Toward the Light


An unpublished version of the Speech of God’s Servant, by Harry Eric Prior, amalgamated from the three English Toward the Light translations of 1950, 1975 and 1979. Syntax has been improved and redundancies eliminated, resulting in 38 fewer words than the official 1979 translation of this speech. Editing notes available on request. <>

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Speech of God’s Servant
1,119 words


God, the Lord Almighty, has sent me, His servant, the Bearer of messages to you, that my words, expressed by you, may reach to all peoples of the Earth.

Mankind! Your God, the Father of your spirit, bade me to speak to you.

At the dawn of earthly time, God’s youngest children pledged to their Father That they would restore what their older brothers and sisters had destroyed.

After many ages of suffering, grief and disappointment, they have now by the power of their will, by their love and with their Father’s help, advanced far enough so that they have overcome Darkness, have delivered their eldest brother and have won him back to the Light and to the Home. But many eons must still pass before they can fully redeem their pledge: to lead you, God’s very youngest children, to His glorious Kingdom. For not until the last among you is received into the Paternal Home will the work of love of the Youngest be fulfilled.

Mankind! Many eons must pass before you can meet with your Heavenly Father, before you can meet with Him who, out of His profound compassion for the creatures of His fallen children, has bestowed eternal life upon the human spirit. Many eons must still pass before your journeying is ended, for you are as young children who comprehend not, who hear without understanding. As children you rejoice over the colorful fruits, unconcerned that the worm has gnawed the pulp and the core. As children you are not able to discern between glitter and gold, and with eagerness and desire you reach for the gaudy tinsel that is of no use, while you spurn the pure and precious ore.

Yes, you are less and worse than immature; for in your blind desire for earthly treasure, for power and honor, in your hatred and envy of one another you quarrel unceasingly and wage war upon one another, you murder, rob and ravage and refuse to understand that the sufferings and the sorrows you thereby bring upon others you also bring upon yourselves. Hard but just retribution will fall upon you for as long as you continue to abuse and disdain the gift your Father has bestowed upon you—the will to seek the good, the will to seek victory over evil. And for as long as your will is bent toward sin and misdeed, toward lies and strife, then can the Will of your Father not prosper among you.

Hear me, all mankind! Your Father calls to you, and through His Servant He asks:

When will you pass over the threshold of childhood?

When will you open your eyes and see your imperfections?

When will you understand that you must be born to the Earth again and again so that each earthly lifetime can bring you nearer to your God and Father?

When will you learn to follow your conscience and to heed the voice of truth, of love and of justice that speaks to you?

When will you cease to mock those who are further advanced in knowledge?

When will you with understanding receive the children of the Light who allow themselves to be born among you to lead you out of Darkness?

When will you learn to appreciate that which is yours without envying your neighbor or taking his possessions from him?

When will you cease taking your own or your neighbor’s earthly life by force or by negligence1 before that time and manner of death pre-ordained for each of you by the Lord God?

When will you cease the abominable, bloody and blasphemous wars that are constantly waged among you?

When will you banish all race hatred and learn to honor and to love one another?

When will you let your own will meet with the Will of your Father?

And when, when will you—of whatever race you may be—all unite to bid a lasting peace welcome among you?

These questions your Father bade me ask of you. What will be your answer? For the future rests in your own hands; even as you desire it, even as you will it to be, so do you create your future and that of those who come after you.

Will you continue to walk in the ways of Darkness, will you cease not to hate and persecute one another; will you continue to allow thousands upon thousands of your brothers, husbands, fathers and sons to be slain in deadly warfare so as to satisfy your hatred and lust for power; will you continue to murder, rob, ravage and burn, ever tearing down what has been built up, and scattering that which has been gathered; then shall your Father grieve over you; then shall sorrows, sufferings and disappointments hinder the Youngest in their work of love for you; then shall your journey toward the distant goal become endlessly long and endlessly troubled.

But will you walk in the way of the Light that the eldest of the Youngest, your leader and guide, of his own free will has hereby shown you; will you take the hand he lovingly offers you; will you receive with trust the message hereby presented you in the name of your Father, so as to bring you the clarity and peace of mind that you all desire; then shall your Father rejoice in you; then shall the children of the Light with greater joy let themselves be born among you, to lead you out of Darkness; then shall your journey, though it become arduous and long, be shortened by many eons. For then will the seeds your Father has planted in your heart sprout in victory over Darkness, and blossom and bear fruit, not ten, not twenty, nor even sixty-fold, but a thousand times a thousand-fold!

Mankind! Choose now the ways that you and those after you shall walk in the time to come! Choose without constraint! For Almighty God compels no one, and none shall compel his neighbor. But pray you all that your Father strengthen your will that it may overcome evil and bring you forward toward the Light!

Mankind! Your Father yearns for you; He follows you through evil and good. He follows you through sorrow and joy, whether you walk in the deepest Darkness or in the ways of the Light. His love for you is beyond measure and His patience knows no end.

Mankind! Your Father yearns for you!

He bade that I, His Servant, bring to all of you His Paternal greeting.

His Peace be with you for ever and ever!




1) Loss of lives due to war or individual violence, dereliction of duty, thoughtlessness, and so forth.