeying towards the distant goal. He has likewise bidden me show you how all of you may live in tolerance, peace and love with one another.

My words shall go forth to all the peoples of the Earth. All shall hear them, for they will reach to the farthest regions of the globe. Generation after generation will be born, will live and will die, but my words shall endure forever. Truly I say to you, that as a blazing torch shall my words stand illumined before you that you may never go astray!

Before you all, before you who suffer, who doubt and who seek, I raise my torch high over the Earth that its clear rays may fall upon the roads that lead to our Father's Kingdom!

Everlastingly will my torch shine before you, to dispel the Darkness about you. Never shall it be extinguished, for it is sustained by an eternal and holy fire that has been kindled by our Father's flaming Divinity, kindled by His deep, unending love and compassion.

High above your heads I raise my torch, and I stride before you. Follow me, all who suffer, all who toil, who sigh under their burdens! Follow me, all! For I shall lead you to our Father, I shall bring you to rest in His embrace!

Indeed, I say to you that will you walk the roads that I show you, will you follow me without fear and doubt, will you hold your heads high and strengthen your resolve, then shall you assuredly also overcome the evil within you, then will your burdens not weigh upon you, then will you abhor all deeds of sin; will you follow me, then shall the peace and joy of Heaven also come upon you, for then will the hope in your hearts for eternal life turn to joyous certainty; then will you know that death separates you but a time from your loved ones and that you shall meet again in the heavenly dwellings.2

Yes, follow me all! For I have pledged to accompany you and to lead you to our Father’s Home! But hear this: though you let anger and hatred and doubt and fear rule you, though you walk on in sin and in Darkness, even then you walk not alone, for I shall be beside you!

Do you stumble on the stony path, then shall I support you that you fall not; does your foot slip on the steep slopes of the abyss, then shall my hand steady you and I shall lead you back to straightforward pathways; yes, do you stray and fall into the quagmire of Darkness, then shall I lift you forth and cleanse you of all impurity. Indeed, even though you may despise and curse me, though you may flee from me and conceal yourselves, yet shall I know how to find you and bring you back unto the straight and proper pathways. For my Father's words to me were these: "My son, your earthly brothers and sisters are equal all before my paternal heart, all are welcome in my kingdom, all shall I receive in my embrace! My son, none shall be turned away, none condemned, none cast out, and no one perish in the outer Darkness!" And I, your brother, say to you likewise: Not one shall be turned away, no one shall be condemned, indeed not a single one of you shall be cast out nor be swallowed up by the outer Darkness! For I have promised to accompany and to lead you, and I shall not release my hold until I have brought the last one of you to rest in our Father's embrace.


I speak to you of some of our Father's laws.

From our God and Father you have all received eternal life; upon all has He bestowed a spark of His own flaming Being that you, through numerous earthly existences, and of your own free will, may make your way forth out of the Darkness towards Light and purity.

But our Father compels none to accept His gift. This I say to those who in their doubt of God’s perfect justice have cursed Him, have cursed the One Who out of the fullness of His love and compassion has made you all His children. Know you, those who have done this, that your curses are dead and powerless; for never do they reach their high object. The moment conceived or uttered, they are obliterated by our Father’s strong Will; for were they not, then would they crush and destroy the sender. And you who curse rather than give thanks, know also that at the end of your earthly existence you may freely choose to complete the journey to the distant goal or to revert to the Paternal bosom whence you have sprung. Should you choose to continue your journeying in the face of adversity, then shall our Father’s blessing be with you that you may never again go astray. But I tell you, that as yet have none chosen to return to the Father’s bosom; for who amongst you would freely allow their existence to be ended for eternity when each, by a determination of will through prayer to our Father, can find the strength to reach His Kingdom of Glory?

Hear my words! For I say that do you lack the will to live, then need you neither fear the gift of eternal life  — for no one compels you!

Step by step, each lifetime upon the Earth brings you forward along the path, save you go astray; for if you do, then must you endure many earthly lives to atone for your errors and sins before you can again move onwards towards greater perfection. This I say to those who without restraint succumb to the many temptations of the Darkness. And this I say to all who allow themselves to be guided by lust for power, by hatred and by envy; to all who neglect to strengthen their resolve for the good, who neglect to ask for our Father’s help. For do you strive not against evil but follow your own unclean desires, then of a certainty can you never be victorious.

Yes, hear my words! For I tell you that do you not strive against evil, against the temptations of the Darkness, then shall you bring about much needless suffering for yourselves; for each must atone in full for that which they sin. But will you not put right your wrongs—for no one compels you to do right—then will you cease your progress towards the Light and the Home, and through many lifetimes upon the Earth will you remain at the same place. For no advance is possible for those who of their own free will turn away from truth, from purity and from righteousness. This I say to those who in foolish arrogance will yield not, will acknowledge not that they have erred and sinned.

Yes, truly must all atone in full for all that they have sinned; for my death upon the cross as Jesus of Nazareth lessens not in the least any human guilt of sin; my death atoned not for your sins, and my sufferings cannot deliver you nor save you from sin and Darkness; for had I, as Jesus of Nazareth, been able to pray for help for our eldest brother then would death upon the cross never have been my lot. This I say to all, that you listen not to false interpretations nor cling to false hopes.

Yes, hear my words and forget them never! For I tell you that each of you shall reap the good or the evil seed you have sown.

But know that all that your spirit has gathered through its many earthly experiences will never be taken from you, however often you may go astray, however much you may sin. For the goal of your journeying lies ahead and no road leads back. Yes, though your acquired knowledge and experience reaches not your earthly consciousness, you may be certain that all that has been acquired by your spirit remains in its full possession when it has been delivered from the earthly body.

Master your thoughts! For every thought, however fleeting, is recorded by the swift vibrations of the Light or of the Darkness, and all must bear full responsibility for any evil their thoughts may bring about.

This I say to all, that you know that by your thoughts you influence one another to do good deeds or bad; and that every thought sooner or later shall return to its source: the good thoughts draw Light to you and give peace and joy; the evil thoughts draw Darkness, bringing much grief, for the evil that you wish upon others will without fail turn upon yourselves.

Yes, hear my words! Be mindful of your thoughts and be the masters of them! For each thought bears its good or its bad fruit; and when it ripens then must you yourselves reap the fruit your thoughts have borne.

Let evil thoughts never turn to deed! For you must all account in full for your every action. Do you sin against the earthly laws, then must you yield and acknowledge your wrongs; then must you endure the penalties prescribed under the laws of your society, for then have you fully atoned for all that you have transgressed.

But would you evade the responsibility that is yours, would you deny your wrong-doing, would you accuse another of your own sins, then know that though you may escape earthly justice, never will you escape that of Heaven. For our Father follows you, His eye sees all, His thought knows all, and when your life upon the Earth is ended, then will He require account of any evil you have done. Then must you answer in full to Him as to why you let your evil thoughts turn to deed. And He releases you not until all has been considered and answered, for there shall be no progress for you, nor shall you be able to begin a new life upon the Earth before you have acknowledged your errors, before you have repented of your sins.

Yes, hear my words and forget them never! For I tell you that you shall all give full account of your actions, and in your earthly lives to come each of you must endure the very grief and the misery that such evil deeds have brought upon others. Of a certainty, each wicked act committed by you must turn against you!

Know also that do you good to others so as to gain only advantage for yourselves in this or in future lifetimes upon the Earth, you but deceive yourselves; for selfishness is of the evil! Only good deeds born of the merciful love and compassion of your hearts will draw the Light toward you, will dispel the Darkness and lighten your journey.

Guard your tongues and weigh your words! I tell you that all shall account fully for every word  improperly spoken. Let not harsh, condemning, unjust or false words pass your lips; for they will accuse you and reveal the cruelty and deceit in your hearts.

I tell you truly: act with honesty and in justness always, for then will you harm none but bring only good to others and to yourselves.

Allow not anger to possess your hearts! From anger arises only hatred and from hatred comes cursing, and you must never curse anyone; for the curses you utter will but bind yourselves, and for long times will they stay your progress towards the Light and the Home. For have you cursed others, then must you undergo many earthly existences until you have learned to bless those whom you once cursed.

Yes, hear my words and forget them never! I tell you: curse not, but love one another as brothers and sisters that peace and love may abide forever amongst you!

Shorten not deliberately your days on the Earth! For thereby do you but create far greater suffering than had you patiently borne your earthly burdens. Yes, would you attempt to free your spirit by a death of your own choosing then must you in your thoughts suffer without cease the agony and dishonor you desired to evade. In gloom and solitude, far from those you love, must you in your thoughts live over and over again that which you sought to escape; for by taking your own life3 never can you free your spirit and thought. By your destructive deed do you bind the spirit for long times, and the thought neither ceases or is released until the day and the hour is come that was ordained for the death of your mortal bodies.

This I say to those fearful, weak and faint of heart, and to those who hope that by taking their own lives they can evade the consequences of their transgressions or unwise deeds. And this I say that you may know of the agony you create for yourselves by taking your own lives.

Yes, hear my words and forget them never! Be neither fearful, weak or faint of heart but place your trust in our Father, then in His compassion  will He give you the needed help.

Take not the lives of others! For do you this, then will you for long times stay your progress towards the Light and the Home; indeed, then must you often remain at the same place through hundreds of earthly existences, for you cannot advance until you have saved from sudden death as many human beings as you have slain or have caused to be sent to their deaths.

Yes, hear me all! Give ear and heed my words! For I tell you that nothing is more evil than to destroy life; nothing stays your progress as do the devastating and degrading wars waged amongst you; no greater abomination is there than that of nation rising against nation, of brother slaying brother. For be mindful that you have all the same Father, mindful that He gives to all the same infinitude of love. But when you wage war and kill one another, then does He turn from you, then does He grieve for you.

This I tell you that in your wars you implore not our Father for assistance, for He hears you not. And neither pray that He bless you or your arms that you may overcome your enemies, for never will He give you His blessing that you may the better plunder, persecute and kill.

Yes, truly: do you wage war upon one another then thank Him not for your victories nor reproach Him for your defeats4 For our Father is not a god of wrath and vengeance. Neither is He fickle, saying to some: “Thou shalt not kill!”, and to others: “Go forth and kill!”. His commandments concern all, for to Him are you all equal. And through me He calls out to you: “Take heed and beware that you kill not, beware of hatred and of envy, of strife, of war and of enmity; be mindful of all the evil about and amongst you!”

Yes, hear me, mankind! Inscribe in your hearts my words that you may remember them ever! Neither neglect to pray our Heavenly Father enlighten you that you may understand to the full the guilt they bear who awaken strife and enmity among you; the blame they must bear who send thousands upon thousands of your brothers into battle, to suffering and death!

Yes, hear me, for I tell you: live in peace and forbearance with one another, befriend one another and extend to one another the hand of brotherly accord so that everlasting peace may prevail over all the Earth! For if all act upon these, my words, then will our Father be with you, then will His Thought guide you, His hand support you, His strength and His blessing be with you in all your works.


I have spoken of some of the laws given for your journeying, laws that concern all, whatever doctrine you profess, whatever faith you embrace. Hear me, all Christians,5 Muslims and Buddhists; yes, hear me all, by whatever name you profess your faith, for that of which I speak concerns all. For know that no one creed alone is privileged over others. No doctrine is the one and only way to salvation; for our Father asks not what faith you embrace but whether you have sought to strive forward towards the Light, whether you have overcome evil and the many temptations; He asks if you have supported the weak, comforted the sorrowing, fed the hungry, clothed the naked, helped the poor, the sick, the suffering; and He asks whether you have carried out your good deeds from love and compassion or for your own gain only.

Yea, truly, our Father asks not your faith, but whether you have fully lived and acted in accordance with that which to you was truth and justice.

Would you therefore go forward, then must you yield in obedience to our Father's laws. But know that never will He let you walk alone, for then would you sin unceasingly against these laws; Know instead that He surrounds you with noble beings, your guardian spirits, who seek always to guide you. Their admonitions sound to you as a faint inner voice—your conscience. Act never against it but heed it in every way, for then will you never err, then will you not go astray!

And know that your guardian spirits watch over and guide you, until death releases your spiritual ego from the earthly body; then will they carry you by the paths of the Light back to the abodes from which you departed at the time of your earthly birth.6 In these, provided you by our Father, must you in calm examine your past mortal life and account in full for your thoughts and your deeds. Nothing can remain hidden, for all stands clearly before you. And it avails you not that you thrust it from you, for it will remain until you have understood and you have acknowledged your sins, errors, and faults. When you have then grieved for yourselves, grieved over your sins and follies, when you are ready to atone for what you have transgressed, and when you have without hesitation answered our Father’s questions, then will He pronounce how long or short a time will be granted to you for rest and learning7 before you may set forth once more upon a new earthly existence.

This I say that you look not in trembling toward some distant common day of judgment when Almighty God, to the dread of many, will summon the dead and the living to judgment and punishment; when some go forward to eternal bliss and others to eternal damnation; for such a day will never come!

Yes, hear me, mankind! it will be even as I have said: after each earthly lifetime comes the reckoning and the judgment for you each; your good and your wicked thoughts and deeds will accuse, defend and judge you—and our Father will seal the judgment.

I speak of prayer and of its power.

Have you erred in life, have you sinned against the earthly or divine laws, then do not straightway lose courage nor be in despair, for you will but draw Darkness closer about you. Seek instead to put yourselves right and strengthen your will for the good; yes, seek to show repentance for that which you have done! But do you feel that you cannot alone overcome the evil or that which tempts you, then, in childlike faith, turn to our Father for greater help and strength. Yes, speak to Him in full trust of all that saddens and concerns you! For He wearies never of your grievances and is ever ready to grant you all needed help.

But when you pray to our Heavenly Father, demand not His help, recite not one prayer after another, or say: if we pray so many times for this, so many times for that, then surely shall we be heard! Neither recite prescribed prayers at various hours of the day or the night, for nothing outward or by rote will ever reach our Father.

Would you pray, let it be from the heart and borne by your thought; for then will even the faintest call reach our Father. And fear never that the words you form sound weak and poor; for do you pray from a distressed and yearning heart, do you pray with resolve and in full trust, then shall our Father be able to hear you and then will He listen to you.

Truly I tell you that your heartfelt prayer, the strength of your thought shall bring you greater help from our Father; for in prayer your thought meets with His thought, in prayer your will for the Light and the good meets His will, which is all Light, purity and love.

But hear me: all who suffer, who sorrow, who are weak and in despair and feel unable to pray from their hearts and are not able to gather and express their thoughts, then shall I carry their prayer to our Father.

This will I do for all who know and love me. This will I do for the many who have never heard my name: this will I do for the many who feel in need of my help.

And hear me, you who have never prayed, who have not the will, who have never learned to pray, who have neither hope nor belief in the granting of prayers, and all who believe there is no God: know that when you grieve over the evil which is in the world and within yourselves, when you rejoice over the beautiful and the good, then do your thoughts meet with the thought of our Father. Then He Who sees and knows all, receives your glad and loving thoughts as expressions of your gratitude for the good He has bestowed upon you; and He receives your sorrowing thoughts as a prayer for help, a prayer for greater strength, and He grants that of which you are in need.

Yes, truly: your glad or your grieving thoughts often weigh more with our Father than even the most beautifully formed prayer.

Be not selfish in your prayer! Pray not for yourselves alone, but for everyone upon the Earth. And neglect not those who through death are released from their earthly bodies! Yes, pray for all who are returned to the heavenly abodes; for your prayers and your loving thoughts will gladden and strengthen them in their difficult time of self-searching. Seek lovingly to remember the departed, for nothing is more difficult and painful for them than to see how soon memories fade and the empty places are filled once more. Therefore, forget not those whom once you loved but keep them in your remembrances; and did they, during earthly life cause you offense or did they sin against you, then forgive them with all your heart! For this will relieve them of many a heavy burden.

Remember in kindness and love your departed ones, but mourn not overmuch! For your sighs and selfish tears8 will but bind and hinder them from fulfilling the account they must give. Nor must you call upon them in order to speak of foolish and trivial matters. And never inquire into your future weal and woe; for such questions they are not permitted to answer, and thus it serves neither them nor yourselves. But do they call upon you and speak to you in the name of our Father, then be heedful; for then of a certainty have they come to forewarn you or to ask your help or intercession.

Yes, mankind, hear me! Be not selfish in your prayer, but include all peoples over the Earth; pray for those about you still, and for the departed. For with your prayer you dispel the Darkness and draw the Light to yourselves and to those for whom you pray. Truly I tell you that the power of prayer is great when borne by caring thoughts, for you must remember that in prayer your thought meets with that of our Father!

I say also to those of you who cherish The Lord’s Prayer that do you feel you can better express your thoughts through its words, then pray with confidence:

Our Father, who art in Heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name,

Lead us, until we enter Thy Kingdom;

Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven;

Give us this day our daily bread;

Forgive us our trespasses, and help us to forgive those who trespass against us;

Lead us when we are tempted, and deliver us from evil;

Take the dead into Thy care;9

Protect and keep us all.



I would speak to you as to how to lead your lives, as to how you may best fulfill the tasks entrusted you, and how you should carry forth the activity—the task—which is yours, that you may all live in love, in peace and in harmony with one another.

I speak to the one called the Vicar of God and Christ upon the Earth; I speak to him in the name of God the Almighty.

Hear me! For know that your office and the authority of you and of those who went before you rests upon false words! Never did I give to Simon Peter “the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven”. Never did I permit him to loose, much less to bind, according to his own judgment and will.

This I tell you, that you know that you are not the heir of Simon Peter anymore than were all of those who went before you.

Know further that you cannot grant forgiveness of sin in the name of our Father; for that which men and women have sinned against Almighty God, He alone can forgive; and that which human beings have sinned against one another they must themselves seek to forgive each other.10 Your absolutions are therefore dead and without power.

Know also that never has our Father denounced, nor will He ever denounce anyone, no matter how gravely they may have sinned against the divine and the earthly laws. And when God cannot and will not denounce anyone, how then can they who are called his Vicars do this?

Never send forth maledictions, either in the name of God or in that of Simon Peter. For do you this, then will you share the fate of many of those who went before you, for they have suffered much because of their mighty denunciations.

I tell you truly: denounce not but bless instead in the name of our Father. And when you do bless, pray always from the heart that our Father confirm the blessing that it may be of benefit to those who need it. For you are not able to tell the worthy from the unworthy.

Be a father to your congregation! Conduct yourself such that all may love and respect you  —not as the heir to Simon Peter, nor even as the Vicar of God and Christ but as the highest and most esteemed authority of your church.

And at the festivals of the Church, surround yourself not with overmuch pomp while there are in your congregations men, women and children who must ever beg for their daily bread and whose garments are in tatters. Seek instead with the abundant means of the Church to lessen some of the deep want and misery.

Be teacher and guide to the many servants of your church and to each and everyone in your congregation; Instruct them to direct their prayer to God alone in childlike trust. Teach them that the many prayers to the Virgin Mary and to the holy men and women for help, for intercession and protection, bring none of this; nor have such prayers ever benefited humanity; for all the “saints” must continue their struggle through the many lifetimes upon the Earth, as must all human beings, until at last they reach the goal: the Kingdom of God our Father.

Teach also the servants of your Church and all in your congregation that it profits them not to withdraw into the narrow confines of monasteries, behind forbidding walls, away from the temptations and struggles of daily life. Tell them that all who live as monks and as nuns, all who seclude themselves—who for years or for a lifetime retreat into solitude—do but violate the law, for all who act thus follow not but ignore the laws that our Father has given for the progress of mankind towards the Light. For men and women are sent to the Earth not so as to evade the Darkness but to meet evil in the many forms that it takes in life, to overcome sin and to triumph over the many temptations.

Teach them that God demands not, nor has He ever demanded that either man or woman shall live in celibacy; for our Father demands not vows that deny human nature.

Teach them that the many penances and self-torments avail them nothing, that this but draws Darkness to all who ill-treat their bodies. Teach them that those who weaken or exhaust themselves in painful ways, of their own free will or under monastic dictate, cannot fully defend themselves spiritually against the insidious assaults of Darkness. Teach them that all who torment themselves are visited incessantly by depraving thoughts as a result of the greatly weakened state of the body.

Teach them further that the many charitable deeds performed according to certain church or monastic rules are of no spiritual worth whatsoever unless those who carry them out are able to do so from true compassion.

Teach them also that the many sacraments of your church are needless and of no avail; teach that only in devout prayer do human beings meet with the divine Thought and Will.

Yes, be a true father, teacher and guide to all who are your followers; and be of support to me in leading them all to the common goal: our Father's Kingdom of Glory!

Consider thoughtfully what I have here spoken, and for your own sake I ask that you seek counsel of your God and of your conscience. And when you have understood that my words are true then do as I have said, then follow the way that I have here shown you!

Do my words not reach you who at this time11 occupy office as Vicar of God and Christ, then are you blameless, then shall my words concern your successor, then is he your heir. Yes, my words concern not you only, but all who come after you.

I speak to you who are called the servants of the Most High or servants of the Church, to whatever nation, whatever faith you may belong and whatever position, high or low, that you may hold within your religious community. I speak to you all, by whatever name you may give your deity, and whether you submit to one god or many. Hear me! For my words concern you all.

Would you be servants of the Most High, then strive to keep His commandments, strive to abide by His laws. Then teach all who follow you and your preaching that God is One, that there are not two, nor three, nor many gods. And teach that God the Almighty is the Creator and Father of the immortal human spirit, but that He has never created the mortal bodies of men and women.

Yes, I tell you truly that would you be the servants of God, then serve Him all in spirit and in truth; speak gently, lovingly and simply to all who in doubt, despair and remorse turn to you for help and guidance; untiringly comfort and strengthen the weak, the disheartened and the faltering; speak never harsh, condemning words to the living, still less malign the dead; never, so as to assert your authority and your power, threaten and frighten with eternal damnation and torment in Hell.

Teach never that the human spirit after life upon the Earth will live again in animal form, or that the spiritual self after many burdensome but gainful journeys will sink back into the great nothingness—into a state of eternal inactivity,

Teach neither that bodily self-torment in penance is pleasing to God. And never should you perform blood sacrifice12 to the honor of the Most High; no human being,12 no beast of field or bird of air shall you sacrifice; for all such deeds are the dreadful designs of Darkness.

Extend help and show compassion to the poor, to the sick and the wretched. Open your churches, temples and places of assemblage to everyone, at all times—on days of work and on days of rest—so that all who grieve, who suffer, may kneel at the altars to seek strength and solace through heartfelt prayer to their God and Father, and that all who so desire may walk, in their own way, in stillness and peace in the beautiful places that are consecrated to our Father.

And when you are gathered with your congregations on days of rest or holy celebration, teach them to submit to the guiding hand of our Father in childlike trust, hope and love; teach them to let songs of praise sound from their hearts, and teach that all forms of outward or habitual worship are of no avail, and—that all sacraments are needless.

I say further to you all, that would you be God’s servants then cease your incessant quarreling over the words and dogmas of old received by you through the many writings of your forefathers. Then continue not to maintain that your creed and your church are the only true way to salvation. And never, by sword or by edict, impose your creed upon others.

Seek rather that all meet in a common longing for the sublime and the divine. Yes, strive all to meet in your common longing for a Father’s love and the righteousness of God.

Weigh with care what I have here spoken. Seek counsel of God and of your conscience, and act never against your inner conviction! When you have understood that my words are true, then be of assistance to me in leading your brothers and sisters to the common goal: our Father’s Kingdom of Glory.

I speak to you who rule the many nations, whether by inheritance or by election, and under whatever title you may bear. Hear me, for I speak to you all!

Make it your common goal each to be the worthiest in your nation. Demand much of yourselves, that you may demand much of others. Be beyond reproach in your daily life, that all may respect and love you. Choose carefully and wisely those who counsel you, and choose them from among those who are selfless, trustworthy, knowledgeable and just. Protect the weak, the poor and the oppressed. Be selfless in your care for the welfare of the nations and the peoples. Act never against that which your conscience tells you to be true and just.

Gain not dominion over the realms of others by might or by cunning, and never compel peoples of other nations to submit in humility to your rule—for all this is of the evil!

Be understanding and patient with peoples whose native lands have been seized by your forefathers, by your predecessors or by yourselves. Seek to do away with some of the injustice done those who have been compelled by force and through hatred and envy to live under foreign rule, and who against their will have been separated from those countries to which they rightfully belong.

Be as brothers toward one another. With good will seek to abolish all strife, and disturb not the peace of other realms.

Yes, I tell you truly: be the first to establish an enduring, brotherly accord, and pray our Father to bless you and the pact you agree upon, that you and your successors may be able to keep the promises you have given one another. Yes, pray that our Father bless you, that you and those who come after you may never, never again break the peace upon the Earth!

Pray our Father enlighten you upon the truth of my words. Pray to Him for help and guidance, that each of you may be able to carry out in full the duties of the position that is yours.

I speak to you who are the givers of laws, and to you who take part in the many forms of governing in the nations and the states. Hear me, for I speak to you all!

Make it your goal each to serve your country and your people to the utmost of your ability. Enact your laws as though you yourselves were to be subjected to their every provision, for then will they be just.

Put not yourselves by force or guile into high positions not rightfully yours and which you cannot properly fill. Be fully truthful and open in all your speech. Act never against your conscience and never from selfish thoughts of personal gain! Cease all your shameful strife. Never voice hateful words against those who share not your beliefs. Besmirch not the names and honor of your adversaries. Reconcile yourselves with one another. Go to meet one another and seek to work in mutual peace and understanding so that you may best further the interests of the nations and the peoples.

Abolish all penalty by death; for none have the right to take the life of another, no matter how much the wrong. Enact not laws that compel your brothers to slay one another in warfare, for all such is of the evil! Let all bearing of arms be of free will, until all lands of the Earth are united in a lasting, sacred bond of peace.

Care for the poor, the sick and others less fortunate among you—for the aged, for abandoned wives, for needy widows, for the orphaned. For I tell you that whatever the size of your communities, no man, woman or child should have to beg for their daily bread. Nor should anyone able and willing to work,13 wander about without a roof and employment. Therefore, provide shelter, food, clothing and work without delay for all who cannot obtain these by themselves.

Render not assistance in such manner that it becomes demeaning charity, but so that those who are provided for by your society may with gladness and gratitude receive that which is given them.14

Yes, in truth I tell you that your obligations are many, your responsibility great; I ask you therefore to thoughtfully consider that which I have said, for know that if from selfishness or weakness you neglect the poor, the suffering and the unfortunate, then shall you assuredly taste the want and misery of the homeless and the poor in your coming lives upon the Earth until you have learned to feel pity for your unfortunate fellow beings.

Pray our Father open your eyes to the truth of my words. Pray our Father to sustain and guide you, for is He with you then shall your laws of a certainty be entirely just.

I speak to you who are fathers, and to you also who are husbands. I speak to you mothers, and to you also who are wives. Hear me, for I speak to all, wherever and to whatever peoples you may belong!

Men and women: bring not children into this world until you are able to provide for them also, for know that you bear the same burden of obligation towards all your children, whether begotten and born in or out of wedlock in your society.

Thrust not your children into the world thoughtlessly without the means to go forward in life. Let them never stand alone, without help and without protection; for if you care not for them and they fall into the temptations of Darkness, or are drawn downward in sin to become lawbreakers and evil-doers, then will the blame be upon you, then will you bear the responsibility, then must you help them in coming lifetimes upon the Earth to atone for what they have transgressed, before you yourselves can journey onward.

Hear me, you fathers: have you thus denied any of your children, have you let them stand alone and without knowledge of who gave them life, then make haste to seek them out and to make amends for that which you have sinned against them. Yes, I tell you truly that you must provide fully for their upbringing and for their every need; and you must give them equal inheritance and portion with those children born to you lawfully; for this is their just due.

And to you, the unwed mothers, I say: neglect never your maternal obligations. Let not your children suffer at the hands of others for the want of a mother’s affections. Be mindful that the fathers of your children evade not their paternal duties. Indeed, guard your children from all that is evil and impure in life.

Men and women: do you bring into this world so many children, in or out of wedlock, that you cannot provide them all food, clothing, shelter and good education, then say never it is God’s will; for I tell you that no more than our Father compels you to make unnatural vows, no more does He bid you beget so many children that their numbers grow beyond, or far beyond your ability to provide for them. Therefore, never let your children suffer hunger, cold or lack of education because you have not mastery over your lusts.

Fathers and mothers! Love your children with all your heart. Devote yourselves to those to whom you gave life. Seek to provide them a bright and happy childhood, that they may at all times remember with joy their home and you.

Be understanding but not weak, foolish and indulgent when you see that they err and sin. Never ill-treat them, either spiritually or bodily. Bring them up with loving patience, support them with a firm hand, guide them with quiet authority. Teach your children to love their neighbor as themselves. Teach them to turn with the trust of a child to their Heavenly Father, that He may give them support where you are not able. Bring up your children to be good, truthful, diligent, well-informed and just individuals. Teach them to be chaste of mind. Help them to strengthen their will, that they may readily overcome the unclean desires of the body.

Teach your sons to become faithful, considerate husbands and affectionate, dutiful fathers; and your daughters to become faithful and wise wives, and affectionate, dutiful mothers.

Yes, hear me: bring up your children in such manner that you may truly say to them: do you yield to the temptations of Darkness, to iniquity, then is the fault your own; then must you yourselves bear the full responsibility.

Husbands and wives, love one another with all your heart! Bear with one another’s faults and weaknesses, guide and help one another with patience and kindness. Share the many burdens and sorrows, the longings and joys of daily life. Embitter never the minds of your children with quarreling and violence. Let not passion for others separate you. Be faithful to one another, though the fullness of years may stoop your bodies and silver your hair.

Yes, go faithfully hand in hand until death loosens the bonds of your marriage and then seek to keep lovingly the many remembrances, that with joy you may meet again in the Heavenly abodes.

Men and women, consider thoughtfully that which I have said. Pray our Father be with you and help you that you may never act against that which your conscience commands.

I speak to you, young men, and to you, young women. Hear me, for I speak to you all, whatever nations or peoples to which you may belong.

Love and honor those who gave you life. Follow the counsel given you until the time is come when you yourselves must bear the responsibility for all your actions.

Bear with esteem the aged among you, that the generation following may bear with and honor you when you near your own life’s end.

Yield not to lust. Never sell your bodies for lechery.

Men, never ravish and seduce women.

Women, take not the lives of the children you bear! Neither willfully destroy the life that you have conceived, for I tell you that all this is of the evil! And you bring thereby much suffering upon yourselves.

Treat animals with kindness; neither torment, hunt and exterminate them when there is no need.

Be prudent with strong drink and dulling drugs, for know that you must yourselves bear the full responsibility for your foolish and wicked actions when you restrain not your urges because of carelessness or low habits.

Seek at all times to enrich your spirit with beneficial learning. And when in time you make your own way in life, violate never the laws of truth and justice, whatever position is yours, whatever work may be yours, whether you are makers of laws, or you govern or judge, or your labors be in other areas; and act never against your conscience. 

Place not heavier burdens15 upon those who labor in your pay than they are able to bear; and reward15 their labor with the wages you yourselves would expect were you in their place.

Be faithful in all your actions. Do you become discontent with the work that is yours and do you leave this work, then never compel your companions to follow you; for thereby do you violate the right of the free will and take upon yourselves a great responsibility.16

Do you gain riches by the thought of your spirit, by the work of your hands, by inheritance, or by any other honest means, then are these riches rightfully yours; but I ask you to give thought to those who have little or nothing, and hold out to them a helping hand.

And to you who possess little or none of the material goods of this world, I say: envy not those in better circumstances, for their responsibility is much greater than yours; and demand never to share in the rightful possessions of others, for you have no such right. Be glad for that which is yours and for that given you, but claim never what is not rightfully yours.

Do you heap up riches by greed or by fraud or theft, then shall you in your earthly lifetimes to come assuredly return all to the rightful owners—indeed, you shall give back everything with interest, and interest upon interest!

Delight in all that is g;orious in the world, make the most of the many gifts our Father has bestowed upon you, and agree all upon the same goal: in harmony to open the way for an everlasting, inviolable peace among the many realms and peoples of the Earth.

Yes, hear me young men and women! Consider with care what I have here spoken; for remember that you are the makers of the future, the bearers of the time to come.

Pray our Father that He support you that under His guidance you may lay the foundation stones for a new order in the world. Yes, pray our Father be with you so that coming generations may look back joyously at the time that was yours and give you thanks for the good you have done.



I would speak further to those who bear hatred toward and in many ways persecute the people in whose midst I was once born as Jesus of Nazareth. Hear me, for I say that you have not the right to despise and act against a people because of the sinful deeds of their forefathers! Cease such behavior; for do you not then shall the Jewish people surely stand closest to my heart.

Indeed, allow never racial hatred to blind and to divide you; for remember that in our Father’s eyes are you equal all. He gives to all peoples, of whatever color, the least as well as the greatest, the same boundless love. To all He shows the same patience and compassion, and in time will He welcome you all in His Kingdom.

Lastly, I appeal to all peoples upon the Earth and pray of them to seek to have compassion for our eldest brother. Seek to forgive that which he has sinned against them that the many maledictions he has uttered may be broken and obliterated!

Yes, forgive him with all your heart; and then with the deepest gratitude will he stand at my side and do his utmost to help me lead you to our Father.

High have I raised my torch above your heads that its clear radiance might illuminate the roads that lead to our Father’s Kingdom. Follow me, suffering and seeking and doubting mankind! Follow me, for I am pledged to guide you and I shall not let you go until I have brought the last of you to rest in our Father’s embrace!


Father! I pray Thee, bless my words so that they may reach the ears and the hearts of all humanity. Father, be with us all.




REMEMBER: All page references apply to the original printed edition. They must be changed, where necessary, to reflect any new printings in different page sizes and type faces.


1) Jesus spoke these words not only to the Apostles but to all who were his disciples at the time, and thus in a wider sense they concern all who believe in him. Jesus is present in person only when there is a real need; otherwise, if called upon, he answers through his thought and those who call upon him in true spirit, from the heart will feel that help as a deep calm.

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5) Roman Catholics, Protestants and all Christian sects included.

6) Spirits reckon their earthly birth begins when they are brought to the Earth to be bound to the future child. From that moment, they lose remembrance of their former existence.

7) Commentary to Ardor’s Account, pages 187-88.

8) Commentary to Ardor’s Account, pages 248-54, on disturbances which selfish grieving for the dead can cause.

9) So taught Jesus the Lord's Prayer to his disciples. Paul omitted the prayer for the dead, reasoning that the dead who were resurrected and saved through belief in the atoning death of Jesus needed no intercession, and that those who died without this belief could not be saved through intercession anyway.

10) Ardor's Account, page 106.

11) The year 1914.

12 twice) When people conceive of God as their supreme leader in war, every loss of life in battle becomes a "blood offering" to His honor, and when the clergy blesses soldiers before combat, they too become participants in, and accessories to the human sacrifices of war.

13) Society is not responsible for those unwilling to work.

14) Anyone in government or private employment is entitled to suitable yearly compensation from their employers to enable them to face their older years without financial worry. Society should also care for those who become disabled in performance of their work, or are unable to work due to illness. It is likewise the duty of society to provide shelter for the aged and the sick who are alone, and for domestics and other employees who become incapable of working, etc. Government should also provide necessary assistance to widowed mothers until any young children reach maturity.

Governmental authority should also provide necessary assistance to widowed mothers until any young children reach maturity.

15 twice) It is each employer's responsibility to ensure that their workers and assistants face not more labor than they are able to perform; likewise, employers should pay such wages as fully cover the work done and allow employees such conditions of life as befit their place in society. (This applies to all employment, both public and private.)

16) Those dissatisfied with existing conditions, who seek to evoke similar feelings among fellow-workers so as to force acceptance of their wishes and demands through united action, thus act against the words of Christ and likewise against the divine laws of order, tolerance and justice. Whatever is gained in any incarnation by such improper conduct must in following incarnations be returned in full. All of material value that is destroyed must be compensated for with compound interest by those concerned, just as such individuals must themselves endure the same spiritual suffering that their actions have brought upon fellow humans.