The Counterattack by Darkness - The Episcopal Letter!

By Sverre Avnskog

In 1920  “Toward the Light!”, a message to mankind from the extrasensory world, was published. In this work is provided, for the first time, a comprehensive and continuous presentation of the origin of mankind and about our relationship to God, of the origin of the struggle between good and evil and of the reason why planet earth has become the scene of this struggle with all the suffering it has brought to mankind. Toward the Light! also relates the truth about what really happened when Jesus lived on earth and repudiates the many humanly created dogmas around his life and death, that darkness has managed to sneak into his teachings. However, this document of Truth to mankind, that Toward the Light! is, could not be come about without darkness hitting back forcefully in order to keep the truth away from mankind and keep us under the influence of darkness.  In this article I will tell the story about how darkness attempted to distort the simple and clear truth from Toward the Light!. The power of the darkness is terrible, and darkness is capable of leading even the most conscientious and truth-abiding people astray in its cunning and scheming way!
































Johanne Agerskov, 1873-1946, the medium who received Toward the Light!. Photo: Private

The publisher of the work, Mrs Agerskov’s husband Michael Agerskov, 1870-1933. Photo: The Royal Library, Copenhagen (RLC)

The spiritual leader of the medium, her father, Rasmus Malling-Hansen, 1835-1890. Photo: Private

Since eternity God existed as thought and will-power but without body. God as a personal being emerged from light only after He had fought a long and dramatic battle against darkness and conquered, and thus the ancient powers of the universe - thought and will - could unite with the poles of light and with each other, and made light immortal and darkness perishable. In that same moment, when thought and will merged together in a firm and strong unity, appeared the flaming figure of God; he created himself and his twelve servants from the very finest particles of light. And his beauty and wonderful radiance cannot be described by means of terrestrial languages – words are simply too poor. But God’s victory over darkness by no means meant the extermination of darkness; it still exists in great quantity in the universe, and it is a mighty magnetic power that by no means will let itself be erased without resistance. And from early times the representatives of the light who have tried to disseminate light on earth have been met by counterattacks from darkness! More often than not, this has often had as a consequence that the truths which God’s messengers wanted to take to the terrestrial world have become contaminated and adulterated by darkness, such that they have only managed to teach small pieces of the eternal truths. Christianity is a very good example of how darkness was able to distort even Jesus’ beautiful and simple message of love, such that Jesus’ most important commandment, according to which each and every human being has a direct channel to God through prayer, was adulterated by means of humans having exalted Jesus to divine status and started to pray to him instead of to the mighty and loving God, who alone is the one that can respond to all the human prayers for help! In addition, Ardor managed through thought inspiration to sneak in confused thoughts with those that were to handle the heritage after Jesus, so that the gruesome and evil murder of Jesus in Paul’s mind became transformed into a sacrifice to atone God with mankind, and the sad farewell meal of Jesus with his best friends became transformed into the idea that Jesus had ordained the communion rite by giving them bread to eat and wine to drink as a symbol that he would sacrifice his body and his blood to be shed for the salvation of mankind.

The True Charity of Christ!

But it is love, not death, that can save humans from the darkness, and God has evidently never wanted human beings to kill as much as a single small innocent bird in order to placate him, and least of all that we should murder a human being, for God loves each and every one of his creations infinitely and would never ever let a single one of us perish. However, Christianity became a mixture of Jesus’ beautiful teaching about love and forgiveness and Ardor’s false elements sneaked in, and not until “Toward the Light!”, published in 1920 did it succeed for the spiritual world to provide mankind this coherent and undistorted presentation for which so many of God’s emissaries have incarnated in order to try to bring it about in the terrestrial world. And this could be done because the most loving of all of God’s warmhearted creations, Jesus, by a truly benevolent savior’s deed had succeeded in winning the prince of darkness, Ardor, back into the light, and this paved the way so that the true message about Ardor’s fall to darkness was able to come out in the terrestrial world. However, as has always been the case, darkness did not surrender without a fight. And in this article I will show how darkness, unfortunately, succeeded once again to create confusion and mislead many of those who had accepted Toward the Light! by sneaking in bogus ideas in one of the works published in connection with TtL.











































































Mrs Agerskov’s sister, Emma Mathiesen and her husband were given this magnificent copy as a present from the Agerskov couple. Above the dedication is shown. Jeanne was Johanne Agerskov’s nickname in the family. Photo: Sverre Avnskog.

March 3, 1912 – The Light Emerged Victorious in the Spiritual World!

In only a decade from now we can celebrate the centenary of the event whereby God’s angels, headed by their leader Christ managed to heal the dissension emerging in the spiritual world when some of God’s first creations didn’t manage to resist self-admiring thoughts, when God told them that he still had not made up his mind which of them he would select for the task of guiding the new creatures he had planned to create, namely the humans. And once the eldest, as they are called in Toward the Light! , had allowed themselves the idea of their superiority in relation to their brothers and sisters to lodge in their mind, in reality they had already succumbed to darkness and it gained increasingly more power over their thoughts. This fall to darkness was the start of a struggle between light and darkness in the spiritual as well as in the terrestrial world which was to last for millions of years, and earth became the arena of this struggle waving back and forth throughout history and inflicted immense sufferings upon mankind. But in the long run the darkness could not match the superiority of the light, and the youngest of God’s angels emerged victorious thanks to their tireless and never faltering effort to lead mankind forward towards increasing spiritual and cultural maturity and by means of their self-sacrificing loving deeds for their fallen brothers and sisters in order to win them back to the light.  The youngest won the final victory over darkness in the spiritual world when Christ on March 3, 1912 was able to bring the prince of darkness – the devil – to the small country of Denmark, where a couple of loving people, Johanne and Michael Agerskov out of the compassion of their hearts forgave the devil all the evil he had brought onto them, and by so doing awakened the devil’s memories of life in the spheres and about the mild and benevolent creator of our spiritual consciousness, God! Ardor, as the devil’s name shall henceforth be, was granted one year of rest in heaven, but God imposed on him to return to the humans in order to tell them about his evil deeds and in order to request his creatures, the human beings, for forgiveness, because it was not God who created our physical body, rather the creators were the fallen angels who brought darkness onto earth and created the first humans in order to try to bring about some order in the chaos that darkness had created on the globe of light that God had created. And Ardor fulfilled God’s commandment and gave his account through the medium Johanne Agerskov, and in 1920 her husband Michael Agerskov published Ardor’s penance account together with an extensive and coherent presentation of life from the very start and until our time in the work entitled “Toward the Light!”.

However Darkness Had Not Been Eradicated on Earth!

But even if victory over darkness had now been won in the spiritual world, light had not yet conquered on earth where darkness still was hovering heavily above and around the humans.  And in spite of the darkness being perishable and sooner or later must surrender, it will not do so without a fight, and in 1920 many of Ardor’s conspirators were still incarnated on earth, and in the ether were stored numerous evil images of the future, contrived and schemed by Ardor, and from these ether images flowed evil thoughts, subjugating many peoples’ thinking and willpower and imbuing their minds as mental “bombs”, causing a chain reaction of evil thoughts, that in its turn led to evil deeds, and mankind entered one of its most evil eras with two world wars during which millions of people suffered and were killed in brutal ways. And mankind was still suffering heavily under the evil deeds of the eldest – for the eldest still living on earth bullied their way into leadership positions in many countries, and no one superseded the eldest in terms of thirst for power and malice. Just think about Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler, each of whom has tens of millions of human lives on their conscience.

And paradoxically enough, it was the very serious situation of the earth in the period between the wars, caused by the evil plans of Ardor and that the remaining eldest were compliant slaves of darkness, which the eldest were to take advantage of as their most important pretext in the struggle to obfuscate the clear and simple message of Toward the Light!. Under the cover of a proclaimed wish to save mankind, later it would emerge that darkness as usual managed to sneak in adulterated ideas in the message that the light had finally managed to bring to earth. The work in itself, Toward the Light!, was of course already in the earthly world, and it was too late to make changes to the already existing text. But it was not too late to publish an additional text to Toward the Light! in which the simple teachings in the book could be further developed, be put into a new logical context and be provided a new and distorted content, in exactly the same way as the eldest have attempted at all times to distort and adulterate the teachings of the youngest.


Before Ardor was defeated by the light in 1912 he had incarnated some of the most belligerent of the eldest in order for them to implement his evil schemes. A good example of this is Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945. Photo: The internet.

Characteristic for these eldest was their totally ruthless and unscrupulous governance, where a human life was worth nothing. Joseph Stalin, 1878-1953, is another example. Photo: The internet.

Also in the “free” and democratic countries the eldest were richly represented. Personally, I am convinced that J. Edgar Hoover, 1895-1962, was one of them. Photo: The internet.

The Eldest Continued to Sow Confusion!

After the publication of Toward the Light! in 1920, Johanne Agerskov continued to receive responses from the youngest to various questions, such that she could, among other things, defend the work against attacks in the media as well as contribute to explain in-depth the many big themes from Toward the Light! in relation to people asking questions. From 1934 there is a significant correspondence between Mrs Agerskov and the local bailiff in Frederikstad in Norway, Ludvig Dahl, and her very close friend, author and librarian Christian Jørgensen, respectively. The daughter of the local bailiff, Ingeborg Køber, was active as a medium for the extrasensory world, and she communicated for a number of years with her two deceased brothers during séances, while she herself was in a somnolent state,  whereby one of the dead brothers would guide her hand on a board where the alphabet had been drawn up. In this way much information about the extrasensory world was produced, but the world depicted in these presentations was clearly at odds with what had come out in Toward the Light!. Johanne Agerskov sent letters on a couple of occasions to Ludvig Dahl in order to warn him, because she felt that he was being tricked by some of the eldest, and in the letters to Christian Jørgensen she wrote even more exhaustively and explained in detail how the eldest in a very clever and cunning way is able to imitate even the youngest perfectly and trick anybody to believe that they were dealing with their well-known and deceased family members, while in reality they were hoodwinked by some of the evil spirits, who abused them in order to create confusion about the extrasensory conditions. And Johanne Agerskov also explained that Ingeborg Køber in reality was one of the eldest, who in a liberated state during sleep was able to travel over great distances to perform at séances anywhere. But bailiff Ludvig Dahl, who incidentally was a warmhearted and friendly person, albeit somewhat naïve, was convinced that he did mankind a great favor by telling about the daughter and his own activities, and he published several books. The whole thing ended tragically for the Dahl family: The wife committed suicide when it was revealed that she had embezzled money from local public funds, Ludvig Dahl himself died by drowning under very mysterious circumstances, and the daughter Ingeborg Køber was arrested and put in prison, accused of having murdered her father because information gradually had come out alleging that several of those who had participated in séances at the Dahl residence had received information through Ingeborg Køber  about the imminent death of Ludvig Dahl, and they had been requested by the spirits to come forward with this after his death, in order to help this way in proving towards society that the spiritual beings really do exist and that the spirit lives on after the bodily death. But instead of this case serving as proof of the continued life of the spirit after death, it became a tragic evidence of how incredibly dangerous it was to let oneself “play” with the eldest, for these evil spirits did not leave a single stone unturned to damage those that became victims of their carefully contrived play, and their goal was always to create confusion and to destroy. The case of the Køber family in Fredrikstad embarrassed the entire Nordic spiritual milieu for many years to follow and thus contributed to a situation whereby everything regarding the extrasensory world was tainted with suspicion, in spite of Ingeborg Køber in fact never being sentenced for the murder of her father. But thanks to Johanne Agerskov mentioning this case in her letters, and thanks to her accounts of how the eldest operate, she made it possible for us to reveal what in fact happened to herself only a few years later – because it turned out that even such a talented and truth-loving medium as Johanne Agerskov could not avoid attacks by the eldest. Was it perhaps an attempt from the extrasensory side to warn her about what might happen to herself when she, through Christian Jørgensen, was made aware of how the eldest had managed to trick Ludvig Dahl?






















































































The bailiff in Frederikstad, Norway, Ludvig Dahl, 1864-1934. He was convinced that he was in contact with his dead sons, Ragnar and Ludvig , through the medium of his daughter, Ingeborg.

According to Johanne Agerskov the daughter, Ingeborg Køber, was one of the eldest. After her father’s death under mysterious circumstances she was arrested and charged with his murder however never convicted. She was one of the eldest and able to move over great distances in a liberated state during sleep.

Mrs Agerskov was also told by her spiritual leader that the bailiff had in fact had contact with the sons, Ragnar and Ludvig, during a very short period after their death, but then the eldest took over the stage quite imperceptibly and without arousing the least suspicion with the bailiff, who was convinced that he continued to communicate with his sons.

1938 – Darkness Strikes Back!

According to her own testimony, Johanne Agerskov was in 1938 contacted once more by her spiritual leader, Leo, in order to serve as an agent of a new message from the extrasensory world to the leaders of the Danish church, aiming at awakening them, if possible, and have them acknowledge their big responsibility for not having accepted the great gift offered them in Toward the Light!. Already at this stage the warning lamps ought to have flashed vigorously for Johanne Agerskov, for she probably realized that the leaders of the Danish church already many years ago had wasted a unique chance to receive God’s own message in the terrestrial world.  The bishops and the priests in Denmark had their golden opportunity in 1920 and the years after that, but when they were not able to penetrate the darkness and come forward with the message handed over to them at that opportunity, by this they had made themselves unsuitable for the assignment. We know of several cases from Toward the Light! showing that the spirits of the light only call the youngest a certain number of times, and if they don’t heed the call after a certain number of repeated attempts, then the chance has been wasted, and there will be no more attempts in that incarnation. The most striking example is when God reminded Jesus about the prayer for Ardor in the very moment when Ardor was invisible by his side and tried to sneak in pompous thoughts into his mind. If we are to take what is related in Ardor’s story quite literally, then God asked Jesus twice to pray for him that had fallen deepest of all, but when Jesus did not manage to remember the prayer for Ardor in this decisive moment and instead prayed for help for himself – then the chance had been wasted in that incarnation, and there was no point in making a new attempt to pray for Ardor, for since Jesus could not manage to carry out the assignment when he was at his absolute zenith of his love and compassion with the humans, obviously he would not be able to do it at a later stage. Since darkness had defeated him at this decisive point, his capacity for love and empathy would not be able to develop further. From Michael Agerskov’s work “Some Psychic Experiences” we know that the youngest got permission to call on Johanne Agerskov three times. When the guardian angel found that she had attained a certain level of understanding of the spiritual connections, her father’s spirit was given the task to find the right way to call on her, and he chose to produce three times three metallic strokes in the home of the couple, because as a young girl she had been so fascinated by the sound of hearing the church bells striking to signal the setting sun. But these strokes, apparently coming from a lamp with a metal foot, resulted in Johanne Agerskov becoming very frightened and demanding that whoever caused the strokes must cease, and because she was a head-strong person Malling-Hansen’s spirit, Leo, had to respect her demand, and the strokes stopped. The second time Leo called her it was by striking a string on the piano of the family as Mrs Agerskov entered the room, after her husband having asked for a sign since there were spiritual beings in the room. However, also this time she did not understood that she was being contacted. But the third time, when the couple for the very first time participated in a séance, and it was announced to them that Johanne was the medium and that spiritual intelligences wished to contact her, Johanne Agerskov somewhat reluctantly agreed to try to respond to their call. But Michael Agerskov relates in “Some Psychic Experiences” that if she had not reacted at the third attempt, then the chance would have been missed and no more attempts would have been made.  From Toward the Light! we also know that God several times whispered to Joseph of Arimathea in his inner mind that he must support Jesus and not let him down, but doubt haunted Joseph and prevented him from acting, darkness tied him more and more such that he was unable to break, by himself, the increasing power of darkness over him, and at a certain point in time it became pointless to remind him of his promise to support Jesus. A few of those that received Toward the Light! had probably long before 1920 been led more or less astray by darkness and were certainly completely unsuitable to become spokespersons for the work, but otherwise we must assume that the around 60 priests and the seven bishops who received Toward the Light! each and every one in his own individual way experienced a situation similar to that of Jesus, Joseph or Johanne Agerskov, when their conscience whispered to them that they in Toward the Light! were facing the truth, and that they must step forward with it even at the risk of losing their office, and in similar fashion surely one or more of the eldest, in liberated state during sleep, have been at their side, covered them with darkness and confused them, sneaking ideas into their mind about the book being a dangerous work of the devil that they should stay away from. The around 70 men of the cloth have obviously not been in this situation at exactly the same time; the guardian angel has, such as in the case of Jesus, had to choose the time with the best chance to succeed in bringing about an understanding in that person, and this must for each one take place when he was at the zenith of his religious maturity, and the correct situation for each one could probably vary within a certain period of time after the publication of Toward the Light! – and therefore it was necessary from the extrasensory side to provide the priests and the bishops a certain time for each and everyone to reach his acme. But we know from Toward the Light! that when one of God’s emissaries at this apogee does not manage to resist darkness, eventually he or she will complete stagnate in this field in life, often even in all areas, because the defeat to darkness in this important area more often than not will result in darkness winning more and more victories over the person, such that the crucial point in time becomes the absolute apex of all areas of that person’s life!

Bishop of Sjælland 1911-1922: Harald Ostenfeld, 1864-1934. Photo: RLC.

Bishop of Århus 1916-1931: Thomas Larsen Schiøler, 1861-1939. Photo: RLC.

Bishop of Fyen 1903-1922: Lauritz Nicolai Balslev, 1845-1923. Photo: RLC.

Bishop of Aalborg 1915-1930: Christian Ludwigs, 1877-1930. Photo: RLC.

Bishop of Lolland-Falster 1907 – 1923: Caspar F.J. Wegener, 1851-1930.

Bishop of Ribe 1901-1922: Peter Gabriel Koch, 1858-1922. Photo: RLC.

Bishop of Sjælland 1911-1922: Harald Ostenfeld, 1864-1934.  Photo: RLC

Johanne Agerskov in 1923: The Era of Priests is Past!

Sometimes in 1923 it was obvious that from the extrasensory side it had been realized that all priests and bishops had passed their apex and that all of them had missed the timing, meaning that there would not be any reformation of the Danish church by initiative from the church leaders. In a letter to reverend Wemmelund, responding to some of his many questions to the extrasensory side – noted by Johanne Agerskov on July 23,1923 – she writes:

“The priests – the shepherds – have each and everyone let down their promise to God, their time is over.”

The letter states very clearly that if there are to be any changes in the religious teachings of the church, then such a change must come by initiative from the congregation members. The priests have made themselves unsuitable. On this background it is more than strange that the extrasensory side wanted to make yet another attempt in relation to the bishops, considering that probably several of them had received Toward the Light! in 1920 without reacting, and some of the bishops were not even among those who had promised to participate in a reformation of the church. I cannot come to any other conclusion than that this attempt, based on what we are told about such situations in Toward the Light!, was doomed to fail. But on the other hand I also do not believe that it really was Leo who contacted Johanne Agerskov in 1938 – rather it was one of the eldest imitating her father’s spirit, and that the aim of the approach was not at all to win over the bishops for the sake of Toward the Light! but to trick Johanne Agerskov into publishing a work specially designed to create division and to confuse and adulterate the message given in Toward the Light!

But for this evil scheme against Toward the Light! to succeed, the eldest were dependent upon several conditions being at hand. In order to succeed with the counterattack of darkness, it was of utmost importance that Toward the Light! not be accepted by the Danish priests and bishops immediately after the publication, and that the truths of the work not become established and known at the time of the publication. Once the book had become publicly known it would be very, very difficult to adulterate the content and mislead the supporters at a later stage, in particular if the reformation of the church had taken place. Secondly, the new publication must fulfill a credible purpose, and it must have a respectable aim. Furthermore, the medium and publisher of Toward the Light! must be mentally ready to receive and publish a manuscript of a character totally different from the main work. The eldest had to be able to trick the medium, Johanne Agerskov, into believing that the new manuscript was dictated by one of the youngest. And one of the eldest who was to carry out the final attack, dictating a new manuscript that was to undermine Toward the Light!,  had to know in and out all the works related to Toward the Light! and in addition had to know in detail about the youngest who had previously revealed themselves to the medium Johanne Agerskov.

The break-through of Toward the Light Had to be Prevented!

And eventually it became apparent that the eldest were fully capable in making sure that all these conditions were completely fulfilled, and that should come as no surprise to anyone, because the eldest are far more advanced than the humans in terms of mental capacity and will-power, and their brilliant talents in discarnated state or when liberated during a state of sleep is way beyond anything a human being is able to imagine. And those of the eldest who had kept their capacity to detach themselves from their body and move over great distances during sleep had all possibilities to move from any geographical position on the globe to Denmark, where the medium and her husband had their home. The eldest who were to carry out the attack on Toward the Light! could therefore in principle be living in any place on earth.

When Toward the Light! had been printed it was sent, as mentioned, to around 60 Danish priests and all the seven bishops, these being the highest leaders of the church each in their part of the country. The publishers of the book received by dictation from the extrasensory side a list of the priests, and according to the spirits all of these priests and bishops had been incarnated with the purpose of receiving Toward the Light! in case it were to succeed to transmit the work to earth, and all of them had made a promise to God before their incarnation according to which they would participate in a reformation of the Danish church on the basis of Toward the Light! All of these men of the cloth were of course, just like all other human beings who have not yet forgiven Ardor, restrained by ties of darkness to Ardor’s maledictions, and in addition I regard it as self-evident that all of them were exposed to evil and confusing thought inspiration from Ardor’s ether images. Ardor was capable of reaching all men of the church with his ether images and he did not need to know in advance the identity of each single one, rather he could design the ether images such that they would strike at everyone that held office in church. From some of Johanne Agerskov’s letters we know of the identity of some of these priests, and I know that in some cases these were priests who had experienced deep personal crises in their life, possibly provoked by the evil flows of thought from the eldest, and in addition to being stricken both by Ardor’s maledictions and ether images we must safely assume that some of the eldest in their sleep-liberated state were by their side at the decisive moment, pulling darkness around them and confusing their thoughts, such that it became quite impossible for them to remember their vow to become spokespersons for Toward the Light! In some cases they instead ended up fighting against the work for which they really should have worked to being spread, for instance dean Martensen-Larsen. This has often been the fate of the youngest in their life on earth, and there is no reason to reproach them for the power of darkness is terrible, and the genius of the eldest surpasses humans to such an extent that we are often totally defenseless against their attacks. Also I would not be surprised if many of the eldest were incarnated as men of the cloth holding office in Denmark at this point in time, and they have evidently also been able to contribute a lot to what became the position of the church – namely to brand Toward the Light! as spiritism and thereafter bypass the work in silence. And the eldest succeeded fully in preventing Toward the Light! in becoming publicly known at the publication in 1920. By this, the very first precondition for being able to launch an effective counterattack was at hand.





















































Hans Martensen-Larsen, 1867-1929, referred to Toward the Light! in his very critical book about spiritism from 1922, however he was “kind” in his comment and had a lot of sympathy for Michael and Johanne Agerskov. Photo: RLC.

Peter M. Wemmelund, 1870-1955, was the only one of the Danish priests who before his incarnation had promised to support Toward the Light! to keep his promise, albeit furtively. He gave financial support to several of the publications. Photo: RLC.

Peder Severinsen, 1869-1939, wrote a review of Knud Brønnum’s book “A Speech Never Given”, and the Agerskovs in 1930 sent him a copy of “Questions and Answers II” for which he wrote back and thanked them. Two letters for him are preserved in Johanne Agerskov’s Copy-Books.Photo: RLC.

Thorvald Kierkegaard, 1878-1965, was in his younger days very positive to “Greeting to Denmark” and knew several of the chapters of Toward the Light! before the work was published. He used many of the ideas from TtL in his sermons at the Unitarian Church, but he never went public with his support. Photo: RLC.

The World War Was Threatening!

When Toward the Light! was sent for the first time to the men of the cloth in 1920 there was the hope and wish from the extrasensory side that they would be able to recognize this message from God and that the content would affect them to such an extent that they in fact reacted the way Ardor was beseeching them to do, namely to forgive him. For if they reacted thus they would have become released from the fetters of darkness that tied them to Ardor’s evil maledictions, and their improved capacity to differentiate clearly between light and darkness would have made them much better suited to becoming spokespersons for Toward the Light! in relation to their colleagues, and collectively they could have accomplished a reformation of the Danish church and purified all the false ideas sneaked in by darkness and the adulterations from the Jesus’ simple and beautiful teachings about love. We don’t know if any of the priests in fact took the step to forgive Ardor, but we do know that the intended reformation did not take place, and the church bypassed Toward the Light! practically in total silence.

And since the light had not succeeded in conquering in 1920, for many people perhaps it would not be any surprise that a new call could be sent to the priests and the bishops from the extrasensory side in an attempt to make them react at some point later on. Because not everyone who had accepted Toward the Light! were equally aware of all details in the book, and unfortunately many had probably forgotten what was said about Jesus, about there being no point in having him make one more attempt to pray for Ardor, when he did not manage to penetrate darkness at his first attempt. And least of all would it awaken the suspicion of the Toward the Light!-supporters if the new reminder to the bishops had the apparently noble motive to save mankind from an imminent disaster. The right time to do this had come in 1938. Europe was in a crisis, dangers were threatening everywhere, big despots had the power in many countries and had already started rattling the swords, and the fear in many people for a coming world war with violent destruction and the suffering and death of millions of people became the good pretext that the eldest needed to distribute a new and very serious reminder to the Danish bishops about their responsibility if they did not accede to God’s wish to reform the church. Incidentally, the most paradoxical about this situation was that it was the eldest themselves who had caused the world to be on the brink of its own destruction and now wanted to use this tragic global situation as a pretext to launch a counterattack on Toward the Light! by publishing a new manuscript, that would contribute to adulterating and distorting the content of the book under cover of a wish to save the world from the threatening destruction that they themselves had brought about! Talk about black logic!

Darkness attacked the Agerskov Family from Within!

Johanne and Michael Agerskov had proven themselves to be very honest and trustworthy persons, and the extrasensory world could hardly imagine better people on their side. Through their work as transmitters of the extrasensory truths they had proved that they had the capacity to resist the attacks of darkness, and the planned books were transmitted and published in a way that fully satisfied God. However, the eldest evidently do not only work in the short run, rather they make sure to let darkness work on their victims slowly but surely over a long period of time. Obviously the representatives of darkness have pulled the darkness around the Agerskov couple and tried to strike them with the evil schemes of darkness in every possible way. By means of their enormous mental capacity the eldest are capable of influencing humans’ thoughts, and apart from the wall of silence from the church the couple was exposed to critique from the spiritistic environment, from family members, from the media and even from supporters of Toward the Light!, and many of these have doubtlessly been incited by the thought flows of the eldest. In 1936 Johanne Agerskov published an open letter that was read out at the annual meeting of the “Society for the Dissemination of Toward the Light” and in which she responded to the criticism to which she had been exposed from the supporters of Toward the Light!. Many people felt that she contributed far too little to making Toward the Light! known, and also they could not understand how she, being one of the youngest, could be in such bad health. We mustn’t forget that Johanne Agerskov took upon herself quite an enormous task, being an interpreter for the extrasensory world, and it was no doubt a very tiresome and strenuous work. In one of her letters she writes that often she was so worn out that she didn’t know how she would manage to continue and from where she were to gather her strength, but thanks to her strong will-power and her sense of duty in relation to the task she had accepted, she always managed to move on. In order not to waste unnecessary energy in other areas of life, she sacrificed basically everything in terms of social gatherings, visits to the theatre and opera etc, and because she felt that sunlight disturbed her mediumistic faculties, she mostly stayed indoors with the curtains drawn. However, clearly this isolation and the enormous work effort had their consequences for her health. And both spouses were heavily marked by disease; Mrs Agerskov suffered for many years of serious bronchitis in addition to massive gallstones seizures. In 1928 Michael Agerskov was severely afflicted by the Spanish Flue pandemic, and one of the effects was that he was afflicted by a steadily progressive paralysis of the muscles, that turned him into a patient and gradually paralyzed him. Finally, the paralysis also reached the heart muscle, and he died, only 60 years old, in 1933. Personally I have no doubt that the extensive suffering of the Agerskov couple with various diseases is because the eldest persecuted them and wrapped darkness around them as tightly as possible. And how can I assert this with such certainty? Because things have been like this as long as mankind has existed! Each and every time a representative of the light has tried to bring the truths of the light to the knowledge of mankind, he has been attacked by darkness, doing everything in its power to make that person unsuitable to carry out the mission which he has promised God to accomplish. And in too many cases the representatives of the darkness have also succeeded in confusing the youngest and bringing them under the spell of darkness. Obviously, this situation doesn’t change just by Ardor having turned, for many of his brothers and sisters were still incarnated on earth, and both Ardor’s maledictions and the ether images were hovering heavily above the earth. I do not doubt in the least that the eldest knew they were dependent upon getting rid of Michael Agerskov in order to succeed in making Mrs Agerskov publish a false text, because when alone she would be far, far more vulnerable to attacks by the eldest. Comparing the two, Johanne was a headstrong and proud person, while Michael Agerskov was a truly kindhearted man through and through; considerate and amiable and with a great understanding of literary effects through his own career as a writer and his literary studies. I am bold enough to venture the assertion that the eldest would not possibly have succeeded in having Johanne Agerskov receive and publish the Episcopal Letter in case her husband had still been alive. But we know that a strong will very easily can develop into self-righteousness, and Johanne Agerskov could be very undiplomatic and straightforward in her statements, and the letters to Chr Jørgensen from 1938 clearly show that she had very limited ability to listen to a friend. It seems as if she could not bear any more adversity and became so very hurt by the objections of the previously close friend, that instead of treating his counter-arguments seriously she broke off all connection with him. I also feel reasonably certain that the eldest made sure to have one of their own placed centrally in the Agerskov family, by incarnating one of the eldest as the daughter of  the couple; Inger Johanne Agerskov. God and the youngest incarnate the spirits in the fourth or fifth month of the pregnancy, while Ardor incarnated the eldest already in the third month of the pregnancy, such that Ardor has always been able to forestall the spirits of light and could incarnate the eldest to his best advantage. And I cannot imagine otherwise than that Ardor surely must have wanted to incarnate one of the eldest as the daughter of the Agerskov couple, for how else could he pull them under the influence of darkness in a more effective way? Some people will probably accuse me of maligning the memory of Inger Agerskov, and evidently I cannot prove my allegation that she was one of the eldest, but it is not difficult to substantiate it by studying her life and by reading the letters she wrote in 1938 in defense of the text dictated to Mrs Agerskov that year and sent to many priests and all the bishops in Denmark – “An Open Collective Letter to All Bishops in the Country”, known as the Episcopal Letter. Her letter of defense is construed by legitimizing a number of premises that to an untrained eye may seem reasonable and trustworthy, but by closer scrutiny prove themselves to be completely false, and by means of these false postulates she constructs a logic, ending in conclusions miles away from the truths of the light, but which apparently appear unassailable because they are completely logic in their structure. Incidentally, Inger Agerskov became deranged in her 50-ies and was a patient for three years at the psychiatric ward of the Frederiksberg Hospital, and according to her psychiatrist she was incurably insane. According to the family members who nursed her in her old age, she was terribly cantankerous during the last years of her life. As a child she also had some form of clairvoyance and could see spiritual beings with her inner eye – and only the eldest and the youngest can do that. However, Inger Agerskov was not the kind of eldest we would regard as clearly evil, rather in her youth she appeared to be a perfectly normal young woman. And Johanne Agerskov mentions in some of her letters from 1934 that those of the eldest who let themselves be incarnated frequently throughout history were given a flash of light from God at the conception, just like the humans, such that after many incarnations they had finally acquired so much light to their personality that they on the surface appeared as perfectly normal persons, even friendly and humorous. But on certain occasions and when they had reason their true nature would emerge, and in Inger Agerskov’s defense of the Episcopal Letter it is truly her dark side speaking; she does write in an ingratiating and friendly way, but her conclusions are entirely clouded with darkness. And not only Inger Agerskov appears to be darkened in her way of thinking at this point in time. Her mother, Johanne Agerskov, who had loyally served as a medium for the spirits of the light her entire life also bears telltale signs of being rather worn out, bitter and disappointed, and in addition obviously stricken by the same kind of pessimism and gloomy outlook as her daughter. And I have to say that the letters bear witness that her mind appears darkened to such an extent that she was not able to distinguish a text of the light, originating from the spirits of the light, from a text of darkness such as the Episcopal Letter, imbued with pessimism and destructive ideas. Hence, it is very unlikely that she would react to the text on account of its content, such as she reacted when she was young once when a spirit of the darkness tried to trick her, but at that time she reacted because the message that the false spirit presented was to such an extent against her own judgment that she with her full will-power demanded to have the message repeated in God’s name, and by doing so she had broken the power of the evil spirit over her. But what if she had not reacted to the content but found it likely because it harmonized with her own views?

It is also part of the picture of Johanne Agerskov’s mental condition in her old age that before her death she had all her photos destroyed out of a kind of fear that immature people would hatch the idea of elevating her to some kind of divine status and begin to worship her in case there were photos of her. But apparently her daughter managed to save her own photo album which had some photos of her mother and many of her father. In this album we can clearly see that Johanne Agerskov only very rarely went outdoors, whereas father and daughter were on many excursions, tours and family visits together. In my view this fear of Mrs Agerskov of being worshipped because of some photos was completely unfounded; if someone wishes to put her on a pedestal, then they are certainly not dependent upon having photos. Just look at Jesus – people had no picture of him but still made him a “God”! And the paradox is that this elimination of pictures which could show that she, apart from her God-given mediumistic gifts, was merely an ordinary woman, has contributed to mystifying her, and I am of the opinion that the dearth of photos and information about her life in general has contributed to glorifying her, creating myths around her person. I have personally searched photos of her in many sources and have found a total of 11 pictures which I have published together with all the biographical information I have been able to trace, in order to contribute to presenting a historical picture of her, counteracting a possible exaltation of her to divine status.

































































































































Johanne Agerskov, 1873-1946, was severely afflicted by bronchitis and biliary colic. Photo: Private.

Michael Agerskov, 1870-1933, had a serious case of the Spanish flu in 1928 and was subsequently stricken by steadily worsening muscular paralyses, at the end reaching the heart muscle. Photo: Private.

Inger Agerskov, 1900-1968, became disabled after a cerebral stroke and a subsequent mental illness at the end of the 1940-ies and was a patient at the Frederiksberg Hospital for 3 years. Photo: Private.

The Ingenuous Transformation Tricks of the Eldest.

In the letters from 1934 where Johanne Agerskov mentions the so-called Køber-case in Frederikstad in Norway, she herself tells about the ingenuous talents of the eldest in discarnated state or liberated while asleep, being able to imitate anybody – even the youngest – in such a convincing way that they can trick anybody. The eldest are quite simply able to make a complete transformation of themselves and turn into identical copies of the person they wish to impersonate. Admittedly, Mrs Agerskov writes that they can be revealed on account of the evil charisma emanating from them, but if the person exposed to the hoax is sufficiently covered by darkness from the start, then that person will of course not be able to uncover the hoax. And in my judgment this was in fact the case with Johanne Agerskov.  In addition to being able to transform themselves into an identical copy of anybody, the eldest can also imitate that person’s voice, choice of words and manner of speech in such a way that by the way they speak and how they pick their words they seem one hundred percent credible. And once a medium has embarked upon communicating with one of the eldest, it will be completely impossible for the youngest to reach them with a warning! The eldest are able to pull darkness so densely around the person that the youngest are unable to penetrate it! Johanne Agerskov was in reality defenseless when the eldest made their counterattack against Toward the Light! in 1938!

But what about the knowledge about the content of Toward the Light! and what about the knowledge about the spiritual persons who had previously been in contact with Johanne Agerskov?  Does it seem likely that there really were some of the eldest who had such a degree of insight into these areas that they were able to make a credible copy of one of the youngest as well as being able to present a message so adjacent to the terminology and content of Toward the Light! that it had a chance of being accepted by Mrs Agerskov? In my view there were at least two suitable candidates for this task. One was the world famous athlete and health expert J.P.Müller, who in the early part of the 1930-ies launched a persecution campaign against Toward the Light! and against the Agerskov couple. He was obviously one of the eldest, with exceptional talents in many fields, having extrasensory hearing abilities, and he maintained over a long period of time contact with extrasensory spirits who judging from their behavior clearly must have belonged to the eldest. Jørgen Peter Müller, as his full name was, lived until the autumn of 1938, and he knew very well Toward the Light! which he had evidently read. Indications are that another candidate is perhaps more likely, namely Michael and Johanne Agerskov’s own daughter, Inger Agerskov. Who could know the parents and their publications better than her? No one, of course. And that Ardor was very much aware that the Agerskov couple had been incarnated in order to play an important role for the dissemination of the light, I am quite convinced, because Ardor knew all of the youngest through all their incarnations, and both Johanne and Michael Agerskov belonged to a group of the youngest who at an early stage had accepted the assignment, together with Christ, to try and recall the prayer for Ardor, and they had previously shown that they had a unique ability to follow their conscience. Therefore, to incarnate one of their own as their daughter could become a very important element in pulling darkness around them and make them unsuitable to work for the light. But how could Inger Agerskov dictate a text to her mother when they lived together in the same apartment in Denmark and were probably awake and asleep at approximately the same hours of the day and night? One answer is that Johanne Agerskov preferred to work during nighttime – we know this among other things from her letter of 1938, and hence it would be perfectly possible for Inger to sleep in her bed in her bedroom, while at the same time her spirit, transformed into an identical copy of her grandfather Rasmus Malling-Hansen’s spirit, Leo, dictated the Episcopal Letter to her mother, who had difficulties sleeping at night. These are mere speculations, some might say – yet quite possible and very plausible, I would claim.

Jørgen Peter Müller, 1866-1938, initially tried to contact the Agerskov couple under the guise of wanting to support their work but was rather soon exposed as a malicious adversary of Toward the Light! Photo: RLC.

This is what the Norwegian medium, Ingeborg Køber, looked like when she was in a state of trance and spiritual personalities were guiding her hand on the ouija board. According to Johanne Agerskov Miss Køber was one of the eldest, and she could perform in séances anywhere. One doesn’t need much imagination to surmise that her spirit has been active in the spiritistic milieu all over Scandinavia.

In my view I.P.Müller, Ingeborg Køber and Inger Agerskov are all very likely candidates to having authored the Episcopal Letter. They all revealed very dark sides of their personality and had motive, capability as well as opportunity to attempt to adulterate the message of Toward the Light! Personally I am inclined to think it was Inger Agerskov. Photo: Private.

The Episcopal Letter – the Ideas of the Devil, Couched in the Terminology of Toward the Light!

The Episcopal Letter was sent to 1270 people of the Danish society in February 1938. Hence, the message was spread to many people; to all members of the “Society for the Dissemination of Toward the Light!”, to the nine Danish bishops and otherwise to media persons and other persons representing all layers of Danish society. Therefore there is no foundation in the point of view, advocated by a few, that this letter is only to be regarded as a private letter to the nine Danish bishops. Obviously, it was necessary for the publishers to distribute the letter to as many people as possible. And one has to admit that the letter certainly was of the greatest interest to all mankind, since it talks about the fatal and fateful, almost inconceivably great consequences for mankind in case the nine bishops did not decide to reform, within the deadline of two years, the Danish church on the basis of Toward the Light!. Only 18 years before, the youngest had succeeded in completing the shorter road God had shown them, something that God had promised would lead to brighter times for everyone, for the light had now conquered in the spiritual world. But then the Episcopal Letter also tells us that the world in 1938 was facing the perhaps greatest disaster in the history of mankind; yes, I would even claim that what the Episcopal Letter tells us could become the result, if the bishops if the bishops did not accept Toward the Light! as the truth, must be the deepest tragedy that could ever strike human beings – namely that God might sever all connection with us , possibly for several millions of years, or as it is said in the text:

“Now is the time, now you (the bishops) must decide, whether you will keep your promises to our Father – or whether you are going to turn scornfully away from Him and from His request. But remember that God cannot in the long run endure to observe what is happening in the earthly world. The suffering and misery of millions of people have caused an infinite sorrow in His mind. He is sorely yearning to be able to bring help and peace to the suffering humans. But he is not able to do that until you have accepted His message. And if you do not want to do so, then He must, possibly, for a very long period sever all connection with mankind – possibly for millions of years – until mankind has descended so deeply into darkness, sin and misdeeds that He by his emissaries can begin - all over again – a new attempt to lead them out of darkness, toward the Light!”

Toward the Light! tells us what was really behind the myth about hell; it was in no way a place God had instituted in order to let all those who don’t believe in him suffer eternal torments, rather it came about because the fall of the eldest to darkness had destroyed the beautiful world that God had originally placed around the world and which was to serve as abode for the angels when they were to lead the humans towards mental maturity. And it is also said that when almost all of the discarnated eldest and the earth-bound spirits had returned to the light in the beginning of the 20th century, God erased the sphere of hell once and for all, and it does not exist any longer and no one needs any longer fear the torments of hell. But now the Episcopal Letter appeared and said that hell would possibly be re-introduced – and this time on earth itself and by initiative of God, and the goal was that mankind was to sink so deeply into darkness, sin and misdeeds as could come because God found himself forced to break off all connection with human beings, since they did not believe in Toward the Light! and he could no longer endure to watch their sufferings.

And this hell everyone must endure to live in, whether they already were supporters of Toward the Light! or not. Whereas those who had the correct belief in Christianity would avoid hell, consequently the “God” of the Episcopal Letter would not make any difference whatsoever – each and everyone was doomed to suffer this terrible existence irrespective of his or her belief or good deeds or misdeeds, in case the nine Danish bishops would chose Toward the Light! rather than the traditional form of Christianity. In other words, the belief in hell as something created by “God” for humans to suffer was abolished by Toward the Light! but reintroduced in the Episcopal Letter, and this took place only a couple of decades after the old sphere of hell having been erased and God having promised that brighter times were to come for all!

It is quite unfathomable that anybody who supports Toward the Light! can really believe that what is claimed in the Episcopal Letter can be true.  The entire Toward the Light! is imbued with the deep love of God  and with his infinite patience with us human beings, alas, in the speech of God’s servant it is stated:

“Humans! Your Father is yearning for you; he follows you in good and in evil. He follows you in grief and in happiness whether you are wandering in the deepest of darkness or in the brightest of lights. His love for you is immeasurable and his patience is without limits.”

Is the picture of God depicted here compatible with the statement in the Episcopal Letter that God can no longer endure that which is happening in the earthly world? No, for it is said that God will follow us in sorrow and joy whether we are wandering in the deepest darkness or in the brightest of lights. And even if times were certainly dark on earth in 1938, it is not said anywhere in Toward the Light! that there are limits for what God can endure or what he can become tired of. And even if God has limited his prescience about the future choices of each and every human being, he has, of course, not limited his abilities! Obviously God does not become surprised with the evil events of earth, because He and the youngest know at any time what Ardor has planned, since all of Ardor’s plans can be traced and seen in the ether. To claim that the situation in 1938 could have come as a surprise to God is therefore quite absurd! And if it really was true that God had to break off all connection with mankind for several millions of years because he was tired, how on earth would God be able to recover his energy once more by living for millions of years in uncertainty about how life was turning out for his dear beloved creatures – but with certainty that their sufferings probably surpassed everything that mankind previously had had to endure. How on earth might this painful period for God lead to him regaining his strength? Of all sufferings parents have to endure when their children are faring badly it is always the uncertainty about what could happen to them which is the worst to live with, if the children are away. Obviously, this is also the case of God! But God becomes very sad over the behavior of humans when we walk the road of darkness instead of the light:

“If you continue to walk the roads of darkness, if you will not cease hating and persecuting each other, if you will continue to let thousands and thousands of your brothers, husbands, fathers and sons kill in bloody battles in order to satisfy your hatred and power thirst; if you henceforth want to murder, rob, plunder, desecrate and burn, always destroy what has been built, and spread out what has been assembled: then your Father shall grieve for you, then sorrow, torments and disappointments shall hamper the youngest in their loving deed for you, and then your journey towards distant goals shall be infinitely long and immensely difficult.”

Here we are told what will really be the consequences of what mankind was facing in 1938, with war and killings of millions of people: Our father would grieve over us and sorrows, torments and disappointments would hamper the loving deeds of the youngest, and our journey would be infinitely long and immensely difficult – but there is nothing about God severing all kinds of connections with us. On the contrary, for instance in “Questions and Answers I” it says in question 39 that…

“By the life-nerve of the light hence God is connected with all of his creatures and by his love that penetrates them all,…”

Those that claim it can be correct that what is said in the Episcopal Letter that it is conceivable God may sever all connections with the humans cannot, at the same time, believe in what is said in Toward the Light!, because there it is said that God is connected to all of his creations by means of the life-nerve of the light and his love flowing through all of us.  If therefore Toward the Light! bears the truth, then the Episcopal Letter must be false! And that is how it is! The Episcopal Letter calls in question God’s patience and love, why, it pulls God down onto a very low level and sins grossly against what is said in Questions and Answers II, Question 69:

“Therefore no one shall, neither in thought nor words, take God’s exalted being in vain, not drag his love, benevolence, charity and justice down into the dust.”

Is it an expression of love, benevolence, charity and justice that God might perhaps sever all connections with mankind for several millions of years, so that we shall descend as deep down into darkness, sin and misdeed as possible merely because nine Danish bishops may possibly not accept and apply Toward the Light! as the truth? The answer is obvious!





















































































The Bishop of Ribe 1930-1939, Søren Mejsen Westergaard, 1869-1955. In 1920 he was a vicar at Skive-Resen and can therefore have been one of those who received TtL in 1920 – without reacting. Photo: RLC.

Bishop in Viborg 1936-1951 Axel Malmstrøm, 1888-1951. In 1920 he was a vicar in Assing and possibly also among those who then received TtL without any overt reaction. Photo: RLC.

The bishop of Aalborg 1930-1940, Paul Oldenburg, 1870-1951.  In  1920 vicar of the Jesus Church in Copenhagen. Could also have received TtL in that year. Photo: RLC.

The bishop of Aarhus 1931-1940, Fritz C. Bruun-Rasmussen, 1870-1964. Also a vicar in 1920 – at  Roskilde Cathedral. May also have received TtL without reacting. Photo: RLC.

The bishop of Fyn from 1923 until April 1938, Anders Jensen Rud, 1868-1945. He must presumably have received the Episcopal Letter before resigning. He was also a vicar in 1920 – at the Ansgar  church, Odense. Did he also receive TtL in 1920? Photo: RLC.

The bishop of Roskilde 1935-1953: Axel Rosendal, 1883-1966. Vicar at Assing in 1920. May have received TtL in that year. Photo: RLC.

The bishop of Lolland-Falster 1923-1942: Johan John Aschlund Ammundsen, 1872-1959. In 1920 he was a vicar in Silkeborg. May have been one of the youngest who had promised to reform the church in 1920. Photo: RLC.

The Bishop of Haderslev 1937-1955: Carl Wulff Noack, 1885-1960. Noack was in 1920 a theology graduate and probably not among those who had made a promise prior to their incarnation. Photo: RLC.

The Bishop of Copenhagen 1934-1960: Hans Fuglsang-Damgaard, 1890-1979. Graduate of theology in the beginning of 1923 and also not among those who had given a promise. Photo:RLC.

God’s Own Victory Over Darkness Has Made Him the Sovereign Ruler of the Light!

It may seem as if the Episcopal Letter completely disregards that it actually was God, who through his own struggle against darkness conquered it and made darkness perishable! His struggle and victory is a model for all other beings’ struggle to escape darkness and enter the light. Now, Toward the Light! does not tell us very much about this struggle between light and darkness, but if we are to rely on the Episcopal Letter relating that God can no longer endure to witness mankind’s sufferings, if seems that God is not very steadfast and cannot endure much adversity. Perhaps his own struggle against darkness was like a walk in the park, just collecting the victory at the exit? No, of course it was not like that! There is absolutely nothing of that which we humans experience that God hasn’t already experienced and lived through, knowing all aspects of it. Personally I imagine the struggle between light and darkness lasting millions of years, when it was still uncertain whether light or darkness would emerge victorious, as a very painful and agonizing experience for God, with darkness unfolding in all its horror and power trying to annihilate the light! Terrestrial thunder with its rumble and sparks of lightening, why, even the monstrous explosion of the atomic bomb would be a trifle as compared with the scenario unfolding in the universe when darkness tried to destroy the light! Not to mention the mental suffering when thought and will-power were not united, and God was facing the threat of his own annihilation and the uncertainty whether the light would conquer or lose.
Hence, I think we can safely assume that nothing whatever can happen on earth which would make God tired or resigned, for he himself is the conqueror of darkness, and his spirit of light, albeit sad about the sufferings of humans, cannot be broken down and is unassailable to darkness. And God would evidently never carry out the deed of darkness that it would be to sever all connections with humans, not even for a single day! Well, I will even claim that if God chose to disconnect the stream of light and the ties of love adjoining us to him, then it would mean that God voluntarily annihilated himself and all the life he has created, and the universe would revert to its original state. This will never happen! And that God will be able to support and help humans irrespective of how deep down into darkness we may sink is made abundantly clear in Supplement I:

In summary: through the struggle of the divine thought and will-power out of the darkness, God when he came forward as a personality had gained such a knowledge about the multiform characteristics of the spiritual darkness that he in addition to being the sovereign ruler also could and can be the loving, understanding and compassionate father, who by his loving thought and strong will-power in all aspects is capable to help all of his children to conquer in the bitter and prolonged struggle out of the temptations and snares of darkness.”

Thanks to his own struggle out of darkness God is by his loving thought and his strong will-power capable to help all of his children to conquer in their prolonged struggle out of darkness! And here there are absolutely no limitations and no mention of possibly having to take a break for some millions of years on account of him being tired and worn out!

The Episcopal Letter Adulterates the Law of Retribution!

The law of retribution has been instituted by God in order for the journey of humans towards God’s kingdom to be completely just and for nobody to suffer more than they themselves have imposed on others in terms of suffering. But it is completely clear in Toward the Light! that the law of retribution does not lead to any more “punishment” than what is absolutely deserved, and it is also worth noting what it says in Questions and Answers I, question 17:

“However, when God has forgiven a human being, when he or she has turned to Him in sorrow and repentance, then immediately the entire burden of sin has disappeared. The same thing happens when human beings forgive each other. – For God’s and humans’ love and charity is above the law of retribution. –“

So, God’s and human beings’ love and charity is above the law of retribution. In general it is evident from Toward the Light! that the very severest conditions of the law of retribution only very rarely are implemented. Examples of such cases can be when a person has committed a murder and has managed to escape earthly punishment for the misdeed. Then that person will be assigned in a future generation to save a human being from death, but he or she will be without the protection of the guardian spirit such that the result will frequently be that he himself will be injured or killed during the rescue. It is also worth noting that it is not God or the guardian spirit who wishes to impose suffering on that person, rather the individual has through his own sins and his avoidance of punishment brought himself under a condition of the law of retribution, entailing that he/she loses the protection in a special situation. But after that, the misdeed has been atoned, and the equilibrium has once more been established. And in many cases previous sins can be atoned for by carrying out a deed of charity and love. This harmonizes very badly with what is said in the Episcopal Letter about the consequences for the priests who had made a promise about coming forward as defenders of Toward the Light! in Denmark but who failed to recall their promise:

“The images of the global situation that you – holders of the highest offices of the church – are now watching and have beheld for a long time is partly because of the letdown by these men! And our Father has placed a great deal of the responsibility on their shoulders for the horrible events that have taken place daily in the South, West and East. These men who failed their promise now share a great responsibility for the millions of human lives lost among soldiers as well as civilians; they share a great responsibility for the innumerous cruelties inflicted upon men, women and children, they share responsibility for the many atrocities committed during the ravaging of the wars, they share responsibility for the spiritual and physical sufferings, responsibility for the tragic living conditions that have become the destiny of innumerable women and children. Indeed, it is impossible to enumerate everything that these men must now take responsibility for, a responsibility that it will take them millennia, yes perhaps even millions of years to erase through the penalty our Father has meted out for them. Many strenuous, many dismal and heavy incarnations await in future the men who betrayed the confidence of our Father. And therefore I say unto you: let my words be a memento to you; think about the great responsibility that our Father will some day put on your shoulders, if also you turn away from the mission that is yours!”

When it is stated here that the priests who did not carry out the planned reformation of the Danish church in 1920 have been imposed a penalty by God which it will take millennia, even millions of years to erase, through many heavy and dismal incarnations, one has to say that this introduces a whole new dimension in the laws that we know from Toward the Light!, and for the first time to we experience that God really is aiming at reciprocating a mistake with a punishment meant to hurt and impose torment rather than having an educational purpose such as we know the law of retribution from before. For what else would be the purpose of some of the youngest having to live through dismal incarnations for several millions of years, other than that they must suffer for their sin of omission? There is nothing about these heavy incarnations being of benefit to anyone, by means of the guilty parties carrying out some deeds that could balance the injustice they are alleged to have been guilty of? There seems to be no other purpose of the punishment than imposing suffering, and one cannot regard it as anything else than a pure act of revenge from God’s side.  In addition, on these youngest will be imposed this unreasonably harsh punishment for having done nothing else than failing to recognize Toward the Light! as the true message from God – so they are being punished for something they have not done, not for something they have done! And it is not mentioned with one single word that all the war and evil deeds that could have been avoided if the priests had carried out their assignment have been concocted and carried out by the eldest and by the humans, and that they are the ones responsible for evil in the world and not the youngest, who, on the contrary, throughout history have worked tirelessly to try and prevent that all the evil that the eldest have contrived shall become reality. And when the youngest have failed to prevent evil , this is of course not out of evil will, rather it is because darkness and the eldest have been working against them all of the time and have succeeded in leading them and the humans astray! And when the youngest return home after such failed incarnations, then it is always with great sadness that they have had to admit that darkness has managed to defeat them, but God, knowing full well the power of darkness, always forgive them what they have sinned and supports and encourages them to make new attempts. He does not break them down or take revenge on them by forcing them to atone for their mistakes by millions of years of heavy incarnations. God’s mercy and love is above the law of retribution, and the presentation of the Episcopal Letter on this point is a raw and shameless attack on God and the youngest, placing guilt and responsibility in the entirely wrong place! Even Ardor was immediately forgiven by God when he returned to the light, and when Ardor is suffering so terribly for his sins it is not because God have exposed him to his revenge, but because each and every one of those on whom he has imposed suffering must forgive him before the torments will stop. But God was the first one, in his love and compassion to immediately forgive Ardor! And what great burden of guilt Jesus must carry responsibility for, if the Episcopal Letter is correct in claiming that the youngest who did not succeed in carrying out their planned assignment are responsible for all the suffering that could have been avoided,  had they succeeded? If Jesus had managed to recall the prayer for Ardor, then he would have been won back already almost 2000 years ago, and how many wars could not have been avoided, and how many lives could not have been saved if that had succeeded? But did God impose on Jesus to atone for his “guilt” for several millions of years with burdensome incarnations? No, God forgave him as soon as he returned, and the only thing God reproaches Jesus for was that he had antagonized Joseph of Arimathea with his anger, and Jesus was given the task to search for Joseph in order to win him back into the light – for Joseph’s sins fettered him to the darkness after his death such that he did not manage to return home to his abode in heaven. So, that was the only thing God reproached Jesus, and in order to atone for this Jesus was not imposed to be tormented, no, he was given the task to carry out the loving deed of saving his suffering brother from the darkness.

It is the old “God” from the old Testament that the Episcopal Letter is trying to revive again in its presentation of the Danish priests’ heavy guilt and sin, and similar to the reintroduction of hell the Episcopal Letter tries to revive God of the old Testament, the “God” of lies, the vacillating and vindictive, punishing harshly and carelessly and who is by no means fair! The truths about God and his exalted, benevolent and loving character that Toward the Light! succeeded in bringing to the knowledge of mankind, the Episcopal Letter tries to break down again! But it is a lie from start to finish – fortunately!














































































The Board of “The Society for the Dissemination of Toward the Light!” in 1938 consisted of these three persons: Music publisher Sigurd Folmer-Hansen, born 1902. Photo: Private.

Johanne and Michael Agerskov’s daughter, teacher of German language Inger Agerskov, 1900-1968. Photo: Private.

Architect and writer Knud Brønnum, 1878-1953, who was very active in the endeavor to spread knowledge about TtL in the 1920-ies and 30-ies. Photo: The Danish Emigration Archives.

Darkness Imitating the Light!

The Episcopal Letter contains many passages that confusingly look like Toward the Light!. Darkness has an amazing talent for imitating the light and is able to make it almost impossible for humans to figure out if what they are reading or hearing is from a spirit of the light or darkness. In this way the eldest have from the beginning of time managed to trick the youngest and humans into becoming mighty advocates for the teachings of darkness, deeply convinced that they were speaking for the cause of the light.  Just think about Paul who had a deep and sincere love for Jesus and had a heartfelt wish to spread his teachings, but instead became a victim of Ardor’s devilish designs, such that he in reality contributed to destroying and breaking down what he wanted to spread – the truth about Jesus’ life and deed. And of course Ardor chose very carefully the kind of schemes that he wanted to sneak into Christianity, for if the ideas that he tried to instill into Paul were too much contrary to Paul’s own convictions, they would not gain the intended resonance in Paul’s own thinking. Hence, Ardor chose to make use of something that was part of Paul’s inherited belief, namely the sacrifice concept.  And the idea of Jesus as a voluntary sacrifice in order to atone God with the humans was so close to Paul’s own concept of man’s relationship with God that he swallowed it “hook and sinker”, and he himself was convinced that it was God who had given him this “knowledge” about the purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross as an intended and wanted murder! The Episcopal Letter is trying the exactly same tactics in relation to the supporters of Toward the Light! and unfortunately until now it has, sadly enough, succeeded to a large extent. When the eldest were to adulterate the teachings of the youngest, they have at all times had to do as in the case of Paul, i.e. be as close as possible to the teaching of the youngest and they have not falsified the teachings more than necessary, such that the humans could “swallow” it, adapted to the their level of religious maturity at the time. It is therefore natural and logic that a falsification of Toward the Light! had to be close to the original in terms of linguistic expressions, terminology and content. But whereas Toward the Light! contains chastisement of mankind for not trying to lift itself from its mental immaturity, it never culminates in the same kind of doomsday feeling and pessimism about the future that characterizes the Episcopal Letter. And what is referred to from the development history of mankind is in many respects correct, but the authors omit completely to emphasize light and hope and that love will always win eventually! For example in Toward the Light!, in the admonishing and very austere speech by God’s servant mankind are reproached for their immature behavior and for so often following the roads of darkness instead of those of the light; but the speech ends by declaring that whatever road we choose God shall follow us on our way and he will rejoice with us over our successes and he will grieve over us when we fail, for God’s patience will never be finite, and his love to each of us is without limits! And even if the Episcopal Letter in most areas describes the history of evolution correctly, here and there are sneaked in a few inaccuracies and plain errors that I would claim have been consciously planted in order to sow confusion and to try to make the new information slide into the reader’s mind and hence in the long run supplant the correct information in Toward the Light! – I am personally convinced that the Episcopal Letter is supported by one or more of Ardor’s ether images, which will steadily supply the person who has accepted the letter with false thought impulses and steer his or her experience of the extrasensory truths further and further away from Toward the Light! and steadily closer to the Episcopal Letter. Of course, only very few still read in Toward the Light! every single day to make sure that what he or she seem to remember really is correct, and once you have voluntarily submitted yourself to the influence of the ether images, with time it will be the point of view of the Episcopal Letter and the “God” of the Episcopal Letter who will be foremost in your consciousness, and the real and the truth given to us in Toward the Light will gradually recede, become blurred and in the end be totally forgotten. And it will be in the same way with the superior ethics and moral philosophy inherent in Toward the Light! It will slowly but surely be erased from memory and be supplanted by the low ethical standards of the Episcopal Letter, where innocent are being struck by unfair and unreasonably harsh sentences, where people are being punished for something they have not done, and where everything is being turned upside down, and good persons are being blamed for that which evil persons are responsible for. In this way the Episcopal Letter is also very suitable for creating division between the supporters of Toward the Light!, since some are going to see the text through lenses colored by the adulterations of the Episcopal Letter, while others will to a much larger extent will be inspired by the true explanations and superior ethics of Toward the Light!, and these two factions will evidently never agree on the real message of Toward the Light!, resulting in discord and disunion. Unfortunately this has also been the effect from the very first time the Episcopal Letter was distributed! Already a day after he had received the Episcopal Letter Johanne Agerskov’s very good friend and supporter for many years, the writer and librarian Christian Jørgensen, sent her a note with a request whether she could ask Leo for an in-depth explanation about how to interpret the statement that God might possibly break off all connection with mankind, perhaps for several millions of years, because he found it difficult to accept that this information was generally compatible with Toward the Light! Following this, he corresponded for a couple of months with both the mother and daughter Agerskov, and they became increasingly frustrated over the fact that Jørgensen permitted himself to stick to his point of view, and it finally came to the point where Inger Agerskov declared that he could not understand their points of view because he did not want to understand them and that he should not bother to write to them anymore, because all future letters from him would be returned unopened. Hence, they chose the same solution as “God” in the Episcopal Letter; they severed all connection with the man who had been perhaps the very best friend of the Agerskov couple for almost 20 years. However, Chr. Jørgensen continued to be a very devout advocate for Toward the Light!, writing articles and referring to the work in his books, and when Johanne Agerskov, after her death, was subject to accusations from the daughter’s psychiatrist alleging that she had suffered from a serious mental illness, paraphrenia, it was Chr.Jørgensen who came forward as her most fervent defender and retorted in an article. He was a true friend and defender of Toward the Light! in spite of the bad treatment that he was unfortunately exposed to. For “The Society for the Dissemination of Toward the Light!” followed up the rift between mother and daughter Agerskov and Jørgensen by returning the amount of money with which Jørgensen had supported the publication of “Questions and Answers”, and this was an exceedingly clear message that he had become non-wanted in the society! Incidentally, Inger Agerskov was the first to launch the postulate that Johanne Agerskov was an infallible medium, and by means of a logical chain of reasoning she believed having proved that by raising doubt about parts of a message that the mother had received was tantamount to accusing her of consciously lying and falsifying, because her mother by definition could not be mistaken. Inger Agerskov also with great conviction asserted that a possible disconnection of all contact with humans from God’s side could not be regarded as if it was He that severed the connection, rather that it were the humans who broke the connection with God because we had not accepted his message, and she also presented the very sensational claim that there was not a single human being who was capable of making an unselfish prayer to God from his or her heart.  Furthermore she asserted that no human beings have ever requested to be granted life, but that is also not correct! In Toward the Light! it is said that we are all being asked between each incarnation whether we wish to continue life. In general Inger Agerskov’s letter is based upon premises so unreasonable that it is no wonder she could reach the conclusion that God is the same loving and patient being that he has always been, but that the youngest and the humans are guilty of the break-off of all connection, in spite of the fact that in the Episcopal Letter it says clearly that it is in fact “God” who will possibly break off all contact with mankind! I don’t know of anyone who has so completely and fully adopted the dark logic of the Episcopal Letter as Inger Agerskov in her comments to the content of the letter, and I would not be surprised at all if it comes out that it is her spiritual I who in actual fact authored the Episcopal Letter. Incidentally, it is well worth noting that Chr. Jørgensen never had his wish granted to get an explanation from Leo how it could be in harmony with God’s love that He could harbor the idea of severing all connections with mankind, and the reason for that was that also Leo broke off all connection with Johanne Agerskov after having dictated the Episcopal Letter. In spite of the promise that the youngest would continue the connection with her until her dying day if necessary, Leo broke that promise in 1938. Personally I find that more than strange, and it only confirms the assumption that it was not at all Leo who dictated the Episcopal Letter, rather it was an impostor pretending to be him. Why else would the connection be severed so abruptly and unexpectedly, precisely at a time when Mrs Agerskov was in such need of Leo’s help to avert an impending split in the small Danish Toward the Light! milieu ? Also, it is a very odd allegation that was presented in the Episcopal Letter concerning Johanne Agerskov’s last and dying day, namely that the day was not decided by God when she was incarnated, such as is otherwise done with all other beings when they are incarnated. The justification for this completely exceptional deviation is said to be that the extrasensory spirits would possibly need her help way beyond the time span that could be foreseen, and therefore they wanted to keep the option open to be able to extend her life if necessary. This information appears rather odd considering that Johanne Agerskov lived for yet another eight years after 1938 without the contact having been re-established. This definitely cannot be because there was no need for her help, for discord and conflict were raging among the supporters of Toward the Light! after the publication of the Episcopal Letter, and there was no doubt whatsoever that there was a need for extrasensory assistance – but it never came; the connection was and remained severed! Very strange!

The person who possessed the rights to Toward the Light! after Mrs Agerskov’s death, the board member of the “Society for the Dissemination of Toward the Light!”, Sigurd Folmer-Hansen, incidentally made use of the same tactics as mother and daughter Agerskov in a discussion about the Episcopal Letter with the Hagel-Sørensen brothers in the beginning of the 1970-ies. The brothers who were acquaintances of Chr.Jørgensen and continued to pursue his wise points of view in 1972 wrote some very intelligent and astute analyses of the Episcopal Letter as well as of Inger and Johanne Agerskov’s letter. Folmer-Hansen and his wife Elsa, a niece of Knud Brønnum, were very much upset and incensed over the fact that the brothers took the liberty to insinuate that Mrs Agerskov might have been tricked by the eldest, and also they maintained that Johanne Agerskov was an infallible medium. In the midst of a discussion, carried on by mail, Sigurd Folmer-Hansen without further ado returned the brothers’ letter unopened and declared that the same would happen with all future letters in spite of the brothers having maintained a positive and friendly tone in all of their letters. He just could not tolerate their points of view. And unfortunately the disagreements between the supporters and the opponents of the Episcopal Letter have not abated throughout the years, rather they have continued to this day with full intensity, so the author of the Episcopal Letter has, consequently, succeeded very well with his or her strategy!

















































































Left: Writer and librarian, parish council chairman, Christian Jørgensen, wrote to Mrs SAgerskov the day after having received the Episcopal Letter with a request if she could make Leo explain what was meant by the statement that God might possibly break off the connection with human beings. Presumably it was Leo who engendered this thought in his mind? We know that Jørgensen on previous occasions had been used in this way by the extrasensory side, when they wished to bring out questions to be answered in Supplement II. Photo: Private. Right: The publisher of the 1939 edition of Toward the Light!, theatre and music publisher Sigurd Folmer Hansen and his wife, Elsa nee Brønnum. She was a niece and stepdaughter of Knud Brønnum, since Brønnum had married his brother’s divorced wife, Olga, in 1926. Both Sigurd and Elsa were ardent advocates of Toward the Light!, but they didn’t tolerate very well that the Hagel-Sørensen brothers argued against the Episcopal Letter at the beginning of the 1970-ies and broke all contact with them. Photo: Private.

A Provocation Against the Church!

When we approach other people with the intended wish to persuade them that they are wrong on an important issue, the vast majority will choose the strategy to approach the person in a friendly and accommodating way such that one doesn’t alienate the person before even broaching the issue at hand. But not the Episcopal Letter! All batteries fully armed and at the ready, here is launched a frontal attack on the Christian doctrine and the priests, who are given the entire responsibility for the threatening wars and the ensuing human sufferings, if they turned into reality, unless they renounced their beliefs within a deadline of two years and also reformed the Danish church on the basis of Toward the Light!. How on earth can one assume that they could manage to convince anybody about  the truth in Toward the Light! in such a manner? The entire Episcopal Letter is one big provocation against the men of the cloth, and I cannot believe otherwise than that they had to react with disbelief over being imposed that kind of responsibility.  No wonder! Admittedly, Toward the Light! also talks about the many delusions and misdeeds that have followed in the wake of Christianity, but the text also emphasizes the positive aspects of the Christian doctrine, for there is no question that the New Testament contains a qualitatively new way of thinking in religious matters, and Christianity has also inspired countless number of people to carrying out many charitable deeds and to create divine pieces of art and music – inspired by the loving message of Jesus. In spite of the adulterations, a very wise and benevolent man appears for us in the gospels, admonishing us to work for peace, forgiveness and love! Thou shall love God as yourself; do onto others as thou wish them to do onto yourself; if someone strikes you on one cheek then turn the other one to – these are doctrines that can very well have come straight from Jesus’ mouth. This was a completely new way to relate to your fellow man, and those who really have adopted Jesus’ words in the Bible and tried to live in accordance with them have at all times appeared as good and loving human beings. Because Christianity has never been mere delusions and false doctrines – Christianity has been a mixture of Jesus’ simple and beautiful teachings of love on the one hand, and adulterations sneaked in by darkness on the other hand! But obviously it has never been the intention of the author of the Episcopal Letter that the Danish priests really should take the Episcopal Letter seriously, for then it would have been phrased completely differently! The real purpose was to prevent the Danish church to ever adopt the teaching of Toward the Light! by creating so much resistance against the text from the side of the church, and engender a schism so big and insurmountable that it would take a very long time before the men of the cloth would ever take Toward the Light! seriously. And considering the status of this text in the Danish society today where it is practically unknown, the author of the Episcopal Letter has, also in this respect, been completely successful! Also among many supporters of Toward the Light! one can still sense the evil spirit from the Episcopal Letter, where the church is regarded as an enemy, and where there is almost a tendency to gloat when things go bad for the church. My impression of the Norwegian church is that it is developing very positively in many ways, shedding more and more of the old dogmas and delusions and hence can be regarded as steadily approaching Toward the Light! in its teachings! I cannot tell how things are in Denmark, but at least this provides a sense of hope for the future as regards Norway!

A year after the distribution of the Episcopal Letter, the board of the Society for the Dissemination of Toward the Light!, Inger Agerskov, Knud Brønnum and Sigurd Folmer-Hansen sent a document to the members that they wanted as many as possible to sign such that it could be sent as a reminder to the bishops that there was one year left of the deadline for starting the reformation of the Danish church. This letter shows very clearly how far from the ideas of Toward the Light! the board had come, as it states, among other things, as follows:

“It is no use that the priests pray to the God of the Bible for preserving the peace in Denmark – he cannot do it, for he is not the God of truth but of lies!”

It is quite remarkable that the board really had the cheek to put forward such a haughty claim – so, the Danish priests’ prayers to God will not be heard? This is in very stark contrast to what is said in Toward the Light! where we are told that even heavy grief will be perceived by God as a prayer for help, and even a prayer to a primitive image of a deity made from a wooden stick will be heard by God, as long as the prayer comes from a sincere heart. But in this respect the board is totally in line with the Episcopal Letter in which it is asserted that God is yearning to help humans but is not able to do it as long as Toward the Light! has not been accepted and adopted as the truth. This must be a lie, because in Toward the Light! is stated that God does not at all care to which faith the individual confesses. Just notice how immensely beautiful and loving it is expressed in the summarizing and final comment in Toward the Light!:

“The eternal life belongs to anyone who wants to receive it; God’s kingdom is open to everybody; each single human being owns God’s love; towards everybody does He show the same patience, the same charity; He does not close His heart to a single person, and He does not close the gates of the fatherly abode to anyone; because for God, the Creator and Father of the human spirit, it is not important to which earthly faith the individual confesses with hand and mouth but only this: if the humans in their mind and heart, in thoughts and in deeds live in accordance with the belief to which they confess, with no regards to the superficial forms of the faith, to the dogmas created by humans, to the conventional and the enforced aspects which do not have any spiritual value for the eternal life; only that which calls upon, awakens and maintains the very best, the noblest and most beautiful in human beings’ thoughts and emotional life – only that has permanent and enduring value for the individual.

Just as God will not impose a particular faith on anyone, He also does not require to be revered and worshipped in this or other prescribed manner. Every religious community has the right to organize service and meetings in accordance with the manners and rules that best correspond to the adherents’ perception of what is beautiful and sublime. But no one has the right to give prominence to the agreed forms of his community at the expense of all other forms, as if it were the best and most perfect manner in which the congregation can honor its God and father and achieve a connection with the divine. All worship must therefore be voluntary without any kind of force in one or other sense; for whether humans meet in temples, churches, village halls or in their homes, God will always hear their hymns of praise, their thanks and their prayers, as long as the devotion of their mind and their heart is real and deeply felt.”

It is surely not possible to be further away from the claim of the Episcopal Letter, according to which God is dependent upon humans believing in Toward the Light! to be able to help them! For it is clearly stated that God will hear each and every prayer coming from the heart irrespective of the faith or belief to which the person confesses! The Episcopal Letter is nothing but lies and deceit! And it turned out that many of the members of the “Society for the Dissemination of Toward the Light!” were much more enlightened than the board members, and many did not want to sign the letter with the notorious claim that God does not hear prayer from Christians, and in the end the board opted not to send the reminder to the bishops. Instead they distributed a highly reproachful note to the members for having let down Toward the Light! at such a crucial point in time, and they expressed rather straightforward that such members were non grata in the society.






























































A few of those who believe that the Episcopal Letter really does originate from one of God’s emissaries claim that God will still hear and respond to humans’ prayers even though he has severed all contact with them. This is of course not possible. You cannot have zero contact with somebody and yet still hear what they are praying for. But luckily this is a lie from start to finish. God will of course never disconnect the contact with his creatures, and we can still be confident that He will respond to any prayer that comes from the heart, even if He does not always respond to our prayers in the way we ourselves had imagined it. Illustration: Praying hands by Albrecht Dürer.

Enforcement and Threats!

Towards the end of the Episcopal Letter the Danish bishops are requested to make their choice whether or not they want to reform the Danish church on the basis of Toward the Light! And allegedly they are to make their choice without force, but at the same time it is also claimed that if they do not make the right choice, then God has no more to say to them, and not only that – God will also brand them and above their heads He will write: Mene Tekel! Weighed and found wanting. For how long the priests must carry this “stigma” is not mentioned:

“Well, pray choose the correct road! For if you have not, within the deadline given to you by our Father, accomplished what He has commanded you, or if you turn away from Him and from His prayer for assistance, then He will no longer call on the Danish people, for then you – the ecclesiastic representatives of the people – have proven unworthy of His trust. In that case our Father may possibly through other means, for instance translations to other languages, spread His message in the world, but then you will stand there in shame, where you could have been standing in honor! And our Father will then, spiritually speaking, above your heads write a bright and flaming: Mene Tekel! Weighed and found wanting!!

So go now and choose the right way, but make your choice without force: because God forces no one to do what is right!! If you believe – from what is the best and most truthful in you, that Christianity  as it is now – through and through – is in accordance with the eternal truths, in accordance with Gods laws and in accordance with God’s infinite love to all spiritual creatures, then our Father has nothing more to say to you; but then you must bear your full responsibility for the times ahead! My approach to you has now come to an end.

I bow to you and greet you in the name of our Father!” –“

With this almost macabre self-contradiction about their choosing withoutcoercion – however, if they do not choose correctly then God will brand them with a sign of shame – the author of the Episcopal Letter finishes off with a greeting from God, but not a word at the end about God’s love or his heartfelt joy if the priests should choose to present God’s own message in the terrestrial world! Compared to for instance how God’s servant finishes his speech in Toward the Light!, the words in the Episcopal Letter sound rather empty and miserable. Just listen to what God’s servant is saying towards the end of his speech:

“Humans! Your Father is yearning for you!

He bid me, his servant, to convey to all of you His fatherly greetings.

His peace be with you forever in eternity!


speaks one of God’s messengers!


How to Make Toward the Light! Known on the Earth?

To my mind it is quite clear that the Episcopal Letter is a provocation and an adulteration of the message of Toward the Light! This is definitely not the way it should be done if the real purpose is to win supporters for Toward the Light, - but then again the aim of the Episcopal Letter was not to win over neither the Danish bishops or other people to be followers of  Toward the Light! – The purpose was to adulterate and falsify the message, create division between Toward the Light! and the church, as well as internally between the supporters of the work, and to prevent the message to break through and become accepted by the Danish society. And the strategy that the “Society for the Dissemination of Toward the Light!” followed up with – to proclaim, “Toward the Light! in hand – that their “religion” was the only one that could save mankind from being abandoned by God and that belief in their “religion” was the only thing that could make God continue to stand by human beings, amounted to a total derailment – it is definitely not the kind of procedure God wishes us to use! In fact, quite a lot is mentioned in Toward the Light! about how God wants the person who wishes to serve His cause to behave. In Christ’s speech to mankind we learn in quite some detail how best to serve God’s cause among our fellow beings.

“For you should know: that no creed has advantages or rights over the others. No doctrine is the one and only panacea; for our Father does not ask you to what faith you confess, but only if though have tried to journey forward toward the light, whether you have conquered the evil and the many temptations; he will ask whether you have helped the weak, fed the hungry, clothed the naked, helped the needy, the sick and the suffering; and He will ask you whether you have done your deeds from the goodness of your hearts and from charity, or whether you have done them for your own advantage.

Yes, indeed, our Father does not ask about your faith, but only if you have lived and acted in accordance with that which for you was truth and justice.”

In other words, God does not ask us what kind of faith or belief we belong to, and he makes it quite clear that no doctrine is the only panacea! Well, these are certainly very different tones than those we hear from the Episcopal Letter! Hence, it cannot be correct that God may one day sever all connections with us in case TtL is not accepted and introduced as the truth, because “No faith or doctrine is the only panacea, the only one that leads to salvation;…” God does not ask us what we believe in, only about how we carry on and live our lives! And the same thing must obviously be the case of the nine Danish bishops in 1938 – they were also not asked to what faith they confessed, but only whether they were seeking the noblest and purest in themselves.

I would argue that the entire enterprise of the Episcopal Letter, the content as well as the way it was distributed, is totally against what Christ is asking us to do in relation to other faiths and religions. Can it be stated any more clearly than when Christ says that supporters of Toward the Light! in no way have the right to judge other faiths or points of view? Because the speech of Christ evidently addresses not only those that belong to the various world religions, it is as relevant for those of us who believe in Toward the Light!

Yet I wish to say unto all of you: If you wish to be God’s servants, then you must not strife and quarrel with each other about ancient sayings and doctrines coming to you from the many scriptures of the fathers. Then you must not perpetually claim that your faith and your church are the only true ones and the only panacea. And at no time must you by means of the sword or by harsh commands impose your belief or views on others.

On the contrary, you shall seek to join in your common yearning for purity, for the sublime and the divine. Yes, you shall try to meet in your common longing for a Father’s love and the justice of a God.”


So Christ is asking us to not strife and fight, and we shall not emphasize our personal faith as the only true faith to lead to salvation and also not attempt to impose our faith on other people. And there is no other way to describe it: The Episcopal Letter was clearly formulated as an attempt to impose upon the Danish bishops a certain faith – Toward the Light, even though I am personally convinced that this was a deliberated provocation. Also, the Episcopal Letter cannot in any way be understood to be an attempt to meet the bishops in a joint longing for a father’s love, since the most gruesome consequences are depicted for failing a promise. Very far from it!

I am very happy to make the words of Christ my own, when he says that we who wish to be God’s servants on earth must speak mild, loving and comprehensible words to everybody, not speaking in a harsh and judgmental way and never threaten or frighten with damnation and eternal torments, even if it is “only” for a few million years and not for eternity!

“Yes, verily I say unto you: If you want to be God’s servants, then you must all serve Him in spirit and in truth;  t h e n   y o u   m u s t   s p e a k   m i l d,  l o v i n g   a n d  c o m p r e h e n s i b l e  w o r d s  t o  e v e r y o n e , who in doubt, hopelessness and repentance turn to you for help and guidance; then you must tirelessly and constantly comfort and strengthen the weak, disheartened and stumbling human beings; you must never speak harsh, judgmental words to the living, and certainly not blame the dead; at no time must you, in order to claim your power and authority,
t h r e a t e n  w i t h   e t e r n a l    d a m n a t i o n  o r   f r i g t h e n   w i t h    p u n i s h m e n t s    a n d      t o r m e n t s   o f   h e l l.”


Oslo March 18, 2010
Sverre Avnskog

English translation by
Jørgen Malling Christensen