An Incontrovertible Proof that the Episcopal Letter is a Forgery!


An article by Sverre Avnskog

A lot can be said about the so called Episcopal Letter, published by Johanne Agerskov in 1938, and much has also been said and written about this her last publication – perhaps in particular in the last five or six years, when more and more people have come forward with their assessments  and viewpoints. And for yours truly it is quite obvious that if you break down the Episcopal Letter and analyze it bit by bit, you will very soon discover that it contains a wealth of wordings and information clearly contradicting  the “three golden fruits” which are the only ones of Agerskov’s publications that the extrasensory world vouches for.  I shall not repeat here all the good arguments put forward by different writers throughout the years, - merely lay down that in my view already numerous elements have been put forward and each of them sufficiently revealing as to serve as proof that the Episcopal Letter must be a forgery! But perhaps until now no one has put forward a completely irrefutable and incontrovertible proof to the effect that the Episcopal Letter cannot be true? I think I have found such a piece of evidence and will present it together with some other ideas of mine I have come up with regarding the Episcopal Letter since the last time I wrote about it. Let me, to be on the safe side, emphasize that I do not think it was the medium Johanne Agerskov who was behind the faking of the Episcopal Letter, rather I believe that she received the letter in the usual way, convinced it was her father who dictated it from the extrasensory world. Read more about this e.g. in the article “The Counterattack by Darkness – the Episcopal Letter!”























Now, it is not very simple to present a proof that the Episcopal Letter must be a forgery, acceptable by both supporters of and opponents to the authenticity of the Episcopal Letter. Supporters of the letter have shown an amazing resourcefulness when it comes to novel interpretations of words and concepts, indeed not only new interpretations but in fact inventing completely new and previously unknown meanings of words which most of us have hitherto perceived as quite unambiguous. For example, one of the most ardent advocates for the EL has, on his Danish website, put forward a “proof” – by means of a modern form of ‘Erasmus Montanus’-logic – that “all connection” actually does not mean all connection but only the connection going one way. In this way he feels that he has “proven” that God will continue to send a flow of light to the humans, even if He severs all connection with each and every person on the earth, such as the Episcopal Letter states that He might possibly do because He can no longer endure to follow what happens in the earthly world.
However, “all” evidently cannot mean anything but all, namely: The whole thing, all of it, with no exception, lock stock and barrel, the works, the whole caboodle, the whole nine yards, every bit of it, big and small,  heaven and earth, with all hands, making a clean sweep of it. If you claim that all railway connection has been stopped, well then there are no trains – if you state that all connection on the phone line has been severed, then no one can hear what others are saying – if you say that all transmission on the electrical lines has been disconnected, then no one can receive electricity anymore! One could continue to make examples ad infinitum , but ‘all’ will never mean anything but ‘all’: everything, without exceptions!

From the below quotations from Toward the Light! the reader may judge for himself whether it seems plausible that God will continue to let a flow of light pass to the humans if what it said in the Episcopal Letter about him possibly severing all connection should become a reality:

“So as from the very moment God established contact with the humans the divine stream flows through everybody in an unbreakable circuit and is infused into each new creation in the moment of conception.” Comment, Chapter V, p.165.

“In the very moment when the first feeble germ of a new human body has been created by the conception, it receives its part of the divine flow of light that bonds mankind to God.” Comment, chapter VII, p.173.

For me personally, having had ever since childhood a particular interest in literature, poetry and semantics and having read hundreds or rather thousands of literary works, it appears quite unfathomable that some people can manage to twist and turn the notion ‘all connection’ to such an extent that they make it tally with the idea that the divine flow of light will continue to flow through everybody from the time of their birth, even if God severs all connection with humans! Who gets the point? Is it not stated that the flow of light bonds the humans with God – is then the light flow not a connection? And doesn’t it say that the divine flow of light flows through everyone in an eternal circuit from the moment God established connection with humans? Well, in that case, is it not a necessary consequence that the flow of light will cease when he severs all connection?


























In case all connection on the railway lines has been stopped, can we still have trains going one way? Illustration from the internet

Just as absurd as claiming that the flow of Light will continue, is it to assert – such as Inger Agerskov did in a letter to Chr Jørgensen in 1938 – that God will continue to hear humans’ prayers, but not respond to them, if He has severed all connection with the humans. If there is no connection, evidently He also cannot hear what humans are praying for! And if the reason why God possibly would have to sever all connection was that He in the long run could not endure to be a passive witness to the sufferings of mankind – wouldn’t it then torment and pain His mind to have to listen to humans’ increasingly desperate prayers for help as they sank deeper and deeper down into sin and sufferings without Him being able to help them? Would it not be sheer torture for His already tormented mind to have to witness the humans’ despairing cries for help without being able to do something? How on earth would He be able to manage to restore His mind again and regain sufficient strength to be able to provide help to humans when He during millions of years was being “bombarded” with heartfelt prayers for help from His tormented creatures?

Certainly, Inger Agerskov claims in her letters regarding the Episcopal Letter that there were no people on earth in 1938 with the ability to pray in the right way, however this is of course a rather impossible claim! After all, the world was not limited to the Danish church and a few supporters of Toward the Light in Denmark – what about all the other religious denominations and what about all the so called primitive people – it is very clearly stated in Toward the Light that God responds even to a prayer to a primitive idol, provided the prayer has been said with a deep and heartfelt conviction that the deity shall respond to the prayer. No, here we are approaching the plainly senseless! Of course there were thousands upon thousands, nay probably millions of people around the world in 1938 with the capacity to pray to God with a sincere heart!

The purpose of God severing all connection would be – still according to the Episcopal Letter – that mankind was to sink as deeply down into Darkness, sin and misdeeds as possible, such that God and his emissaries could start all over again and lead them towards the Light, without the disruptive opposition of the eldest. One might of course question why in the world God would continue to send a flow of light to each and every human being, when his goal that they were to sink as deeply down into Darkness as possible. Would not the continued flow of light just contribute to prolonging the time it would otherwise take before mankind had plunged to the bottom into the pool of Darkness and sin, and hence also prolong the sufferings to which He would expose the humans before re-establishing the connection with them?  - A connection which, hence, in reality would never have been broken, if it is correct that He would continue to send the flow of light and continue to hear human prayers. Would it not then be more effective to sever the flow of light, such that the fall into Darkness would be as quick as possible, such that they were spared unnecessary suffering as a consequence of God, through the flow of Light, constantly pulling them up again from the Darkness into which He wanted them to sink as deeply down as they possibly could? One may also question how God could have sufficient powers to send a continuous flow of Light to the humans, since He was so weak and fatigued that He could no longer endure to be a passive witness to their sufferings? If He could send a flow of Light to the humans, could He then also send this flow of Light to Himself, such that His shattered mind could be restored to health? Can one imagine a healer so tired and shattered by the sufferings of his clients that he can no longer endure to maintain relations with them but who nevertheless wants to continue to provide healing to them? Does it seem reasonable? No, these speculations about what kind of relations God would maintain with mankind must be rejected as baseless speculations.

The question is, of course, whether mankind at all would sink deeply into Darkness, sin and suffering merely because the youngest ceased to let themselves incarnate? In fact, this is commented in Toward the Light:

“If in future the situation would arise that the youngest one and all suddenly ceased to let themselves incarnate, then a general stagnation would result. Nothing new of importance in any field would appear, and mankind would then have to, as long as possible (see p.246), make do with that which had been given to them in terms of inventions, science, poetry, painting, sculptural art and music and many other things until the youngest once again would let themselves being incarnate among them; for the humans will in future not gain much through the genius of the eldest, since the eldest, incarnate after Ardors return in 1912, have all been incarnate under God’s leadership, and this is why their genius, because of His willpower, is held back such that they in the earthly existence cannot be pioneers – rather can only appear as average human beings.” ‘The Overview, p 301’.

Does it say anything here about the discontinuation of the incarnations of the youngest leading to humans sinking into Darkness, sin and misery? Not, not at all! It merely mentions that they would have to make do with what has already been provided to mankind through the youngest and the eldest.  So, if the youngest stopped incarnating mankind would not develop in any field, all development would stagnate. But not forever! If God continued to convey the divine stream of Light, then the individual human being would still develop further in terms of spiritual maturity:

“This is why the spirit, bound to the human body, receives – at each re-incarnation – an induction of Light from God. This induction of Light strengthens the Thought as well as the Will, in other words: it arouses the power of as well as the inclination for resistance in such a way that the Thought and the Will is increasingly able to push back the Darkness coming from the inside as well as the outside. As the repeated incarnations gradually increase this power of resistance, - the inclination as well as the force – an effective reaction against Darkness will be created. The Will awakens unto initiative in the direction of the Light, and slowly the Thought is influenced to follow the direction given by the willpower – the self-purification starts = the Darkness complexes sucked in are eliminated as the Ego gradually conquers the evil, bad and sinful in its core. And throughout the perpetually progressing lives on earth, some day the time will come, when the progressive movement of the Thought and the Will – against each other – will result in a fusion.” QAAs II, question 64.

No, mankind does not stop developing even if the youngest stop their incarnations. The flow of Light induced by God will have the effect that they, incarnation after incarnation, will have ever increasing power of resistance against the powers of Darkness. Yes, indeed the road will be longer and more cumbersome without the help of the youngest, but everything indicates that mankind, thanks to the constant induction of Light, will be able to journey all the way to God’s kingdom without the help of the youngest! This is also confirmed in Ardor’s story, where God tells the youngest, after they having accepted the task to lead mankind on its journey to the home of the Father, that if they had rejected the journey of the humans would have been much more cumbersome, but they would still reach the goal without the help of the youngest. In my view, the most likely perception of Toward the Light! is that a discontinuation of the incarnations of the youngest would lead to stagnation and momentary decline until mankind had descended to a level corresponding to the spiritual and cultural level of the average person, but from there the most advanced human spirits would be able to take over the role of the youngest as the pioneers of mankind and “pull” the vast majority with them. No, certainly, if God’s aim was that mankind should descend to the level at which they were before the youngest began their incarnations, then much harsher methods would be required:

“ In case God’s creatures never ever during the human existence had their power of Thought and Will increased through a direct Light induction from God, then the spiritual I – because of the constantly repeated incarnations – would soon be at the mercy of the powers of Darkness, it would succumb to sin, evil and misdeed; for the spiritual equipment of the I would then be too weak to offer effective resistance.” QAAs II, question 64.

Here the text speaks quite openly about that which according to the EL would happen in case God breaks off all connection with the humans; they would very soon be at the mercy of the powers of Darkness, they would succumb to sin, evil and misdeeds. And exactly this would be what God wished to achieve by severing all connection, so it stands to reason that it would imply God disconnecting the flow of Light.

In the concluding overview this is even more clearly explained:

“By the incarnations of the youngest the human germ-archetype is pulled further and further away from its original appearance (the astral as well as the physical body); but if the youngest ceased their incarnations, then the quality of beauty that they have added to the human bodies would very quickly disappear and the body would once again approach the original archetype. Similarly, all the psychic elements, conveyed by the youngest to the humans through the astral copy, would slowly be erased and eventually disappear completely. But if God, in addition to that, also retracted the divine element, then the humans would, in a terrifyingly short period of time (a few thousand years), relapse into the characteristics that they had received from the hand of the eldest, a condition which would be far poorer and more brutish than that of the most primitive tribes in our time; at the same time, the last vestiges of the psychic life added to the humans through the incarnations of the youngest would disappear completely: Mankind would then once again become the creatures of Darkness through and through.” ‘The Overview, page 246’

If God severs the connection, it cannot mean anything else than that there will not be any connection left, and he will then evidently also disconnect the flow of Light that he has hitherto conveyed to each and every human being at the moment of conception. He would then have to erect an impenetrable barrier between himself and the humans, such that not even a single small thought would be able to penetrate any of the accesses. And then God would have to remain there in total ignorance of the cruel sufferings his dearly beloved creatures were going through, without their loving father lifting a finger to help them. Believe it if you can. This is definitely not my God. And it is definitely not the God presented in Toward the Light!



















































































If all connection on the telephone line has been cut off, will you then be able to hear at one end and not the other end? Photo from the internet.

And, incidentally, who would be the one to give God a message about the right time to re-establish connection with the humans? Who would draw his attention to the situation where mankind had descended so deeply into Darkness, sin and misdeed as they ever could? Many supporters of the Episcopal Letter hold the view that even if God severs all connection with the humans, the youngest would still continue their work and would go on teaching the humans between each incarnation. However – what would be the point of such a teaching when the humans on earth in accordance with the wishes of God slowly but surely were being drawn into Darkness and sin? Were they to be taught in order to make them better equipped to resist the evil influence of Darkness and then send them down to earth, where the goal was that they were to do the opposite, namely to live a life in Darkness, sin and misdeeds? Would then the youngest not in reality  work against God, for his wish was, as we are being told, that mankind was to degenerate back to the primitive stage at which they were before the youngest assumed the task to lead them toward the Light! This would be a totally absurd situation, brought about after God having severed the connection, and if the youngest were to act in accordance with God’s wish, then they could do nothing but contribute to the state whereby the humans would descend into Darkness as quickly as possible, and in that case they would have to either sabotage the education in order to create as much confusion as possible or refuse all manner of education. In both cases this would have led to all the youngest slowly but surely sliding under the power of Darkness, because one cannot work against the progress of the Light without at the same time opening for the invasion of Darkness into the personality. In other words, God would, with his course of action, have put the youngest in a situation where they had to choose between Him and the Light. In my view, however they would choose, God would be lost. No longer able to endure witnessing the sufferings of mankind would be tantamount to God having been conquered by Darkness; and if He in addition to being exhausted, broken down and depressed chose to break His promise to the humans about always following them in His thoughts and always providing them all the help they need, then of course this would not lead Him to regain His luminosity, rather it would give Darkness even greater power over Him and would, in my view, be likely to disintegrate His personality and destroy Him, thereby exterminating all life in the universe, for life in the Light only exists because it is maintained by God. If God did not immediately annihilate Himself, Darkness would then gain increasingly stronger power over Him, and His evil would have known no boundaries, and He would have become the enemy of the youngest and the humans, and they would obviously have been defenseless against such an evil deity, and we would have a scenario similar to the one described in QAAs about what would happen if the Thought and the Will had amalgamated with the poles of Darkness instead of those of the Light. It almost hurts me to write this, for in my heart I know with such immense certainty that God would never let anything like this happen. It is completely inconceivable and will never happen, for God is almighty and the sovereign ruler over the Light and all life in the universe.

Incidentally, another aspect is that in case God could no longer endure to remain a passive witness to the sufferings of mankind, then evidently the same thing would have happened with the youngest. Yes, the youngest would obviously have given up far, far earlier than God, for their strength is merely that of a speck against the entire universe when compared to God’s strength. The youngest would not have been able to accomplish very much for mankind on their own without God inducing new Light energy when they became worn out:

“It it were conceivable that God Himself, instead of handing over the more direct guidance of mankind to Christ, had taken over this guidance, then He would have had to establish an abode for Himself in the last of the spheres around the earth and stayed there together with His twelve servants. But in that case it would have been necessary for God to reduce not only His own luminance, but also that of His servants, in order for planet earth and the spheres not to become absorbed by the intensive, brilliant sea of light pouring out from all of them. The youngest would evidently – in a discarnate state – have stayed here with God in the same sphere. But if God had arranged it in this way, then God’s kingdom would have been empty. And even if the youngest could from time to time have stayed there for a while between their incarnations, they still would not have been able to receive the necessary help – through the emanations of Light from God – for the new incarnations. For the full luminosity of God would not have been present where it was needed. The zeal and working capacity of the youngest would therefore in the long run gradually decrease instead of increasing – and their work for mankind would become hopeless, impossible to carry out. “ QAAs I, question 60.

It should appear very clear from the above that it is the youngest who periodically need  a new feeding of energy from God, who is infinitely above them in terms of luminosity, and it is therefore completely inconceivable that God would give up following the sufferings of mankind before the youngest did – it will obviously be the contrary! And do pay particular attention to what is said about God and His twelve assistants: “…the intensive, brilliant sea of light pouring out from all of them…” To my mind it does not sound as if God is liable to become worn out and weary! Also, take note what is said about the light in QAAs I, question 64, which is really about the possibility of a god of Darkness:

“And since the perpetual radiations of Light without loss of energy was beyond his capabilities, there could not be any prospect for him to recharge the energy of his thought and willpower,…”

In other words, the Light has a perpetual radiation without loss of energy, and since God is the sovereign ruler of the Light, He is of course in uninterrupted communication with this perpetual radiation of Light without loss of energy, and hence God’s personality, His power and His endurance can never deteriorate! To assert that God can no longer endure something is therefore completely meaningless. He can endure EVERYTHING – ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!

Toward the Light! is full of evidence that God could never conceive severing all connection with mankind. On the contrary, He promises that He shall follow each and every second of our journey on earth, in torment and in joy, whether we follow the path of the Light or go astray in Darkness. We are joined with Him through His promise about eternal life and by means of the loving bond of Light which He lets flow to all of us at a steady rate. Well, even if we curse Him or hate Him or deny His existence, God’s love for us never diminishes, for it is infinite, and so is His mercy and patience. And if necessary He also intervenes by means of His thought in order to provide us assistance. Thus for instance the comment, chapter X,   says as follows:

“…God keeps vigil over everybody and follows the earthly life of everyone, and often he intervenes by means of His thought, where the guardian spirits or His servants cannot manage to guide the humans; however, God does it in such a way that He never applies any kind of force on the free will of man.” The comment, chapter X, page 192.

And in the speech of God’s servant:

“Humans! Your Father is yearning for you; He follows you in good and evil. He follows you in grief and joy whether you are wandering in the deepest Darkness or in the brightest Light. His love for you is immeasurable, and His patience is without limit.” Page 125.

However, it is also true that God can be strict and make demands upon us, and if we inflict sufferings on our fellow men and subsequently refuse to show compassion with those upon which we have inflicted suffering and refuse to acknowledge our guilt, then we will experience to face God’s harsh justice – then we ourselves must suffer the torments we have inflicted on others, then we must learn to show compassion with other people  in the hard way by we ourselves being struck by our own actions, but never is there as much as a hint in Toward the Light! that God could be imagined to sever the connection with us.

Well, maybe so, a few supporters of the Episcopal Letter retort, but in 1938 the situation was so extraordinary with threatening wars in many parts, why even the very existence of the planet was threatened by a catastrophic nuclear war which might exterminate mankind and turn the planet uninhabitable for mankind. This is why God’s emissary who drafted the Episcopal Letter was forced to be somewhat harsh when he, in a last and desperate attempt wanted the Danish bishops to reform the Danish church in order to save the world from the abyss. Therefore the situation had to be painted in black vis-à-vis the bishops, for they had to be made aware of the fatal consequences of possibly having let down their promise to God. And this is why the Episcopal Letter is so pessimistic and tinged by prophesies of doom, because it was necessary to point out very clearly to the bishops the horrendous consequences of their possible slip!

However, the Episcopal Letter turned out to be a failed strategy. No reformation of the Danish church came about. The entire initiative failed completely. Still, mankind as well as planet earth were saved, even if millions of people did suffer an agonizing death. And actually no one should be surprised that the worst prophesies imaginable never were fulfilled, for God and  the youngest are at all times aware what kind of evil machinations  are threatening mankind, since all ether images are depicted as images in the ether, and God and the youngest will always take their precautions in order to thwart them. And as stated in TtL: God is never without means to intervene where necessary. In fact, God is able to find solutions to any situation that may arise, even if the worst case scenario, seen from our point of view, would occur – that the entire human race would be exterminated. This is commented in QAAs II, question 17:

“That the human race would be heading towards ruin because of birth control constitutes absolutely no risk for a long, long time to come. But if it ever appears that sometimes in future mankind was facing extinction, then this issue should not at all worry the humans, for God will surely find the necessary way out to ensure that the continued development and education of the human spirits may be carried on in accordance with His plans and wishes. And this possible continuation will then be of such a nature that it will absolutely not create unjust conditions in relation to the human spirits who, until this point in time possibly occurs, have gone through their earthly development.-“

As stated in the above, mankind has no reason whatsoever to worry about what would happen if the human race died out. Even an apparently fatal case would be met by God with a satisfying solution. And we must never forget what is said in Toward the Light on page 287 about human suffering:

“For it must be clear to everyone: that no human being will suffer more, neither spiritually or bodily, than what he or she has deserved in previous lives.”

This promise from God about nobody ever having to suffer more than he/she has deserved was obviously also valid in 1938, so there was no reason to worry that the sufferings which could become a result of the threatening ether images turning into reality would ever be able to unsettle God’s justice. This is not meant in a cynical way – all human suffering is bad, but after all the fact is that all of us have brought karma upon ourselves in accordance with the law of retribution, and if we are killed in war, this will obviously “reduce” the bad balance of our “karma account”. This obviously does not imply that there would be no reason to try to thwart or mitigate all human suffering, and God and the youngest also work very hard to ward off , if possible, all of Ardor’s evil plans! However, it must be regarded as a very odd way the Episcopal Letter is trying to ward off suffering – by telling the Danish bishops that in case they did not accept Toward the Light! as the Truth and in this way managed to ward off the threatening sufferings, then God had to expose mankind for yet much worse sufferings, because He then would have to sever all connection with them. Does this not sound very much like a threat?

Even if the above quote regarding the consequences of the human race being extinguished is linked to a possible consequence of humans no longer breeding, yet the problem is the same as if mankind was exterminated through a nuclear war; in both cases God would have a solution entailing that the development of the humans could continue in accordance with His wishes and plans. This, at one fell swoop, bowls over all the gruesome expounding about the threats facing mankind in 1938. Even a destruction of the planet would not have constituted the disaster many people claim it would have been. And the aftermath proves comfortably that God and the youngest had and have the situation under full control. The threats and doomsday prophecies of the Episcopal Letter have proven to be totally and entirely useless and wasted!

A sensitive and conscientious person with a vivid image of the exalted and loving God in his heart will obviously never need to search for proof in Toward the Light! in order to be able to establish that the Episcopal Letter cannot be true. In his(her) heart and inner mind he will react with disgust against the unloving and threatening content of this letter and will know with his finely calibrated senses that God would never publish a text with a character such as the Episcopal Letter. A person supporting the authenticity of the Episcopal Letter and publicly vouching for its content has, in my view, not yet understood the inner core of God’s being, ascribing him attributes of a much too human character. And I have noticed with great interest that the perhaps most adamant supporter of the Episcopal Letter in Denmark – and incidentally who has raised the discussion about the authenticity of the Episcopal Letter to new and hitherto unknown levels of personal malice – in an open e-mail declared that she is not particularly religious and only very seldom prays to God, and then only to ask for help for herself. I have to admit that in my secret heart I was not very surprised…

The image of God as depicted in the Episcopal Letter is hardly distinguishable from the “God of lies” that we find in the Old Testament. Of course God never tires or becomes resigned, and evidently He never lets His creatures suffer guiltlessly without intervening in every way He can, and God is never without means to intervene when necessary. As already mentioned it is stated in Toward the Light! that no human shall ever suffer more than he/she has inflicted in terms of suffering on other people, and God will obviously never reach the point where he is all in, when human suffering is beyond the level where he can endure to follow them. God Himself has fought His own battle against Darkness and conquered it for all eternity, and He is the sovereign Ruler of the Light. Actually God’s personality is completely inaccessible to influence from Darkness, but His deep compassion with His creatures makes Him suffer when they suffer – however, of course that does not tire Him out, for God fully controls the energy flow of the Light which is inexhaustible and can never deteriorate. God’s person is at all times pervaded by a sea of Light of divine energy, and He is the exalted Ruler of the Light and the King of love!

The Light is of such a nature that it never reduces and is never exhausted , and God can draw from the sea of Light and pass it on to His creatures without the energy ever reducing or weakening. It is only in the Darkness that we become exhausted and need to rest and gather new energy through sleep and rest. God evidently never needs to rest in order to regain his strength, and obviously He never tires. That is a completely unknown notion in His world of Light, and believing that God cannot endure to follow the sufferings of humans is tantamount to reducing Him to an ordinary anthropomorphous, mortal individual. But He is far from that – He is the conqueror of death and has promised all of us eternal life!

 Several passages in Toward the Light! are about God and the divine radiation of Light! As previously said, it is mentioned in QAAs in a reply, which is actually dealing with the consequences in case Thought and Will had amalgamated  in the Darkness, that such a deity would not have had access to the everlasting radiation of the Light without loss of energy! But the God of Light does definitely have access to this perpetual flow of Light; it pervades God’s personality continuously, and since the flow of Light can never deteriorate, then of course it follows that God’s endurance also cannot deteriorate. If it was ever possible for Him to become fatigued – something which is, in fact, not feasible – then this fatigue would immediately be eliminated by the flow of Light that never ever will reduce its force.

Actually God is completely insensitive to the Darkness! We can read in QAAs II, question 57 how the struggle of the Thought and the Will against Darkness went off, and one will see that it is clearly shown why God is totally insensitive to the powers of Darkness and hence will never become too fatigued or broken down to follow human sufferings:

“The primordial Thought and primordial Will can – separately – to a certain extent be regarded as a conglomerate, i.e. an accumulation and amalgamation of disparate components. But their innermost core cannot be defined.

Before the point in time when the primordial Thought and the primordial Will reacted to the radiations of Darkness, which – see “Toward the Light” p.3, section 8 – implied possibilities for everything evil, the Thought was not aware of itself. But when the Thought and the Will simultaneously reached the latent poles of the Light, they awakened – as also mentioned in “Toward the Light” – to a completely conscious and willful state of activity. In their “passive” state the primordial Thought as well as the primordial Will implied “complexes” that could be influenced by the radiations of the Light or of Darkness. Hence, the Thought contained in itself ‘complexes’ to good and to evil – to a good, beautiful and bright cosmos and to an evil, ugly, disharmonious and dark cosmos.

When the Thought had reached one of the poles of the Light, with which it fused, it became fully conscious about itself. It knew that it had complexes of both evil and good, it knew that evil had to be conquered, sorted out and eliminated, and that goodness was to be maintained, developed and strengthened. It knew that it had to strive for a complete amalgamation with its “Will”. When the primordial Will reached the other of the poles of the Light, with which it fused, it was imbued by the radiations of the Light, thus eliminating and purifying the complexes that were sensitive to Darkness. But by this process Darkness lost all kind of influence over it.  Henceforth it became its task – by virtue of its inherent power of attraction – to support and guide the Thought in its struggle away from and out of the Darkness as well as in its self-purification. Each time the Thought – fully aware – had eliminated some of the complexes  it was carrying and which were subject to influence from Darkness and had thus approached further towards the Will, a reaction occurred – a state of resting – accompanied by an intensive inclination to cease the struggle. But the increasingly stronger and steadily approaching influence of the Will of the Light induced new strength and impetus into the Thought. And it continued its struggle, continued its self-purging, until all the complexes that were sensitive to Darkness had been purged and eliminated.

This is how the primordial Thought was purified, this is how it gained knowledge about itself, knowledge about Evil in all its various forms and manifestations, this is how it gained knowledge about the transitoriness of Darkness and the continued existence of the Light in all eternity. And in the moment when the Thought, imbued and purified by the concentrated rays of the Light, met with the Will they fused together in perfect and beautiful harmony into one indissoluble whole, i.e. a unity which nothing exterior could break down or destroy. (Concerning this issue, please note “Toward the Light” page 241, section 3-5).

In summary: As from eternity the primordial Thought and the primordial Will involved complexes which could be called upon either by radiation by Darkness or by the Light. But by the first reaction to the influence of Darkness they slid exceedingly slowly further and further away from the influence of Darkness. And influenced by the continually increasing force and radiation of the Light, the primordial Thought after its fusion with one of the poles of Light resumed the long-standing fight against Darkness, purifying and eliminating the complexes that were sensible to its radiations. This is how it conquered Darkness, this is how the complete victory over Evil was won.-“

As one can see, both the primordial Thought and the primordial Will were pervaded by Light in the process of fusion with the poles of the Light, and through the ensuing process of purification all the parts of the Thought and the Will that might be influenced by Darkness were eliminated and purged. When the Thought and the Will, hence both completely purified from darkness-sensitive complexes had been fused, God then created Himself and his twelve assistants from the Light, and God is hence in all eternity impregnable to Darkness! He is pure light, and a sea of light flows at all times through Him and radiates from Him! Does this sound as someone who cannot endure to follow the sufferings of humans? The answer is evident!































































































































If all connection has been cut in the electrical lines, would they still continue to carry electricity? Photo from the internet.

However, now we are at the core purpose of this article, namely to present a concrete and incontrovertible proof that what is in the Episcopal Letter concerning God possibly severing all connection with mankind, possibly for several millions of years, must be a forgery. Perhaps I should make the reservation that the proof is based upon what I consider a common and accepted way of interpreting the language. I do not doubt that some of the most persistent and most innovative of the supporters of the Episcopal Letter will be able to come up with new linguistic interpretations and find new modes of comprehending to such a degree that they are able to refute the evidence, but for all of us who are founding our understanding on the normally accepted linguistic interpretation, I think that what is stated in one of the letter replies in Johanne Agerskov’s Copy books provide clear and sound proof that the referred assertion in the Episcopal Letter cannot be true. It concerns the response to Reverend Wemmelund’s question 13. Please read the following very carefully, and you will surely see that this is a completely irrefutable proof:

“When the first repenting eldest implored God to take care of their failed creation and in particular help “the shadows”, God promised to “animate” their creatures, i.e. supply them with Thought and Will = spiritual life, and He promised to do it in this way: that the astral counterparts could be released and by this process disintegrate and be absorbed by Darkness. In order to give substance to this promise God sent and still sends a flow of Light from His own Person to mankind, and each human foetus received and still receives, at the moment of conception, his/her sparkle of Light – this sparkle of Light absorbs the light carried by the flow of Darkness, by which all mankind is connected with the eldest; and when the sparkl of Light given by God has been assimilated with the Light from the eldest, then the astral counterpart of the human body is released, i.e. it is merely a copy of darkness similar to those of the animals, and at the death of the human body the counterpart is discharged, dissolved and then absorbed by Darkness.

As long as the eldest remain bonded with their creations God must, in accordance with His promise, make sure that every human body is released of its “shadow”. – When the presently living incarnate eldest’s earthly bodies are dead, the “spiritually eldest” will be removed from the earth, i.e. the direct connection with mankind will be broken – quite automatically – forever, and when the bond has been severed, the weak flow of Light will no longer be supplied by the eldest, the flow of Light (surrounded by the flow of Darkness), which prevented the dissolution of the astral counterpart. By removing the last one of the eldest, incarnated by Ardor, from the earth God is released from His promise = the care for the release of the astral counterpart. – Each and everyone, even God, who makes a promise, is by nature bound until the fulfillment of the promise has been properly done.”

Previously in this article I have shown that God could not possibly continue to send a flow of Light or sparkle of Light to each and every person at the moment of conception in case He broke off all connection, for if He continued to convey this flow of Light then he would not at all be able to attain His goal – that mankind would descend so deeply into Darkness, sin and misdeeds as they ever could, such that God and the youngest could start all over again and lead them forward. It is very clearly stated in Toward the Light! that if mankind should descend into Darkness to such an extent, then it is because of God severing the divine flow of Light. In that case mankind would, in the course of a few thousands of years, sink back into the stage at where they were when God assumed responsibility for them. Considering this, it is in fact quite peculiar that it is claimed in the Episcopal Letter that God might possibly break off the connection for several millions of years, since the desired goal could be attained in the course of only a couple of thousands of years! Was this possibly because God would need several millions of years to recover His strength?  However, in that case it is an indisputable fact that both semantically and logically it has to be clear that God could not possibly sever all connection and, at the same time, continue to send a sparkle of Light to each new human fetus. But the problem was, as explained in the letter response to mr Wemmelund, that this sparkle of Light was completely necessary for God to be able to fulfill His promise to the eldest that He would take care of their creations in such a way that the astral counterparts of the poor humans did not continue to “live” after the death of the individual, because it had received a sparkle of Light from the eldest insufficient to provide them with Thought and Will, but still strong enough as to prevent that the astral counterparts were dissolved. God then gave the promise to the eldest that He would arrange it in such a way that the sparkle of Light that He induced at the time of the conception would absorb the sparkle of Light received from the eldest, such that the astral counterpart  would consist only of Darkness and thus would be absorbed by the time of the death of the body.

In 1940, fixed in the Episcopal Letter as the time limit for the bishops’ acceptance of Toward the Light! as the Truth, many of the eldest were still incarnate on earth, and all humans born would still be bound to the eldest through a bond of Darkness and by means of the weak sparkle of Light accompanying it. And if God at this point in time severed all connection with mankind and they would no longer receive the sparkle of Light to release their astral bodies, then all people born in the period after 1940 and until the point in time when the eldest passed away – perhaps around 1980-90, in other words a period of some 40-50 years –have their astral counterpart enlivened by the weak flow of Light from the eldest! They would therefore be doomed for a period of several millions of years – for as long as God chose to sever the connection with the humans – to wander about on the earth as shadows, - alive but without consciousness. However, God had made a promise to the eldest that He would provide all the miserable shadows a consciousness and participation in the eternal life, and as one can see from the above God never breaks a promise!! Consequently: God would never let it happen that once again legions of shadows without consciousness were to wander about on earth: And ergo the Episcopal Letter cannot be true – fortunately!

And after having presented that which in my view is a completely clear evidence that the Episcopal Letter cannot be true, I shall conclude with yet a few more quotations from QAAs II, this time question 67, talking about the perpetual energy of the Light, God’s eternal power and concerning God as the Creator and the Keeper of the order of the world. Luckily this is the Truth about God and not the evil forgeries that we are presented in the Episcopal Letter!

“But the most important connection goes through the perpetual energy of the spiritual Light. By means of the thought God can, if he wishes, intervene wherever His help is necessary or wanted. But everything happens within the laws of the Light, which in many ways can and does intervene in the – for a period of time existing  –  earthly-materiel life. Even when humans do not want to acknowledge God’s sovereignty over all life – spiritual as well as material life of Darkness and of Light – still His power is incontestable and everlasting. “

“Since God is both the Creator and the Keeper of the order of the world, since He has given the laws for both the material and the immaterial life, then He obviously must be able to  - in virtue of His knowledge of these laws – completely and at all times be able to control them and conform Himself to them without breaking them.”

As it is written, - God of course never breaks the laws of the Light – such as it is claimed in the Episcopal Letter, and he also never breaks His promises! Naturally He will never sever all connection with mankind! If there is anything we can trust in this world, it is definitely God!




Oslo, 22 April 2010
Sverre Avnskog

English translation by
Jørgen Malling Christensen