The Pardoning of Ardor!
An article by Sverre Avnskog

“Do not fear me! Do not hate me, and do not curse me anymore! For I am no longer the prince of hell, and hell is no more!
      And I beseech you with all my heart, if you are able to master your hatred, to suppress your wrath, to forgive me what I have sinned against you all!
      Forgive me, so that the peace and blessing of our Father may be upon you now and in all eternity!”

By these words Ardor ends his story about how his fall for Darkness became the reason why mankind is living in a dark world full of suffering, evil and death instead of in a world of Light, such as God had planned it. And no one reading about the sufferings this fall has inflicted upon Ardor himself can fail to be moved by his heartfelt prayer for forgiveness, and indeed many have tendered him their deeply felt forgiveness out of the compassion of their hearts. All evil you wish to strike other people will sooner or later return and strike yourself, and you will be forced to experience the evil sufferings you have invoked on others, and therefore Ardor is in a condition of desperation and pain beyond measure. According to TtL forgiving Ardor has the effect that one is released from the curses he has hurled against humans, and in its stead will be formed a bond of love to him which will contribute to alleviate his sufferings. However, his sufferings will not end until all humans have forgiven him, and this will be in a very distant future. But what does it really imply for those who forgive Ardor, that they are released from his curses, as mentioned several times in TtL? I have noticed that many supporters of TtL understand it as if all the evil Ardor had contrived against that person will be erased – curses as well as ether images -  such that this person acquires protection against all evil designs planned by Ardor. Well, some even venture so far as to claim that each and everyone who forgives Ardor will be released from the influence of Darkness to such an extent that they become “seeing” or “clairvoyant”. Personally I have taken a somewhat skeptical attitude to the idea that forgiving Ardor – irrespective of how deep and sincere it might be, and in spite of the fact that I am fully aware of the very profound effect of the forgiveness both on the person who forgives and the one who is forgiven – could really have that profound an effect, because I cannot remember having read anything about this anywhere in TtL.  In this article I intend to analyze “with a magnifying glass” what TtL really says about the effects of forgiving Ardor, for as I have experienced so often in the past when I am wondering about something, it is always true that he who seeks shall find! And the answer is usually somewhere in TtL, provided you read it with an open and unprejudiced mind.

















































When I was young I was immensely fond of drawing and working with shapes in clay and wood. During a certain period in my life almost everything I did turned into tormented faces, though I did not reflect very much on it. With hindsight it struck me that this might possibly be due to a distant, unconscious memory of my experience in the spheres of the suffering and much tormented Ardor. I am personally convinced that I know him very well from previous lives! Above is one of the faces I did in my 20ies. I think this small “bust” is immensely fitting as an illustration to my article about the forgiveness of Ardor! Only our compassion and deeply felt forgiveness can release Ardor (the devil) from his sufferings. Copyright: Sverre Avnskog.








































Just like Ardor in his speech in TtL, Christ ends with an insistent plea to us to feel compassion with and to forgive Ardor. And Christ also states what will be a possible outcome of such a pardoning:

“Lastly I turn to all people on the entire earth, begging all of you: try to have compassion with our eldest brother, try to forgive whatever he has offended you, so that the many curses he has hurled may be broken and erased!
     Yes, forgive him with all your heart; then he will in deep gratitude stand by my side and help me with all his strength to lead you to our Father.-“

As we can see, Christ is saying that the many curses Ardor has hurled against mankind can be broken and erased provided we forgive him with all our heart. In this context, let me mention that such forgiveness must be given out of sincere compassion, and that a superficial prayer delivered with the motivation that one wishes to be rid of the curses for oneself will not have the desired effect. Only deeply felt and sincere forgiveness will have an effect in this context. And in several places in TtL it is similarly stated that a pardoning of Ardor will cause either that the curses will be erased or that their bond will be broken for those who pardon. Pardoning Ardor might therefore perhaps be the greatest possible contribution by a human being, if one wishes to carry out an act of love in order to promote the progress of the Light on earth, and eventually bring about a gigantic purging of the Darkness bearing down upon us, hindering love to progress on earth. Obviously, very many people will have to forgive Ardor before the really big effect can be achieved, but each and every individual pardoning him will provide an important contribution and will be able to contribute to much Darkness being purged. In this context the pardoning of Ardor can hardly be overestimated.

But will pardoning Ardor also result in the erasing of all the ether images that he designed to strike us with? Many TtL-supporters are of that opinion and they tend to argue that ether images and curses must be synonymous concepts. But even if TtL mentions the erasing of the curses in several different places, there is no information anywhere that also the ether images will be erased as a result of the pardoning. In fact, it is stated quite clearly that no one  is able to make the ether images disappear, neither God nor any of the youngest and not even Ardor himself.  In question no 67 in “Q&As I” the ether images are compared with a wireless telegram that cannot be stopped or changed in terms of content on its way from the sender to the recipient station. And it is further stated:

“In the earthly as well as in the psychic world this kind of messages and ether images are working in accordance with quite specific laws. Therefore no one, not in the earthly nor in the psychic world can erase it once it has been emitted, broadcast or noted down. It will take its course until it is weakened, dissolved or disappears – according to specific laws. “

Some people are of the opinion that the last sentence of this section indicates that even if customarily the ether images cannot be dissolved, yet there are special conditions under which they can be weakened, dissolved and disappear – in accordance with specific laws. However, this point of view is based on an erroneous reading of the sentence, according to my view. In reality what is stated is that all ether images will take their course as destined for them until they eventually disappear. They will only disappear once they have been “utilized” or are “outdated”. Hence, when some people claim that the ether images still can be changed or erased, this is based on a misinterpretation of the above text. If it were correct, then the extrasensory side has in that case chosen an incredibly bad example to illustrate how an ether image works, and that would not be very typical of TtL. A wireless telegram cannot be changed or stopped once it has been sent – and I trust that since this is used as an illustration, then the same thing is true for an ether image.  And Johanne Agerskov states it very clearly in her response by letter no 16 in “Copy book I”:

“In the spiritual world the originator of the ether images also does not have power (according to the laws of God) to stop or erase his or her designs;…”

Johanne Agerskov, 1873-1946:
“In the spiritual world the originator of the ether images also does not have the power (according
to the laws of God) to stop or erase his or her designs;…”

Michael Agerskov, 1870-1933:
“…for each and every person who is able to forgive him (Ardor)is thereby released from his curses and in this process becomes more free in relation to the influence of Darkness (evil), in fact he or she is, in a spiritual sense of the word, lifted up into a purer atmosphere;…”

Hence, it is completely inconceivable that Ardor himself will be able to erase any of the evil schemes he has contrived and stored in the ether for several centuries ahead, in spite of having turned back to the Light; and one can well imagine the horrible feeling it must be for him to have to witness that all kinds of evil and suffering, contrived by him, continue to strike mankind far into the future without him being able to do anything at all to prevent it. To draw a parallel in the earthly world, to some extent comparable to such a situation, one might perhaps picture a mafia boss having built up a large criminal network and planned the operations several years ahead in time, with smuggling of narcotics, selling of women and children, violence, torture and killings. Then the boss dies and loses the connection with his organization which for many years to come still continues its criminal activities, following the evil plans the mafia boss contrived. Obviously he cannot do anything at all to change his own plans – they are now living a life of their own without him.

This is also precisely the case with the ether images if we are to believe what is stated in question no 67 in Q&As I. And personally I cannot find anything else in TtL to revoke or change this explanation. Undoubtedly God and the youngest are doing everything they can to prevent the ether images to become a reality on earth – by guiding the conscience of the leaders and by trying to make those people who are in a critical situation to listen to their conscience instead of the evil thought impulses of the ether images. Under favorable conditions the youngest can also lead the evil thought flows from the ether images away from the earth and away to receiving stations in distant planets, and now and then they can be permanently prevented from influencing us. But this requires that we humans do not attract the ether images to the earth and do not give them strength by e.g. thinking evil thoughts and committing the evil deeds which constitute the “trigger mechanism” of the ether images. From extrasensory side it is also possible to give those who are in danger of being struck by an ether image a more direct warning such that they may take their precautions in order to avoid being hit. For example in TtL, the comment, chapter XXXVI has the following:

“In the cases where the impending disasters are due to Ardor’s ether images – see “Toward the Light” page 236, section 5 and page 237, section 1 – warnings are always sent, through the guardian spirit, to the people under threat. “

Such warnings can be given e.g. as cautionary dreams , through people suspecting mischief and warning you; it could be very a adamant thought impulse about not to carry out specific plans, and in many other different ways, at any rate in all cases in such a way that those threatened are provided a chance to save themselves from danger. But how many people really do trust that kind of warnings? And this obviously will not function in such a way that only those who have forgiven Ardor will be warned or will be steered away by their guardian spirit, for God’s laws always work in a completely just way, and if it was such that those who “accidentally” had read TtL and encouraged by this had forgiven Ardor would have a greater right to being saved rather than those who had never heard about TtL, one could with good reason accuse God of being very unfair. When God and the youngest try to save people from threatening disasters, this is done in accordance with quite different laws, and we can always trust that what happens will be 100% just and in full compatibility with God’s laws; and only those who have karma to expiate e.g. from previous crimes and have in this manner brought themselves under the harshest provisions of the law of retribution will possibly be missing God’s protection and may for instance obtain the mission to save one or more of the people afflicted without they themselves enjoying the protection of the guardian spirit with the consequence that the person will be injured, mutilated or even lose his life. This is always the consequence for the person who in a previous life has committed murder and avoided earthly punishment. However, there is nothing in TtL to indicate that the pardoning of Ardor has any effect at all on whether one will receive the warning of the youngest in case of a threatening ether image. Such warnings are not given as some kind of “reward” for good deeds – this works quite automatically in accordance with the statutes for such cases. And, as previously documented, it is due to God’s laws that neither God, nor the youngest nor Ardor himself can erase the ether images once they have been stored.









































The American president Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865, is a very good example of how the guardian spirit may warn a person against a threatening ether image. Only a few days before he was murdered, Lincoln dreamt the following: “About ten days ago, I retired very late. I had been up waiting for important dispatches from the front. I could not have been long in bed when I fell into a slumber, for I was weary. I soon began to dream. There seemed to be a death-like stillness about me. Then I heard subdued sobs, as if a number of people were weeping. I thought I left my bed and wandered downstairs. There the silence was broken by the same pitiful sobbing, but the mourners were invisible. I went from room to room; no living person was in sight, but the same mournful sounds of distress met me as I passed along. I saw light in all the rooms; every object was familiar to me; but where were all the people who were grieving as if their hearts would break? I was puzzled and alarmed. What could be the meaning the meaning of all this? Determined to find the cause of a state of things so mysterious and so shocking, I kept on until I arrived at the East Room, which I entered. There I met with a sickening surprise. Before me was a catafalque, on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. Around it were stationed soldiers who were acting as guards; and there was a throng of people, gazing mournfully upon the corpse, whose face was covered, others weeping pitifully.
‘Who is the dead in the White House?’ I demanded of one of the soldiers, ‘The President,’ was his answer; ‘he was killed by an assassin.’ Then came a loud burst of grief from the crowd, which woke me from my dream. I slept no more that night; and although it was only a dream, I have been strangely annoyed by it ever since.”

The president did not take this forceful warning seriously but called it”only a dream”, and did not take any special precautions. And the warnings did not stop here. This is what has been recorded about the events on the same day he was murdered: “After an afternoon carriage ride and dinner, Mary complained of a headache and considered not going after all. Lincoln commented that he was feeling a bit tired himself, but he needed a laugh and was intent on going with or without her. She relented. He made a quick trip to the War Department with his body guard, William Crook, but there was no news from North Carolina. While returning to pick up Mary, Crook “almost begged” Lincoln not to go to the theater.  He then asked if he could go along as an extra guard. Lincoln rejected both suggestions , shrugging off Crook’s fears of assassination. Lincoln knew that a guard would be posted outside their “state box” at the theater.”

So, once again Lincoln was warned in the strongest manner – this time by his bodyguard who obviously had a premonition that something horrendous might happen. And his fear had very good reasons. The guard in the theater was a notorious alcoholic and after two acts he went off to the nearest bar to get a drink, and the president was murdered. Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd, was very much interested in spiritism and had for a long time held weekly séances in the White House. One wonders if Christ and his assistants ever visited her and the president? After Lincoln’s assassination Mary Todd tried to establish spiritual contact with him, and a spirit photography with her husband was also taken by the spirit photographer William H. Mumler, 1832-1884. Many people hold this photo as a forgery, but who knows? According to Michael Agerskov in NPO they did receive a detailed recipe of how to take good quality spirit photos – however, they did not succeed completely. Imagine if they had managed to take a photo of Rasmus Malling-Hansen or even of Christ? What a sensation this would have been!!









But the power of forgiveness is impressive and can hardly be overestimated many people assert, and some people claim that by reading TtL they can, by means of their intuition, “see” that the power of love of pardoning will be so strong that the ether images can also be erased , however without explaining completely why or how.  And one can make it simple for oneself and quite simply “decide” that the ether images = curses, and then one is beyond the entire problem, and “everybody” can agree that the pardoning of Ardor also erases the ether images designed to strike the person who forgives. My response to this is that in the first place one should not always trust too much one’s “intuition” or “clairvoyance” alone, for these are frequently strongly biased by our subjective and human perceptions. And even if I would very much have liked to see that it was correct, I absolutely do not like to accept, without further evidence, a correlation which is not clearly evident from TtL. This is why I decided to carry out a thorough investigation of how the concepts of “curses” and “ether images” are being used in TtL in order to see with my own eyes if there is clear evidence anywhere that they are synonymous  or whether they have two different connotations.

The first thing that strikes me by the use of the term ‘curses’ or ‘maledictions’ in TtL, is that it is stated that they have been “hurled” or “rapped out”. Well, Ardor’s ether images have definitely not been hurled out – they are calculated and artful plans, contrived by Ardor and stored in the ether. Hence, already by the use of the verb “hurled” I find it is very doubtful whether it can be true that curses and ether images really are synonymous. To ‘hurl’ or ‘rap out’ sound more like something that happened spontaneously and in affect – as when you are enraged and this makes you shout: “Blast you”! In addition, I find that the two concepts are never used about each other in the same section. Where something is stated about curses, nothing is said about ether images, and where ether images are explained, nothing what so ever is mentioned about curses. Otherwise, it is habitual in texts that synonymous notions are used interchangeably. But in this case it is not done. Generally speaking I cannot find a single link between the two concepts , except for the one single aspect that both are stored in the ether, - but of course from this does not necessarily follow that they function in the same way, because all our thoughts are stored in the ether, however they cannot automatically be designated as curses nor as ether images. In fact, TtL tells us in quite some detail both when and under what circumstances the curses against the humans were hurled; it happened when Ardor around 12000 years before Christ had incarnated all the eldest and was about to incarnate also himself. But then he discovered that he was not able to erase his own recollections and understood that a life as a human being with vivid memories about the dreadful life in the sphere of hell would become one single extended and painful suffering, and he then had to abandon his own incarnation. This was the time when hatred to everything and everybody awakened in Ardor’s mind, and in his rage he cursed God, all the eldest, the youngest and the human beings and thus brought hatred into the world. With these curses Ardor “piled up” lots of heavy clouds of threatening Darkness, filling up the ether and creating a bond of Darkness to each one of us. The curses against God were instantly erased by God, for otherwise they would immediately have turned back to Ardor himself and annihilated him, but the curses against all of us tie us to the Darkness and to the evil of Ardor and can only be released by our feeling of compassion with Ardor and by our pardoning him for all the evil he has caused, following his prayer to all of us for forgiveness in TtL. TtL does not tell us exactly what these curses contain, but one may imagine that Ardor probably has put all his hatred and rage into them and spewed out his most evil thoughts about all the kinds of sufferings he wishes to strike us, about how miserable and lonely we will feel and about how the hatred among us shall cause mankind to constantly quarrel, make war and kill one another.


































The war with all its horror and suffering is Ardor’s invention, and through his ether images human beings are being inspired to continue attacking and killing each other. When are we going to rise above this immature “childish phase”?

Ether images are mentioned rather late in TtL. We are told that Ardor, just like God did, made plans for each human being and that the eldest sought to guide the humans in accordance with Ardor’s plans, just like our guardian spirit always tries to lead us in accordance with the plans Christ has laid out, on behalf of God, for our lives. However, these plans are not the ether images themselves. Rather, the ether images bear the impress of being future images of singular events which Ardor wanted to occur on earth, and he was able to produce such future images intended to be in control of individual persons as well as entire nations. But where God only plans for one incarnation at the time, Ardor would often make plans for several hundred years ahead in time, and he contrived all kinds of evil machinations to hit individuals and entire nations. These events that Ardor wished to occur were stored in the ether as images, and in accordance to how sharp they are, the youngest can see to what extent they are imminent in time, and the youngest will always try to prevent that the future images are turned into reality on earth. Over and above these future images also historic events and events of the present time are stored in the ether, such as armies marching by etc.  In other words, Ardor’s ether images are of a different character compared with the curses. First of all they have not been hurled out in hatred and rage, rather they are carefully contrived and planned. Secondly, we are told that they are stored in the ether as images. How the curses are stored, well, nothing is said about that.

As can be seen from the above, the notions of ‘curses’ and ‘ether images’ are used about two very different things, and there is nothing in TtL to indicate that one is thinking about ether images when writing about curses and vice versa, - hence, I just cannot understand that there can be any basis for the claim that they are synonymous. On the contrary: I would say that everything indicates that the two concepts are clearly disparate, and they are also referred to in different contexts! However, many supporters of TtL do think that the ether images are erased all the same, in the same way as the curses are – in spite of this not being mentioned directly in TtL.  Not even Michael Agerskov, who together with his wife Johanne was the very first human being to pardon Ardor, mentions anything about the ether images being erased when we pardon Ardor. He writes in the “autobiography” of TtL, Some Psychic Experiences, chapter 19, Final Remarks:

“…for each and every person who is able to forgive him is thereby released from his curses and thus becomes more free in relation to the influence of Darkness (evil), indeed is, from a spiritual point of view, raised into a purer atmosphere;…”

As you can see, according to Michael Agerskov one is released from the curses – he says nothing about the ether images whatsoever. And the condition that we are released from the curses implies that we become freer in relation to Darkness and that we, in a spiritual sense, are lifted up in a spiritual atmosphere. Being lifted up into a purer atmosphere of course does not imply that you, in one stroke, become a “seer”. Such gifts are only bestowed the youngest, eldest and the very highest developed human spirits, and an average human spirit will evidently never abruptly acquire the capability see with the eyes of the spirit “merely” because this person has forgiven Ardor. However, that person will be released from the heavy influence of Ardor’s curses. Considering what I have already demonstrated – that the two concepts are in no way being used in TtL in the way synonyms are normally applied, rather that they represent two different things, my view is that we, based upon TtL, can all but rule out that the ether images are being erased in the process of pardoning Ardor. At any rate, there is nothing in TtL to indicate that this would be the case. Burt what may be the reason why one of them is erased and not the other one? I believe the answer must reside in the fact that the curses were hurled out very much spontaneously in affect and rage without a premeditated plan or purpose, while the ether images are carefully calculated and contrived plans, where Ardor has taken his time to plan the effect he wanted on the humans, as well as how and under what conditions we would be as defenseless as possible against them. When we assess these conditions we must keep in mind that Ardor – after God and his twelve assistants (and possibly Christ) – is probably the most intelligent being in universe! Whereas he spontaneously cursed us when he felt the oppressive loneliness in being left alone in hell, in the ether images he has been able to make use of all of his brilliant knowledge for the design of his future images.

And with all his insight into how Darkness, Light and God’s laws work, evidently it has been possible for Ardor to construct the ether images in such a way that no one has the power to erase them once they have been stored in the ether, for Ardor of course realized that neither God nor the youngest will ever break the laws in force for the universe, however much they wish the Light to overcome on earth. The ether images apparently also do not let themselves become influenced by prayers for, nor by the pardoning of Ardor. I can imagine several ways Ardor could achieve this. First of all it seems that the ether images are not loaded with the same kind of hatred against humans as the curses are, and hence they are not connected to each and every human being with a bond of Darkness such as the curses are. And when this bond does not exist, then it is also not possible to break it by means of a loving forgiveness or prayer. He would also be able to achieve the same effect by designing the images fundamentally neutral in relation to persons, such that it is not inbuilt in the ether image specifically against whom it is directed, even if Ardor may well have had a certain person in mind when he constructed it. Undoubtedly he would be capable of including other conditions into the ether image in order to make sure that the chosen person would attract the effective power of the ether image, since he knew in detail the weaknesses of each single spiritual personality after having followed them throughout hundreds of incarnations. If a person in his or her earlier lives has been inclined to an unruly sexual life, we can count on Ardor knowing how to make full use of this when designing ether images in order to bring that person under his and the ether image’s power. By creating the ether images without a strong emotional charge and also neutral in relation to individuals, no bonds would attach them to a specific person, but rather to a specific task, role, function or office. For instance, one could imagine an ether image directed towards Jesus containing the following: “The person who is born with the mission to bring God’s message of love unto the earth will eventually doubt himself so much that his mission will fail and the humans will kill him”. Each time this person was thinking thoughts full of doubt about himself, the ether images would be strengthened and the influencing power would become even stronger. Such an ether image would be able to strike any of the youngest who assumed such a task, and not even Jesus’ loving prayer for Ardor would be able to erase the ether image, since it was not directed against him as an individual, rather against the very mission he was to accomplish. In other words, the ether images could be designed such that they were not directed against a particular spiritual personality, but such that the person who is put in a particular positions (e.g. as a statesman), or who has a special mission to carry out (e.g. as a religious reformer) which Ardor wanted to prevent, will be struck.

In order to explain in even more detail what I am hinting at, we can focus on another American president, namely John F. Kenndy, who in my view was probably murdered as a consequence of one of Ardor’s ether images becoming reality. Based on the above we may imagine an ether image with the following content: “On November 22, 1963, the president of the USA will be murdered”. This particular image of the future would hence be able to strike whoever would be holding office as the president of the USA at that point in time, irrespectively of who that might be. Even if Kennedy as an individual had forgiven Ardor with all his heart, this would still not have been able to influence the ether image in itself, because it was not directed towards him personally but against the office of the president of the USA. Quite another aspect, however, is that of course pardoning Ardor would have made it much easier for Kennedy to resist the temptations of Darkness, and he would not have attracted the ether image stronger towards himself by thinking the thoughts and carrying out the deeds which were inbuilt as “trigger mechanisms” in the ether image. Incidentally, perhaps we do not need much fantasy to imagine that Kennedy’s relations to women and mafia friends and his style of living in general were strongly contributing factors making it eventually impossible to prevent the ether image. And in the very same way that Kennedy attracted the ether image to himself as its victim, Kennedy’s murderers were “steered” into the role of killers through their thoughts and actions in the years before the murder – whoever they were. That there were several people shooting at Kennedy on that fatal morning in Dallas I think is clearly demonstrated by for instance the so called  Zapruder film, where the murder is filmed at close range, and it can deduced from the way he was hit from several different angles simultaneously, among them from the side.



































































In all probability president Kenndy was murdered because of an ether image becoming reality in the earthly sphere. The above picture is image no 150 from Abraham Zapruder’s color film of the murder. There are other still pictures from the film, showing the scene when the last fatal shot hits Kennedy’s head from the side, causing the blood to spurt out, but the pictures are so revolting and gruesome that I do not want to use them.

In the way I have described above, Ardor has designed future images right up through history, and the prayers of humans have not been able to erase them or change their content. In similar fashion the vast majority of past wars, killings of royalties and human strife have been designed and planned by Ardor. The same is true for bacterial diseases and epidemics. There is a great probability that several of the epidemics threatening mankind in our time have been designed by Ardor, such as AIDS, Ebola and all the different types of influenza viruses. Without any doubt Johanne and Michael Agerskov were also the target of ether images, and again: these ether images were insensitive to a possible pardoning of Ardor, because they had no bonds to them as individuals. Therefore, it is absolutely decisive to comprehend and accept that when God does not erase these ether images out of mercy in order to reduce Ardor’s sufferings and to save mankind many cruel experiences, then it is because Ardor himself has created the ether images in such a way that they cannot be erased because it would go against God’s laws for the universe, and neither the youngest nor God will ever break these laws! Therefore one cannot blame God for being unmerciful or claim that a pardoning is so powerful that it must be able to influence these ether images – for Ardor himself has provided so that it would go against God’s laws if they were erased.

The question is then: Is there nothing in the text to speak against that which I think I am able to show in TtL about this aspect – that there is a clear difference between ether images and curses, and that it is only the curses the individual can be rid of when he or she forgives Ardor? Is TtL completely unambiguous on this point? No, actually there is something on page 237 of the paper version which I understand can cause some concern. Because there it is stated:

“But by means of the voluntary assistance of the youngest, God seeks to guide the willpower of humans towards goodness, and many criminal and cruel acts have thus been prevented to appear in the terrestrial world as actual events. Where it only concerns the individual person it is easier for the spirits of the light by means of their influence to erase some or several of the threatening abstract events. However, where entire nations are involved it is often very difficult to guide the leaders onto the right tracks and pull them away from thoughts and actions that may turn threatening ether images into earthly concrete events. Very frequently the youngest fail in this endeavor, especially when they are confronted with individuals equipped with very strong will-power, and in such cases it is almost impossible to lead for instance heads of state, diplomats and leaders of people away from the labyrinths of hatred, lust for power and envy, and into the laborious paths of tolerance. However, conflicts between nations, so frequently deteriorating into senseless, horrendous and bloody wars, could in many cases have been prevented, if the leaders in each given situation had  a l w a y s  followed the admonitory voice of their conscience instead of indulging into their own lust for power.
    Hence, prophecies about things to come can often militate against the work of the youngest for brighter and happier conditions on earth and bring  t h e   v e r y  t h i n g s  into reality which the youngest have been trying so vehemently to prevent.”

Obviously, here it is stated that “Where it only concerns the individual person it is easier for the spirits of the light by means of their influence to erase some or several of the threatening abstract events.”

Therefore, it is no wonder that some people have claimed that this quotation serves as a proof that the youngest really arecapable of erasing ether images. In order to completely understand this section we must keep in mind that not every single word in TtL has been literally written by one of the spirits of the Light – the words have been given to the spiritual I of the medium, who has conveyed it into earthly language, and hence it is the perception of the medium which in each single case decides how accurately she has been able to reproduce the thoughts and words of the spirits. In cases where the text was completely misunderstood, the spirits intervened and corrected it, but we also know that some words were not corrected when they were closely adjacent to the intended meaning. For instance Johanne Agerskov herself writes in a letter that the TtL- text probably should have explained that one of the mother suns sometimes in future will be able to be “proved”, not that it will be “seen”.

And in the above sentence, commenting whether the youngest may be able to erase ether images, I am firmly convinced that the correct term, based on what is otherwise said in TtL with adjacent texts, ought to be “prevent” and not “erase”, such that the wording in the sentence indicated ought to be: Where it only concerns the individual person it is easier for the spirits of the light by means of their influence to prevent some or several of the threatening abstract events.” (My emphasis).

How can I substantiate the fact that I allow myself to doubt the correctness of a word in TtL? Well, this is based on what is otherwise stated in TtL and adjacent works about ether images. For in several places, among them in Q&As I and in one of the responses to letters, it is stated that no one is able to erase the ether images once they have been launched, because this would go against God’s laws. However, in several places it is said that the youngest can prevent the ether images from becoming reality by warning those threatened and by leading their thoughts in a different direction than that which would attract the ether image. It is also important to realize that in the above section the function of the ether images does not feature as a major theme, rather this section mainly deals with the great responsibility of the medium not to display in public what they can “see” in the ether as inevitable events in future. The situation where people perceive these prophecies as the truth will result in their thoughts attracting the ether images and providing them strength, making it very difficult or even impossible for the youngest to ward them off. It is only later in TtL that the ether images are explained in their own chapter (p 288), and here it says nothing about them being able to be erased, but it is stated that it is an advantage for the youngest that the ether images can be seen as pictures in the ether, and that they are sharper the closer they are in terms of time, because the youngest may then “…take their precautions to, if possible, ward off or mitigate the threatening and devastating future events that would hit an individual or mankind.”
(My emphasis).

And a little bit further down on the same side it says: “The youngest, who knew these as well as the earlier predeterminations, did everything possible to prevent them from entering the terrestrial plane as realities.” (My emphasis).

If the youngest had the power to erase the ether images, then the information to this point would naturally belong in this chapter about how the ether images function. However, nothing is said here about the possibility of them being erased – only expressions such as
ward off/avert, mitigate, and prevent, and that is in reality something different, even if what is achieved is the same; namely that the ether images are not being turned into reality. I suppose that this is why from the extrasensory side it has not been considered a big mistake that Johanne Agerskov in her interpretation of the thoughts received on one occasion has chosen the expression  “erase” – it has quite simply been perceived as synonymous with the others, in spite of the obvious difference from a purely “technical” point of view.

Incidentally, the same conditions are at hand when TtL+  mention Ardor’s curses. In some places it is stated that their bonds are broken when we forgive Ardor, while in other parts it is stated that the curses will be erased when we forgive him, and in reality the effect is the same, even if the curses in the first case stay in the ether – however without power to affect the person – while in the other case the curses disappear totally.

What I have described here is quite obvious for the very sensitive reader of TtL, people with a sense for tiny, sublime nuances of the language, while the person reading with more “roughly adjusted” spectacles will easily misunderstand and believe that also the ether images will be erased in the moment we forgive Ardor. And on the backdrop of what is written in TtL it is no wonder that the misunderstanding may arise, with the added danger that a few people may persuade themselves that they enjoy much more protection against the machinations of Darkness than they have in reality, something that may very easily cause them to overrate themselves, believing themselves to have achieved immunity against Darkness, just like a few people believe that Johanne Agerskov had.  Now, this is definitely not true. When we forgive Ardor, we are indeed released from the heaviest of the Darkness Ardor wishes to call down upon us, but we do not enjoy any extra protection against being stricken by his ether images – these images place each and everyone on a par, whether they have forgiven Ardor or not.

In 1857 Christ and a large group of youngest started, at God’s request, the mission denominated “the short cut”, or “the shorter cut”.  Christ and the other youngest wanted to seek out humans on earth with mediumistic abilities, such that they could speak directly to them and reveal the truth about some of the heavenly truths. And it turned out very successful to make the small group formed by Johanne and Michael Agerskov gain complete confidence in Christ and his assistants, and they both fully pardoned, as the very first human beings, Ardor all of his evil deeds, resulting in Ardor’s memories about life before the fall awakening in his mind, and with this also the regret about all the sin and suffering he had caused. He was then afflicted by remorse and asked his father and creator for forgiveness, which he was obviously granted by our loving and benign father – God! However, towards the end of his life as the slave of Darkness, Ardor had managed to fill the ether with evil future images, and among them he has, in my view, designed future images which also stuck those that gain an interest in TtL  and who wish to be spokespersons for this great work – and also against those who participated in bringing TtL to the earth, Johanne and Michael Agerskov. If you study their lives it is striking to what extent they were struck by Darkness through sickness and adversity in general. The clouded text, the so called Episcopal Letter, published by Johanne Agerskov towards the end of her life, in 1938, is also quite evidently picked from an ether image containing all the distorted ideas about our relationship to God by which Ardor wanted to contaminate the true picture of God, which otherwise could have been brought in pure and unadulterated state to the earth after he had been conquered by Light. In this manner Ardor ensured that his perception of God as the impatient, unjust and revenging deity would be able to prevail for several hundreds of years after that he himself had had turned back to the Light. And he has also achieved this, so far. Unfortunately, many of the supporters of TtL have embraced the Episcopal Letter as a true part of TtL and completely condone the thought that God could be imagined to sever all contact with humans, possibly for several millions of years, in order to let us sink as deeply down into Darkness, sin and misdeed as we possibly can. Even five members of the board of the company publishing TtL have publicly declared that the EL is the truth from God, and hence they agree to contaminate and adulterate the message they themselves have participated in publishing. Verily! – one does not become a “prophet” even if one has forgiven Ardor – the board of the TtL Fund and publishing company are themselves the best proof of that! And this is precisely due to the reason that even if their pardoning of Ardor has released them from the bonds of Ardor’s curses, they still remain under the influence of his ether images! And when one has set out into the path of Darkness and made oneself a spokesman for the idea that God can be conquered by Darkness and abandon us, then in reality one is not fit to lead others!

There is but one way in which one can protect oneself against the evil power of the ether images, and that is by completely following one’s own conscience and surrender fully under God’s command, for nothing evil can hit those who have full trust in the God’s protection.

But what about the future? Might something happen in relation to the ether images in the long run when the Light breaks out stronger and stronger on earth, and when the Darkness still lingering heavily in the ether is cleansed out? It is difficult to say anything for certain about these things, but I notice the following in Q&As I, question 2:

“And by God for some time letting the youngest make connections in accordance with the laws of the Light with certain chosen human beings the following has been achieved: Ardor = the devil has returned home to God; all the future incarnations of the fallen eldest have been brought back under God’s command; all of the earthbound spirits have been removed from the terrestrial plane; all of the ether images of human sins and crimes, noted down while the earthbound spirits were living their lives as humans, have been erased and cannot be revived because Ardor is no longer the prince of Darkness.”

As far as I have been able to register, this is the only place in TtL+ where it is truly stated that ether images have been erased. However, in this case the disappearing ether images are not Ardor’s, rather they are the ether images formed while the earthbound spirits lived their sinful lives as humans on earth. For those familiar with TtL it will be a well-known fact that at times there have been more human spirits as homeless “ghosts” wandering about on earth than the number of spirits incarnated as humans. These poor spirits were bound by Darkness because of their sinful lives and were not able to return to the spheres when they died. But after the tremendous effort of Christ and his assistants all of these spirits returned to the Light, while simultaneously the sphere of hell was annihilated and Ardor turned. This could only take place thanks to the group around Johanne and Michael Agerskov, who for a number of years prayed lovingly for the earthbound spirits that Christ and his assistants brought to them. Consequently, through this dedicated work in the service of the Light vast amount of Darkness was cleansed out, and I am inclined to think that it was because these enormous clouds of Darkness disappeared that also the ether images were dissolved with them – in the wake of the Darkness so to speak. Therefore I do not want to rule out that the same process could come about as a result if the Darkness still filling up the ether is cleansed out to such an extent that also Ardor’s ether images are weakened and lose their power by themselves. The way I see it is that also Ardor’s ether images, created by Darkness, will lose their power of attraction over human beings and also that their evil flows can more easily be steered away from the earth to the same extent and degree as Darkness is purged. This does not at all contradict what is stated in TtL about one single individual not being able by his or her own will to erase the ether images. But humans’ collective wish to follow the Light will, in all likelihood, be able to weaken the power of the ether images, and if the development of mankind moves into a very positive direction in the course of the next few decades, perhaps the ether images will eventually become totally inactive?

In this context I am convinced that all of the youngest incarnated in our time play a very important role, for as stated in TtL, page 282 of the paperback edition:

…as more and more Light was infused onto the planet, partly through the luminous road and partly through the ethereal emanations from the aura of the spiritual bodies of the youngest, Darkness came more and more under the ordered influence of the Light…”

Hence, much light is added to planet earth by means of the emission of light by the spiritual bodies of the youngest, and those of the youngest who are equipped with a light radiation far exceeding the normal level will also – by using this radiation very actively in prayer to God for their fellow men and for God’s help to weaken the power of Darkness – be able to make a huge effort in the endeavor to purify the ether of Darkness and thereby weaken the ether images. We know several examples from the TtL of the youngest turning to God for help, that in such cases God will equip them with even greater powers than they already had, and when the youngest and the humans contribute with their great share of the work, it will often happen that God in his great mercy adds the last stream of light needed for the Light to be victorious! Personally I have a feeling that precisely in our present time we are at such a crossroad in the history of mankind, and that great crowds of the youngest are incarnated in order to participate in the most gigantic Light project in the history of planet earth! May God be with us!




Oslo, Jan 10, 2010
Sverre Avnskog

English translation by
Jørgen Malling Christensen