Toward the Light
   A message to mankind from the transcendental world, published in 1920

The translation presented here, is an unauthorized version made by Harry Prior. He has based his version on the three official English translations - replacing some formulations with better ones, and removing unnecessary words - everything without changing anything in the meaning of the text. 

Harry Prior writes this about his version:

Toward the Light


Unpublished, unofficial version by Harry Prior, amalgamated from the three English Toward the Light translations of 1950, 1975 and 1979. Harry is the nephew of the late Kai Prior, translator and publisher of the 1975 edition. Harry lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida, U.S.A., and at age 79 as of the year 2006 could be reached by email at



For book orders, please contact: The International Foundation for Toward the Light

In addition to Toward the Light, Michael Agerskov also published "The Doctrine of Atonement and the Shorter Road" in 1920, "Some psychic Experiences and their Results" in 1922, and the two Supplements, "Questions and Answers" 1 and 2 in 1929 and 1930. They are also translated into English.

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Ardor's Account

Speech of Christ

Speech of God's servant


Commentary to Ardor's Account

Concluding Summary


The Doctrine of Atonement and the Shorter Road

Some psychic Experiences and their Results(illustrated)

Questions and Answers 1

Questions and Answers 2

The story of the English translations - told by Harry Prior

Atze's Account

Editing notes - by Harry Prior 

Harry Prior has written a very detailed comparison between the three official translations of Toward the Light, and his own edited version. For the dedicated reader of Toward the Light, I strongly recommend a closer view at Harry's brilliant analysis of the different expressions used in the english translations of "Vandrer mod Lyset!" in his editing notes!













































This beautiful copy of Toward the Light was given to Johanne Agerskov's sister Emma and her husband Marcus from the publisher and the intermediary, Michael and Jeanne(Johanne Agerskov's nickname). See the dedication. Both photos: Sverre Avnskog